Man Cave Shelves

In the past, when guys spoke about their man cave or their partners and spouses referred to them, it often meant the shed, garage or maybe even that little cupboard in the hall that they use to store their stuff. It hardly ever meant an actual room that could be lived in and used for much more than storage. It’s only been in the last couple of decades that having man caves as actual rooms in houses has become so popular. There are many reasons for this popularity.

As well as just having space in your home where you can chill out and watch what you want to watch and play what you want to play, you will want to use your man cave for storing and safely displaying your stuff.

Without any thought or planning, though, just storing your stuff loosely around your man cave will quickly turn your peaceful retreat from the rest of the house and world into a dumping ground or storage facility.

That’s why you need some kind of storage like man cave shelves, for instance. Fortunately, there is a wide variety of different options out there to choose from. To help you make sense of what’s available, we are going to look at some of our favourite man cave shelving options. Each has been specifically chosen because they have something unique or special about them, whether it’s the design, the capacity or the way they are used.

1. For That Retro Look – Love-KANKEI Decorative Rustic Wood and Iron Floating Shelves


There is something about the combination of tough iron and beautiful solid wood. Classy, but very masculine with an almost-industrial, rustic and vintage feel. That’s why we wanted to highlight this set three floating shelves from a company called Love-KANKEI as a shelving option for your man cave if you like all things vintage and a little rustic.

The wood used in the three shelves you get in this set is the stunning and very eco-friendly and sustainable Paulownia from the Foxglove tree (also known as the Empress or Princess tree). That in itself makes these shelves stand out from the crowd, as too often cheap laminate, MDF or composite wood is used. While it’s true they are inexpensive, which is great when you are on a budget, they don’t tend to be quite as durable or even good-looking.

Capable of holding a maximum of 18kg, each shelf in this set is a different size and therefore perfect for a wide variety of items. It doesn’t matter if you are very handy or really prefer flatpack items or those that require little to no assembly and installation at all, as these floating shelves are very easy to put up. Everything you need is included in the price, along with the wooden boards and iron brackets, you also get the fixings and full instructions.

2. For That Classic Country Rustic Feel – AGSIVO Wall-Mounted Wood and Metal Wire Floating Shelves


Are you looking to give your man cave a little of the rustic charm a traditional rural cottage offers? This next set of two floating shelves, this time from AGSIVO might be just the trick. Although these do not feature natural wood, the MDF featured has been constructed to a very high standard.

The shelves have an almost aged and weathered look that stands out all the more thanks to the black metallic wiring brackets and backing. With the set you get a small and large shelf, giving you a lot of room to play around with.

Obviously, if you need more than just two shelves for your man cave, you could invest in more. They do not require any hard or labour-intensive installation, which along with their extremely affordable price tag, makes superb value for money.

If simply knowing that they were made to a very high standard with top-notch materials isn’t enough, consider the fact that they come with a very reasonable guarantee. This shows that the company are willing to put their reputation on the line and their money where their mouth is.

Over and above any other reason why you should invest in these shelves, we think they look very smart, with that country rustic charm.

3. For Geometric Design Fans – Invero Wooden Grey Cube-Shaped Floating Shelves, Set of 3


Perhaps you are interested in less conventional-looking storage shelving for your man cave. That’s when you might want to consider something like these cube-shaped shelves from Invero. Rather than just featuring a piece of a wooden board with metallic or wooden brackets, these are, well, cube shaped. Perfect if you are a bit of a geometry fan.

In the set you get three different sizes, a small, a medium and a large cube shelf and mounting them to the wall couldn’t be easier. You can either use the special hidden mounting hardware or special clips located around the shelves. We really like the design and feel it helps to make whatever you keep on the shelves really stand out.

Thanks to their unique shape, they are also more versatile than the average shelf. You can place things not just inside the cube, but on top of the cube too. As long as you are careful not to overload it, that is.

Do you have a collector figure of Batman or some sports memorabilia you want to really show off? Well, these cube shelves can be used like little frames. We also think if you got some cool decals you could put them on the wall before mounting these shelves and then the shelves would look like trendy little picture frames that could be used for storage purposes too.

