Man Cave vs Bachelor Pad | What’s the Difference?

Have you got a man cave or a bachelor pad? Believe it or not, there is a very distinct difference. There are some similarities too! Today we will look at a man cave vs bachelor pad, discuss what makes each unique and talk about some of the benefits of each.

Stuck for Time? Man Cave vs Bachelor Pad Quick Answer

Generally, you’ll find the term ‘bachelor pad’ used to describe an entire residence or dwelling occupied by a sole male occupant. A bachelor pad generally describes an apartment or house that is modern in décor and normally filled with things that men ‘stereotypically’ tend to enjoy… such as large TV’s, minimalist design and things considered ‘fun’.

A Mancave is the name given to a single area within a dwelling that doesn’t rely on the property having a single occupant. It is normally the space reserved within a shared house (be that shared with your girlfriend, wife, or whatever) that is reserved as ‘the mans’ area. Man caves can be made pretty much anywhere; a garage, a shed, a spare bedroom, the attic! They can have various styles.

If you want to dig deeper into the question of the differences between a man cave and a bachelor pad, read on

Man Cave vs Bachelor Pad | 7 Key Differences

Alright, let’s dig down into it a little. Here are 7 things that make a man cave different from a bachelor pad.

A Man Cave is Smaller than a Bachelor Pad!

There is obviously a stark difference between a room and an apartment. Man caves tend to be a single space within a property. Therefore, they are much smaller than an entire residence.

A Man Cave is One Area in a House or Dwelling

This is perhaps one of the biggest differences. A man cave is a single area within a house. It is normally a purpose-designed room tailored around the needs and wants of a gentleman. A man cave can be designed to be different from the rest of the house. That’s the whole point!

A bachelor pad is a term used to describe an entire property. This includes the bedrooms, bathroom and any other rooms in the house.

You might not have a bathroom in your man cave, but you can still have a sink!

Man Caves Cost Less than a Bachelor Pad

It stands to reason that a man cave costs significantly less than a bachelor pad. Because it is smaller and much more niche, they tend to cost less to outfit, decorate and make ‘your own’.

Man Caves Don’t Have a Feminine Touch

Remember how we said that man caves are a single area within a house or dwelling? The whole purpose of a man cave is that it is a space that is uniquely yours. One of the aims of a man cave is that you get to pick the décor, furnishings, fittings and features.

While a woman’s touch can often make a place much more homely and inviting, a man cave is supposed to be pretty gender-specific (hence the name). Here you can add features such as posters and other items of furniture that give it a real sense of masculinity.

If you want candles, go for it. Just make sure that you are the one to pick them, and not your mum or girlfriend!

A bachelor pad may have female elements.

Man Caves Can be Made Anywhere!

While you might have lofty ideas about your man cave, it doesn’t need to be too over the top. Any area that you can call your own will suffice. This could be an attic space, a garage, or even a purpose-built shed!

As long as you’ve got a few square feet of space and have managed to ‘get it past the boss’, a man cave can be created anywhere. This is a stark difference from having to buy an entire ‘bachelor pad.’

Man Caves | Girls Allowed?


Your choice. We aren’t going to get all chauvinistic (no reason to act like an actual caveman).

What we will say is this, a man cave is primarily designed as a guy’s space. Think about the term ‘bachelor pad’… The definition of ‘bachelor’ is: –

“a man who has never married

We’d go a step further and suggest that a bachelor pad is used to describe a place where a man lives alone… While some guys are happy living alone, we might suggest that the idea of a bachelor pad might be to actually appeal to female company.

Man Caves Are Specific

If you are going to give a bachelor pad a theme, it will be a lot of expense and work, not to mention that each room in the house is slightly different.

With a man cave, you can be more specific and focused. While nobody wants a football club or movie theme running through their entire home, it might be easier to achieve this aim in a man cave.

Can You Have a Man Cave Within a Bachelor Pad?

Absolutely! From the above, we have seen that a man cave is simply a dedicated space that is uniquely yours. You can still designate a specific area of your bachelor pad as a man cave and make it into whatever you like!

Want a cinema room? A Games room? A chillout area? These are all still possible within a bachelor pad.

How Big Should a Man Cave Be?

In reality, you are going to have to work with what you’ve got.

The good news is that a man cave can be any size. It can be a full room, an area of a room, hell, we’ve even seen a walk-in wardrobe turned into a man cave!

Don’t feel you need enough room to have a full bar or table tennis table. There are some really cool small man cave ideas out there.

What is the Point of a Man Cave?

The point of a man cave is to have a designated area of your house that is your space. It’s designed how you want, and you can surround yourself with things that are special to you. If you already live in a bachelor pad (high five), there’s a good chance that your home reflects who you are…

That said, you can still create a space that is uniquely personal to your tastes and is ‘generic’.



Some might describe a bachelor pad as a ‘giant man cave’… But this isn’t quite true. Man caves are much more specific to the individual and are custom created to reflect who they are. Hopefully, you now know the Difference between man caves vs bachelor pads. Which do you have, one or the other, or both? Let us know in the comments below.





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