Man Cave Signs

Every great man cave needs a great man cave sign. After all, if it is a place where you can be who you want to be and enjoy your manly things, whether it’s gaming and drinking with your mates or taking in a movie on your big screen, why not make sure there’s no confusion about what your man cave is all about?

Whereas in the past, it may have been trickier to source man cave signs, thanks to their growing popularity, there is now an awesome variety to choose from. From the classic pub-esque man cave neon sign to the various funny man cave signs, smart wood man cave signs, and metal man cave signs, the team here at Man Cave Planet, we have put together a list of some of the best man cave signs we have come across.

1. Yester Home Antique Cast Man Cave Sign

The first in our guide to man cave signs is this very subtle, but classy metal man cave sign. Sometimes you don’t elaborate and over the top signs for your man cave. Sometimes, a bit of aluminium with a powder coated black finish and the words “The Man Cave” etched clearly into it is all you need.

Granted, when you choose something so subtle, it needs to be executed to a very high standard, or it could look cheap and a bit tacky. Fortunately, those are words we couldn’t use to describe this cool man cave sign from Yester Home. The hand-painted lettering in brilliant white make for an excellent contrast against the black background.

2. BigBazza Retro Vintage Peroni Nastro Azzurro Sign

Man cave beer signs will always be popular. They help to tie the theme of the room together and can make it feel like their local pub. Rather than having something a bit obvious like Carling or Tetley’s, though, why not push the boat out a little and show your love for Italian beer with this cool man cave sign.

We love the retro feel and the imagery is of very high quality. So high, that we find ourselves wanting a cool and crisp Peroni Nastro Azzurro right now! Metal man cave signs are often a better investment because of the longevity of the material, and this is no exception. Although it comes with pre-drilled holes, we also love the fact it has double-sided adhesive pads that make mounting it even easier.

3. MKS Trading Man Cave Rules Metal Sign

The first rule of the man cave is don’t talk about the man cave. Actually, that’s Fight Club. According to the MKS Man Cave Rules metal sign, however, the first rule of the man cave is “My Cave, My Rules”. Which makes perfect sense. If you live with your significant other, you’ve likely been told off a million times for the way you treat the bedroom or other parts of the home. That’s fine.

Once they step over the threshold into your man cave, however, it’s important that everyone, including your better half, knows what the score is. Rather than have to spell it out for them verbally each time they come in, why not let this cool man cave sign do all the talking? Made from robust, it has been printed with a rusted and aged appearance, to give it a bit of character.

4. Black Cast Iron Man Cave Sign

Things are kept nice and simple with the next man cave sign in our guide. Made from the very robust and durable cast iron, this has a very minimalist and rough around the edges appeal to it. There’s no funny jokes or silly pictures but is very appealing.

We think this would work well as a man cave door or wall sign on the exterior of your cave, rather than on the interior of your den so that everyone knows that your special space is beyond that door. Its vintage look will give your whole home and not just your cave a bit of extra character.

5. The Metal Foundry Personalised English Brass Man Cave Plaque

How about something that still maintains a more simplistic charm with a personalised touch? That’s what you get with the customisable metal man cave signs offered by The Metal Foundry. This consists of a fully lacquered brass plaque that protects the sign wherever you have it placed. If your man cave is down the end of the garden and the sign is likely to be exposed to the elements, it will still retain its sophisticated cool appeal.

The best thing about it is that you can have your own name on it, so there’s no confusion about who’s man cave it is.

6. Button Hill Cottage Personalised Man Cave Sign

In a similar vein to the above, this time with a wooden plaque, we have another personalised man cave sign. This fun, but smart sign includes the name of the person across the top then the words “Man Cave. Enter At Your Own Risk” Which is good advice, especially if the man or men in question like to fart a lot or use their man cave to work out in.

That is one way to look at it – the other way would be to see it as a risk, as in “don’t enter without permission”. Thanks to the message on the sign, this is better suited to the door or wall leading to the man cave rather than as a decorative piece on the inside.

7. Anker International Man Cave Wooden Plaque

As these are some of the most popular types of man cave signs we have come across, the next in our guide is another Man Cave Rules sign. Designed and produced by Anker International, it is made from high-quality wood and although it looks aged and weather-beaten it is in great condition.

The rules are very similar to the other sign listed earlier in this piece. However, we think significant others would be far more agreeable with this one as there is no hot woman on it – it’s just a simple text-based sign.