4. Simple but Effective – aimu Wooden Floating Wall Shelves, Set of 3


Sometimes you don’t want anything arty, fancy or too complex. Sometimes you just want something plain and simple, but effective. Sometimes you need a set like this classy, simplistic, but very effective from aimu.

They are just three sturdy, flat shelves of differing sizes made from high quality (E1 grade) MDF that are ever-so smooth and eco-friendly with invisible brackets that allow your eyes to enjoy the views of your cool collectables, books and important heirlooms (or whatever you want to display) without the obstruction you get with clunky and cumbersome eye-sore metal brackets.

With a small, medium and large shelf in the set, there is a degree of flexibility to them. Whether you are looking to just use them as bookshelves to display all your fantasy novel collections or football-related biographies, figures and other memorabilia or simply photos of all your family and friends, you can.

Although they are definitely understated, they are far from unattractive or unappealing. If the décor in your man cave is already a little outlandish, having simpler shelving can be a great way to add more subtlety to the room and allows whatever you display and store on them to really stand out, rather than the shelves themselves.

5. The space-saving multipurpose option – Halcent Wooden Floating Shelves Rack with Hanging Rail


Moving on we have this great mountable floating wall shelve rack from Halcent. Aside from the fact that it is pleasing on the eye, with the strong metallic brackets and beautifully finished wooden boards, it has a multipurpose design that makes it suitable for a wide variety of places around a home, including your man cave.

There are two generously sized shelves, with the bottom being slightly wider than the top, giving you plenty of space to store and/or display key items. The thing that really made us sit up and take note of it though was the railing below with hanging hooks attached.

Is space an issue in your man cave? The combination of storage shelves and a hanging rail may be just what you need to get some of the items in your hideout out of cupboards or other places and onto the wall.

What’s more, if you have a bar area or another oar in your man cave devoted to one particular thing, you could use this as extra storage space. For a bar, you could place all your spirits and drinks that you don’t want to put in your man cave fridge on the shelves and hang utensils and other important accessories on the rail.

That is just one of any number of examples of how you could put this shelving unit to good use in your man cave. We’re sure you could think of others!

6. For using the corners – Love-KANKEI 5-Tier Wooden Corner Shelf


We’re back with the Love-KANKEI brand responsible for one of the other great shelving options in this guide. This time it’s for something quite unique. Often, the corners in rooms are not fully taken advantage of. When space is at a premium, if your man cave is smaller, or you are quickly running out of options around the main walls and want to keep the floor clear enough so that it doesn’t feel cramped or claustrophobic, you should look to the corners.

Torched-finished wooden shelves are contrasted with exquisitely designed powder-coated metal brackets that have leaf-like patterns. Although each individual shelf is relatively small, they can still hold 8.8-pounds and are set at 10.2-inches between one another, making them ideal for displaying an array of different items.

Like all of the shelving solutions we’ve featured in this guide, this leafy corner shelving unit is very easy to install, requiring nothing too specialist – a drill and some appropriate fixings. High-quality materials have been used in its construction, but even if you do have any issues or difficulties, the company offer what they call a “100% satisfaction service”, meaning they will do anything they can to rectify any problems you have to ensure you are happy with their product.

7. Inman Home 12-Inch Solid Oak Floating Shelf


From a company called Inman Home, we have another very subtle and simple affair, made from high-quality solid oak and benefitting from fully concealed brackets, to give that perfect illusion that is floating. With all the products we’ve featured, we have tried to ensure there is something unique about them. Or else, what’s the point? You’re just going to be looking at a boring list of shelves that are all the same.

The thing we feel makes this shelf stand out is not just the hidden brackets, but the little raised bit of wood along the front that will stop items falling off it. It really doesn’t look like much, but this shelf can actually hold a total of 48.5-pounds. Is 12-inches too small for your needs? Don’t worry, as there are 5 other sizes available – 16-inch, 20-inch, 24-inch, 32-inch and 36-inch. You can also choose between the standard thickness of 4-inches or the newer, thicker option of 5-inches.

