What is the Female Equivalent to a Man Cave?

Alright, let’s get it out of the way right now. If you said ‘the kitchen,’ you are probably the reason why you need to retreat to your own room in the house on a nightly basis. When asking what the female equivalent to a man cave is, there are various factors involved. In this article, we will take a look at what equivalent exists, if there is one. And what it could be called.

Is There a Female Version of a Man Cave?

This is an interesting question. To understand the principle behind it, we should take a quick delve into why men feel the need to have a man cave and work from there?

The aim of a ‘man cave’ is that a gentleman (or caveman if you prefer) has a space in the house (or out of it) that he can retreat to. An area that is truly his own and is decorated with various things that would be considered a bit ‘blokey’ to have around the family home.

After all, a beer fridge in a man cave is pretty neat. A beer fridge next to the family sofa might be described as a little ‘trashy’?

If you go back to people’s behavior as children, you’ll invariably find it is the boys who build a ‘den’ or ‘fort’. Perhaps it is a continuation of this ingrained behavior that wants men to yearn for a ‘man cave’?… It’s basically a ‘grown-up den’.

As to the female version? There is a ‘traditional’ assumption that women’ run’ the entire home, so, therefore, they don’t ‘need’ a cave?

A bit sexist? Possibly. In fact, there is significant pushback in certain quarters against the term ‘man cave’. But a study by the New York Times found that Gender roles are still very ‘traditionally’ defined.

Is it true that women don’t need a man cave? Mmm, we are going to say yes… And no (talk about non-committal, right?)

Women do have personal spaces that they call their own. The fact that they aren’t defined by a named term such as ‘man cave’ or given a female equivalent doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

Girls have various spaces that they can call ‘their own’. We are willing to bet that in most main bathrooms, and if you measured, the ratio of counter space might skew heavily in favor of ‘girls things’… But that said, a ‘tangle-teeze’ and a set of straighteners is hardly the same as a full-sized poker table and a jukebox.

Women do tend to be in charge of home décor too. Take it as a compliment girls, we know bugger all about what works and what doesn’t. You’ll rarely find a shared home that hasn’t benefited from the feminine touch!

Lots of cushions? Yeah sure…



Can a Woman Have a Man Cave?

Listen, we aren’t complete cavemen.

Of course, women can have a man cave!

Granted, their tastes as to what makes the ideal ‘cave’ may not be aligned with what you (assuming you are a man) consider to be ‘caveworthy’.

You might find that you get far less resistance to your man cave if you invite your significant other along for the ride and seek their input.

Don’t be surprised if it isn’t known as a ‘man cave’, though…

What is a Lady Cave?

Stop smirking… you know what I’m talking about.


A “lady cave” could be any space that your female significant other decides to call her own. There are some terms and spaces that are becoming quite popular and gaining momentum. Let’s explore a few ideas?

Man Cave for Girls | What’s in a Name?

A “She-Shed”

More than likely an outdoor area. Now you can be all stereotypical and assume that this has to do with gardening and flowers…

Or you could like, open your mind, man.

There are many crafts and pursuits that are traditionally considered ‘womens’ hobbies. Things like crafting, pottery, knitting, and sewing require a fair amount of space (and nearly always need expensive equipment)….

Or maybe your other half just wants to get away from ‘match of the day’ blaring away and y’know, read a book in relative peace and quiet.

A she-shed could be the ideal place where your Mrs can perform any activities without you.

Alright, we are a bit jealous

A Hen Den?

Probably a little bit offensive and slightly derogatory.

Once you get over the images of a bunch of birds clucking away, this isn’t such a bad name. This could actually be anywhere in the house.

If it’s girlified and exclusively hers, you could call it a hen den, especially if she has her mates around a fair bit.

Remember, we are talking purely about what they are called. As to what’s in them… Well, there are plenty of ideas for a woman cave.

A Lady’s Lair?

When we said ‘lair,’ did you think of a dragon?

Ha, oh man, you will be in so much trouble, don’t share that thought… ever.

As we said, there are probably several areas of the house that are more or less exclusively hers. We mean, have you ever heard of a guy having a ‘dressing room’ or ‘makeup counter’? Back in the day, women used to have a boudoir…

Nowadays, this could be any quiet space away from the hustle and bustle of the house.

Do Women Need a Cave?

The truth is that just like you, yes, they probably do in one form or another. One of the strongest arguments as to why women don’t ‘have the house as their cave’ is because they spend a lot of time actually ‘working’ within it and, you know, actually running it.

When was the last time that you chilled out in the place where you work?



Whether you agree or not, you have to wonder if there is a female equivalent to a man cave? We suppose it all boils down to why some people feel they need a mancave in the first place. We suspect most guys want one because they feel (rightly or wrongly) that there isn’t an area that is ‘theirs’. But that said, it is probably a fair assumption that your other half might feel exactly the same way?




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