Man Cave Wallpaper

If you are planning your man cave and have all the gear, gadgets, bar, and furniture you need and are thinking something is missing to really give it a finished look – what are the walls like? To really bring together the theme you are working towards in your man cave, a great man cave wallpaper might be all you need.

Although there is no product specifically called man cave wallpaper, we have used what’s between our ears and come up with some man cave wallpaper ideas. Whether you want an old cabin or swanky city flat look, we’ve got you covered.

In addition to the great products we have picked out, we have also provided a handy buyer’s guide to help you choose the best wallpaper for a man cave.

1. Brewster Wooden Plank Wallpaper

One great way to give your man cave a more rustic look compared to those nice smooth walls you have right is with a wooden wall. Rather than going to the trouble of buying lots of weathered wood and constructing the kind of wooden wall that is fitting for an old cabin in the woods, you could opt for this first wallpaper for a man cave that we have highlighted.

From Brewster, this wallpaper has an awesome print of a brown wooden plank wall with hints of gold. The wallpaper itself is heavyweight and washable, so it is easy to clean any light marks get on it

2. Fresco House Brick Charcoal Wallpaper

The second wallpaper for man cave we have picked out can help to make your den stand out by giving it all the instant cool and charm of an upmarket New York loft apartment. The exquisite quality print features a rather sexy charcoal brickwork design that screams man cave.

In one roll you get 52cm x 10m. It is easy to hang, if you know how to hang wallpaper and involves soaking the paper before attempting to place it on the walls of your man cave. We think this is a stunning way to give your special hideaway some real character.

3. Fresco Bookcase Library Wallpaper

Perhaps you want to reference your more highbrow interests that go beyond the beer and footie you normally would expect to enjoy in a man cave. That’s when you may want to consider the Fresco bookcase wallpaper. Whether you use it to convert your entire man cave into a library or use it as a feature wall behind your actual bookcase, it is entirely up to you.

Like the Fresco wallpaper for a man cave above, this comes in rolls of 52cm x 10m and apart from soaking, requires no other special technique or process to hang it. We guarantee that when you are all drunk, or they have just visited your home for home inside a home for the first time, at least one of your mates will be tempted to touch the wall and will try to pick out a book.

4. Brewster Rustic Brick Wallpaper

Following on from the charcoal wallpaper for your man cave that we featured from Fresco, we have this awesome rustic brick print wallpaper from Brewster. It has a very stylish silver and black colouring that will give your man cave a bit of an edge. Like the other Brewster wallpaper, a lot of effort has been put in to make this a long-lasting product.

As such, it is heavyweight, durable, and washable so can be wiped clean if any light makes get on it. Each roll, like the others in our guide, is 52cm x 10m. Now, regardless of where you actually live, you can look like your man cave is located in an upmarket inner-city flat.

5. FENTIS Self-Adhesive Old-Ship Wallpaper

Do you like the idea of something really rustic, but want lighter colours than the wallpaper for a man cave that we have already featured? Fortunately, there are plenty of man cave wallpaper ideas that stay clear of dark browns and blacks. Like this one from FENTIS, which has a design that is supposed to resemble a patchy old ship that has been repaired numerous times.

We really like the lifelike print design, but the thing that attracts us to this particular wallpaper is the fact that it is finished with self-adhesive backing. This makes it even easier than normal wallpaper to hang because it works just like a sticker or decal. You simply peel and then stick on.

Even more impressive is the fact that if you make a mistake, you can always unpeel it and reapply it.

6. Arthouse Self Adhesive Red Brick Effect Wallpaper

From Arthouse we are back with another brick design wallpaper fit for a man cave. This time, it’s that classic red brick wall look, with a difference. Rather than it being a pristine and incredibly smart red brick wall, it has lots of weathering and messy grout smeared over the bricks.

We are not really sure why this is more appealing than a smart and well-laid brick wall, but it just is. It looks like the kind of wall that’s been standing tall and proud for decades. If you have a habit of being rather messy and very amateurish when it comes to DIY, this could also be a nice nod to that aspect of your character.

7. Arthouse Washed Wall, White Wallpaper


Sticking with Arthouse for the last two-man cave wallpaper ideas, we first have this washed white brick wall option. If the previous looked a little weathered, this looks practically worn away. We love the amount of detail in the bricks almost being flush with the grouting and the fact that the red of the bricks has been whitewashed. We also like the fact that it is a lot lighter than some of the moodier and contemporary wallpapers we have featured thus far.

Unlike the previous Arthouse wallpaper for your man cave, this does not feature a self-adhesive, so you will need to get out the old wallpapering table and paste to hang it up.

8. Arthouse White Brick Wallpaper

Finally, we come to the last of our exciting man cave wallpaper ideas, in the form of this white brick wallpaper from Arthouse. If you have been looking at your man cave and wondering how to brighten the place up a little, this wallpaper is perfect.

It looks like a freshly painted wall, with not just the bricks looking slick and smart, but the grout too.

Again, this is a more traditional wallpaper, so there’s no self-adhesive backing, just need some good old fashion wallpaper paste and a steady hand. It will complement the various items in your man cave that are darker in colour, effectively.

Man Cave Wallpaper – Buyer’s Guide

We’re not going to beat around the bush too much with this one, but in addition to the great man cave wallpaper we highlighted above, we felt it was important to give you some kind of buyer’s guide. In this one, we will just give you some food for thought as to what you should keep in mind when buying wallpaper for a man cave.


First and foremost, you need to think about the dimensions. Generally speaking, most have standardised sizing of 54cm x 10 metres, but the wallpaper roll you choose may come out slightly longer or wider and vice versa, depending on the brand and product. You also need to take a look at how often the pattern repeats, so you can give your man cave smart walls that don’t look out of place or unmatched.


The second important consideration you need to make when choosing the best man cave wallpaper is the type of application that is involved. There are two basic options available, and we have tried to feature some man cave wallpaper ideas from both, and they are:

  • Self-adhesive wallpaper (that does not require wallpaper paste and has a special backing that you simply peel off before pressing the paper carefully against the wall)
  • Traditional wallpaper (that needs to be soaked with paste and then hung on the wall)

There are pros and cons to both, and it really comes down to what you prefer. If you hate how sticky and messy wallpaper paste is and you have bad memories of the paper tearing and all the disasters under the sun befalling your work, then stick with the self-adhesive stuff.

However, if you are a traditionalist, you know what to do.

Colour and Design

Even if you are not the most design-conscious, one of the keys to creating the best man cave to suit your personal style and taste is aesthetics. Just as you would when choosing the floor covering, therefore, when choosing a wall covering like one of the cool man cave wallpaper designs featured above, you need to think about what will complement the rest of the décor and colour scheme.

For a more dramatic effect, it is good to have either a dark wall or light wall that contrasts with a light or dark flooring, respectively. Whether you choose bricks or wood, is really up to you.


There we have it, a nice, short and sweet look at some great man cave wallpaper ideas for your home-based hideaway from the world. Rather than bore you by going on and on about the finer details, we have decided to let the pictures speak for themselves. Needles to say, as we are as passionate about man caves as you are, we have ensured that all the man cave wallpaper options e have picked out are of the highest quality possible.


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