When you consider the fact that it is available for an extremely reasonable price and is very easy to assemble, can you really pass up on such a sturdy workhorse of a shelf?

Man Cave Shelves Buying Guide

Shelves can be a tricky thing to invest in. They are much trickier, certainly, than a lot of people think they are until they start researching and looking into them. Even with something so seemingly straightforward, there is a lot that can go wrong. You’ll know this only too well if you have tried to set up shelving and accidentally overloaded them and have to deal with the unattractive issue of holes in your wall where it has fallen down, pulling at the fixings and everything else in the process.

That’s why we thought we would put this buying guide together, to help address any of the issues that you could potentially face when buying man cave shelves. In it, you will find some helpful advice about the different aspects of man cave shelves you need to consider before settling on any for your special hideaway.

What Are You Going to Store or Display on Them?

Before you actually start looking at different designs, sizes, brackets and materials, you must think about what you are actually going to display and store on your man cave shelves. We would suggest that you make a list. That might seem like a lot of effort and work, but if you are determined to have the coolest, most useful and relaxing man cave possible, you need to put some leg work into the planning and preparation stages.

Obviously, unless you have bought all you will ever need and want, you are going to accumulate more stuff after your man cave is complete and fully decorated. Take that into consideration and make sure that the shelving solutions you choose are versatile enough to meet your changing needs.

Materials and Construction Quality

We’ve not really put this guide in any order as to which of the factors is the most important. Having said that, two factors that should be somewhere near to the top of your list are the materials it is made from and the construction quality of the shelves. You don’t want to waste your money. We know that much for sure.

Which is why you need to remember that while most shelves for man caves look the same or very similar, they are not all made equally, to the same standards or even using the same materials.

When it comes to choosing the right material, you need to consider what you are going to use the shelves for – that is, what you are going to display and store on them. If, for example, you are only going to store lightweight trinkets and ornaments on them, then you can get away with shelves that are not quite as tough as those you would need for heavier and bigger items such as books and drinks bottles etc.

You need to also be aware that the price of shelves is affected by the materials used. Most commonly you will have the choice between MDF and other laminate/composite style imitation wood shelves and those made using solid wood. Although the latter is more expensive than the former, solid wood does make stronger, more durable shelves. So, for heavier and bulkier items, you will always be better with solid wood.

Type of Brackets

In line with the above, another factor you need to give some serious consideration to when choosing shelves for your man cave is the type of brackets used. Although you may like the subtle and streamlined design of shelves that have hidden brackets and mounting hardware, you need to be cautious that they are going to be strong and durable enough.

Highly visible brackets can also add a nice decorative touch to the walls of your man cave and are much easier to keep an eye on. Looking at the customer reviews on sites like Amazon is usually the best way to assess whether the brackets are any good or not.


To help with clarity between this point and the next, when we say size, we are referring to the width and length of the shelves. Although this is probably a given, we felt it was worth talking about for a moment. The size of man cave shelves is something you need to consider for several reasons. As well as making sure you have enough space to store and display at the items you need to, you need to make sure you have enough wall space.

The last thing you want is to have generously sized shelves that fit everything on them but make it harder for you to manoeuvre around your man cave. Remember, your man cave is meant to be like a sanctuary, not a room that gives you headaches and makes you feel claustrophobic.

Load Capacity

Last but not least, we wanted to highlight the importance of considering the load capacity of shelves for your man cave. Like other factors, when deciding what’s right you need to take some things into consideration. The heavier and bulkier the items you have to place on your man cave shelves, the greater the load capacity needs to be. On the other hand, for lighter items, you won’t need shelves that have a high load capacity.

Don’t just look at what others do. Think about what you need for your setup and the items you want to store, and you can’t go wrong.


Choosing shelves for man caves can be very stressful. You don’t want to waste money on products that don’t do the job they were designed for well enough or cause more issues than they solve. You especially don’t want to buy shelves that actually damage your special place of refuge.

However, it doesn’t need to be quite as much of a headache as you think. With proper planning, we have hopefully helped show how you can choose the best man cave shelves, while also providing some great options as inspiration.


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