8. Red Ocean Man Cave Beer Sign

If you felt there was a distinct lack of beer references in our guide, we hope this sign goes a little towards giving you what you want and expect. Featuring the funny slogan of “Let’s Drink Alcohol and Talk S@@t”, it is made from a high-grade PVC and has a pub chalkboard feel to it with pictures of bottlenecks and tops alongside the lettering.

The company pay close attention to the detailing and finishing, so you are guaranteed a great product every time. Like the other man cave signs in our guide, it has been designed to be easy to hang and will look great wherever you put it.

9. Yoicn Lth Caution Angry Gamer Tin Man Cave Sign

Is your man cave a gamer’s den where you spend all your time bashing the buttons? Why not alert people to the fact that you’re likely to be experiencing very changeable emotions, particularly a whole lot of frustration and anger if the game is getting the better of you, with this great sign.

It resembles, rather comically and appropriately, a yellow warning road sign with a black border and black writing featuring the words “Caution Angry Gamer” and a little image of a gamer throwing their controller at the TV where the screen reads “Game Over”. We’ve all been there, haven’t we? Made from high-quality metal, this is a great way to give people a head’s up that they should tread carefully if the X-Box, PlayStation, or Switch is on and you’re struggling.

10. Ineonlife Games Console Controller LED Neon Man Cave Sign

Another, cooler and more positive option for any gaming man cave is the neon games controller man cave sign from Ineonlife. This is a high-quality plastic and features a blue, green, red, and yellow neon light to really make the outline of the controller and the different buttons pop in the dark or low light.

Don’t worry about it overheating or being a fire risk, though, as it is LED and designed to be safe and cool, even during extended use. As it is LED and not traditional bulbs that are used to illuminate the design, it will last a lot longer than alternatives.

11. Sfuzwg Alien Neon Light Man Cave Sign

If you are a fan of all things sci-fi like the X-Files, Alien and Independence Day or really believe that “the truth is out there”, you’ll appreciate this neon man cave sign featuring an ominous and simplistic alien design. Resembling the head of an extra-terrestrial it features a pink neon light to illuminate the eyes and a bluey-green light to illuminate the outline of the head.

This is a fun addition to any man cave as it will give it an otherworldly atmosphere. All you need is a dry ice machine; some spooky ambient music and you can experience your own sci-fi movie!

12. Karmour Accessories Batman Logo Man Cave Sign

Although Batman is definitely not the first man ever to have what could loosely be described as a man cave, we think he’s definitely one of the best. Most of us men can only dream of having a technologically advanced and gizmo-filled man cave like his. Still, we may not be able to have that fancy computer and navigational system, the batmobile or even the bat copter. We can, though, have the bat symbol on a cool man cave sign.

Made from lightweight but durable tin, this will last a lot longer than the many plastic versions you will find.

Man Cave Signs – Buyer’s Guide

Although we stand by our choices and believe that the man cave signs we have picked out are some of the best, aesthetically and in terms of quality too, we know there’s more to buying decorative pieces than that.

In this buyer’s guide, we want to give you some further food for thought with some of the important considerations you should make before choosing man cave signs.


Although most signs are a pretty standard size and dimensions, you still need to think carefully about how well your man cave signs will fit with everything else in and around your man cave. If you have a small man cave with limited wall and door space, you may not want a long or wide sign that is going to take up too much space, if it even fits. Likewise, if you have a bigger than an average man cave, a particularly small sign may get lost and have little to no impact.


As most man cave signs are not very expensive, you may feel that considering the materials they are made from is overthinking the buying decision too much. However, as the material, they are made from has a direct correlation to how long they will last, it is worth mulling it over and choosing one made from a high-quality metal or wooden instead of plastic.

Having said that, we have reviewed several man cave signs made from plastic that we expect would stand the test of time.

Theme And Style

This is by far the biggest consideration you need to make when choosing man cave signs. Unless your man cave is very much a collection of bits and pieces of all the things you love, there is probably some kind of theme to it all. Choosing the right man cave sign can make all the difference to ensuring that the theme is self-evident and doesn’t need to be explained. Because, where is the fun in that?


Man cave signs many are not the most important item you need to choose and buy for your man cave. However, as they can play a part in the overall ambience and theme your man cave has, they are worth giving some thought to. With the list above, we’re sure, though, that you’ll be able to find the right one (or more) for your own hiding place from the world.


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