What Would You Put in a Man Cave if You Had Unlimited Budget?

Now here’s an interesting question… What would you put in a man cave if you have an unlimited budget? Most people have that one item or idea that would be their ‘big purchase’ if they suddenly hit the big time. With an unlimited budget, you could probably get a great deal more than one thing… In this article, we will dig into some things that would make a man cave stand out.


One Man Cave, Unlimited Budget | The Rules

Ok, we are going to have to keep it a bit real. After all, with a truly unlimited budget, you’d just buy a new house… So, we are going to add a few rules. Here they are…

  1. Anything purchased must be able to fit into a man cave no greater than 10 Metres square.
  2. Once you’ve bought the stuff, you can’t add to it later… this is a one-shot deal.
  3. Anything in your Man Cave must be Legal
  4. Anything purchased must be readily available as a physical product

All makes sense? Let’s look at a few ideas….


Man Cave | Fun and Technology

Smart LED TV

It goes without saying that any man cave worth its salt needs a decent television.

And by decent, I mean big and high definition. If it lacks any of those two key qualities, it is time to give up. The basic concept behind choosing a TV is simple. The bigger the room, the bigger the TV, so we are talking anything above 75″.

Surprisingly you wouldn’t actually need an unlimited budget to make this a reality.

The snag comes if your room is too big for the TV… Well, there’s still a solution… And it is actually surprisingly cheap.

An HD projector is a really affordable way to get a high-quality picture that’s also pretty massive.

Virtual Reality

There’s no better way to use free space than to take yourself off to another world. Into first-person shooters? Try actually being there…

For real, that’s how good VR is nowadays.


But wait, loads of kids have VR headsets already, don’t they?

This is true… Which is why you aren’t going to get anything with wires. The oculus quest 2 allows free-roaming within a room, untethered.

Gaming PC

Ok, you’ll hear guys who say they love their consoles, and that’s great.

But if you’ve got an unlimited budget, why not get something that can do anything that a console can do and more? You’ll be able to treat yourself to a few extra terabytes of hard disc space too! Perfect for storing a huge library of games, movies and music!

The best bit is that if you want to use your man cave for a bit of work in peace and quiet when twinned with a projector, the entire wall can become your screen.

Pool Table

Alright, so it’s a bit cliched… But why not. Imagine kicking back with a few mates shooting a few games with a couple of drinks?

You’ve got plenty of space… Why not use it?

Relaxing Man Cave Ideas

Ok, the above might all be a bit hectic. What if you just want to kick back and relax? You’ve got an unlimited budget and are feeling a little opulent? You’ll get guys saying they want a jacuzzi or a stripper pole… that isn’t going to work for two reasons…

First, who wants the hassle of running a steamy bath with all those fancy electronics around?

Second… Good luck getting that to wash with the Mrs.

A jacuzzi sounds like something opulent and fancy… But here’s the truth… It’s trashy.


Here are some ideas to add a bit of class…

Some Nice Rugs

There are a whole host of rugs out there to get your man cave looking great. And no, they don’t all have to be a ‘theme’ or ‘funny’.

Yeah, a fake tiger rug is great until you end up having a pint too many from your beer keg and tripping over it.

A decent rug can make a room warm and inviting, and you can afford to think a bit bigger with your budget. The world is your oyster, and there’s some cool stuff to be had.

Massage Chair

Part of having an unlimited budget is treating yourself to the odd thing that you would never normally even consider. It doesn’t have to be OTT.

Like what?

A massage chair is nice, practical, and just what you’d need to get rid of the aches and pains while you were having a bit of ‘me time’…

Lazyboys are all right, but you will have to think bigger while watching the match in 75″ HD.


Lighting can make or break a room. You want your man cave to be relaxing and serene.

An unlimited budget doesn’t mean buying ridiculous things. Just things that you would normally consider an extravagance.

Here’s what I mean…

LED TV backlights

These are actually pretty cheap, but they can take a large TV room to the next level. They are really easy to install too. Sync them with music, change the brightness and colour and create an ambience all of your own!

Edison Bulbs

Want to add a touch of class to your room? Eddison bulbs give a soft, warm light that is super relaxing. Granted, they aren’t much used elsewhere in the house, but for a chilled glass of whiskey by your fire, they are pretty sweet.

A Warming Fireplace

A real roaring fire is expensive, right? Well, yes and no… Normally it might be considered a frivolity… But you’ve got an unlimited budget.

I was going to suggest this on the projector…


But then we saw Ethanol fires and decided that they were the coolest thing ever for a man cave!

Interplanetary Ambience

Alright, so you’ve got your TV backlit and have even invited the Mrs in for a movie night… Want to see something that really sets the scene?

How’s about a galactic projector?

Sit back on your massage chair, turn the lights down and drift away into the cosmos… luxury.



Alright, so there are millions of soundbars and speaker systems out there. You’ll get the uninitiated saying ‘Bang and Olufsen’…

Yeah, the ’90s called and wants a word…

To be a real gentleman of distinction, you will want something by Harman Kardon. Crystal clear sound, deep bass and a touch of class.


Eat and Drink

It’s not all about chilling out. If you’ve invested in a pool table and a decent gaming setup, it might be time to show it off.

All play, and no consumption makes jack a dull boy… You are going to want something to keep you fed and watered.

Let me suggest something a little different…


Sure, you could go out and buy a beer pump, but seeing as you’ve got a space to call your own, how’s about brewing your own? This kit requires minimal setup, and you get to drink the results afterwards.

If you can’t be bothered and just want to relax, there are, of course, other options. Check this thing out… (just tell the Mrs it’s a coffee machine).

Cool Things…

I already know what you are thinking… You’d love space in the fridge that you could call your own?

Well, listen, instead of upsetting ‘her indoors’, you’ve now got the option to have one of your very own. You could use it to store a few cold beers, a bottle or two of something stronger or even just some cokes for when you are chilling out watching a movie?


Ok, so there’s already a room in your house dedicated to preparing food. Do you know what it’s called?

The kitchen.

You want to be in a man cave, not a kitchen. So I’m not going to suggest anything crazy that requires replumbing the entire house…


Who doesn’t like a nice donner kebab every once in a while? Forget ringing the takeaway. You can have an elephant leg up and grilling in no time at all.

All you need is one of these bad boys.  Perhaps a bit extravagant, and it’ll make the room smell ever so slightly like Istanbul… But it’ll only be you in there, so who cares!


In Summary

What Would You Put in a Man Cave if You Had Unlimited Budget? It’s actually pretty hard when you can have whatever you want! The trick to choosing what you want for your man cave isn’t actually picking things that are the most expensive. It is, in fact, choosing things that you’d normally find a little too expensive or justified. It is actually the little things that make a man cave your own. Things like a poster or two, some nice lighting, and one or two ‘boy toys’ are all it takes.






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