Man Cave Lamps

Unless you are planning on taking the name “man cave” very literally, you will probably want to invest in some cool man cave lamps. While it’s good to have the main lighting from the ceiling, lamps can be used for different types of lighting for different parts of your cave space. For instance, you could have a cool floor lamp next to or behind that luxurious sofa or armchair you have for reading, with a couple of trendy, well-placed table lamps to add a touch of drama to your bar area.

What we discovered when researching this topic was that there are two distinct categories when it comes to cool lamps for man cave environments – table lamps and floor lamps. For that reason, we have separated this post into three sections.

In the first, we will look at a selection of what we believe are the best table lamps for man caves, followed by the second looking at, you’ve guessed it, the best floor lamps for man caves. To complete the post we have put together a buying guide covering all the important considerations you need to make when buying cool man cave lamps.

Man Cave Table Lamps

1. Paladone PlayStation Icons Retro Gaming Lamp

Paladone PlayStation Icons Retro Gaming Lamp


First up we have this extremely cool table lamp for a man cave featuring the PlayStation triangle, circle, X and square icons. Not only is this very aesthetically pleasing as a piece of gaming history, it works rather well as a table lamp, producing a colourful, but nice and soft glow. PlayStation will always be remembered as the games console that really put gaming out there as something that wasn’t just for a select few, but that was something for the masses.

As the innovation is always something that we, and we are sure many others, have appreciated about Sony and the various PlayStation machines over the years, it seems fitting that this lamp doesn’t just come with a bog-standard lighting mode. There are three different lighting modes to be precise – normal mode, phasing mode and party mode.

For normal mode, the square is pink, the cross is blue, the circle is red, and the triangle is green, and it stays lit up with a constant and steady glow. For phasing mode, each icon will slowly light up and then phase through to the next and so on producing an awesome little light show. For party mode, and this is probably our favourite thing, get some music playing and watch the icons flash along with the beat.

As this is a reactive light, it does not need to be plugged into any device or appliance and will automatically work with any music being played. So, whether you are looking for the lamp to help light your way for everyday use or add a party atmosphere to a gathering, this is a great investment.

2. Reel Film Cells Retro Godzilla VHS Lamp

Reel Film Cells Retro Godzilla VHS Lamp


Are you a fan of old Japanese monster flicks? Godzilla is definitely the King of Monsters and with good reason, that radioactive fire from its lungs and his imposing stature. Is he a good guy or a bad guy? Either way, his majesty is celebrated in this amazing man cave lamp idea.

More than just featuring Godzilla in action, this light fixture also pays homage to another vintage piece of the movie world in the form of VHS tapes. Do we all remember those or our parents having them and how they would often get jammed inside VHS players, similarly to cassettes and you would have to wind them on?

Well if you have fond memories of watching VHS movies, maybe you even had some of the original Toho, this is perfect for you. Especially if you are trying to establish your man cave as a treasure trove of cinematic memorabilia and nostalgic pieces. As it features LED lights, you know it is much safer and more energy-efficient than other lighting options and offers a lifespan of more than 60,000-hours, depending on how long you use it and how regularly.

Did we mention it’s USB-powered? So you can either plug it directly into the wall if you have an appropriate adaptor, or your power bank, Xbox, PS4, TV, laptop or computer. What we really love about this lamp besides all of the above is the remote control that comes with it that allows you to quickly change its colours through blue, red, green, white, yellow and many others. There are also 4 different modes to choose from including multicoloured, pulsating and slow or fast flashing.

3. Pac-Man Lamp

Pac-Man Lamp


He may not breathe fire and may not be some world-beating giant (unless of course, you count his appearance in the mega-rubbish film Pixels), but Pac-Man surely is just as iconic as the King of Monsters. Ever since the game was first released by Namco/Bandai in 1980, the spherical byte eating yellow dude has remained one of the most popular video game and pop culture characters.

Many consider the game itself to be an almost satirical metaphor for all of our lives because the game is basically unwinnable. Yes, that’s right, you all enter into that agreement when you spend your coins and play, that it is indeed unwinnable. It just speeds up and gets more difficult and then you die. Yep, just like life.

Anyway, enough about the game, we’re here to talk about this awesome man cave table lamp. Not only does this make for a brilliant talking point where it just to sit there and illuminate your den, but it comes with 12 different easily identifiable Pac-Man sounds from the game and remote control to adjust the dimmer as necessary.

It’s not massive, like the Pac-Man in that awful film we mentioned at the outset of this mini-review, but at 21 x 21 x 21cm, it’s big enough that he will hold his own among the other great features, accessories and points of interest in your cave. Come on, you know you want it. How can you even say no to that winning smile of his?

4. Ywyn Creative Iron Robot Table Lamp

Ywyun Creative Iron Robot Table Lamp


If Pac-Man simply has too much yellow and flashiness, why not choose something with a world-weary look, a rusting, but still standing appearance of an old iron robot? Like this table lamp. As it is made from high quality recycled iron water pipes, you know this intriguing man cave table lamp will stand the test of time.

It is durable and water-resistant (as you’d expect) and not only that has been designed to save you money. That’s right, it’s an energy-saving light that can save you as much as 90% on your energy consumption.

We love how it sits on the edge of a table like it has the world on its shoulders like it is just looking for a friend who won’t see an old and unfashionably simplistic robot but see a loyal companion. In return for your companionship, this little chap offers an impressive-considering-the-size illumination that covers a total of area of between 5 sq. metres and 10 sq. metres.

Do you have a love and appreciation for all things steampunk? That’s what we think of when we look at this robot table lamp. It looks like a combination of otherworldly and nostalgic while maintaining a futuristic feel all at once.

There are no different lighting modes or any other controls. You simply turn the little guy on, and he will light whatever you put in his path for you. Considering the price for such an astoundingly designed piece, however, it really doesn’t need to do much else apart from sitting there, look pretty sweet and illuminating.

5. Paladone 3D Xbox Lamp

Paladone Xbox Lamp


A hot topic for debate within the gaming community has always been PlayStation or Xbox. Well, if you are not interested in the PlayStation table lamp we already highlighted and want to show your love and devotion to the Xbox and Microsoft, why not invest in this very cool table lamp. Designed to resemble that iconic X of the system’s logo, this lighting fixture can be powered by either battery or connected to a device or plug into your mains via USB connection.

What’s more, you can also have it simply placed on a stand or mounted to one of the walls in your man cave. What looks like a simple white light with a striking black X is deceptive, as it can actually change colour between white and green, the two colours most closely associated with Xbox.

We even think if you are a fan of both the PS and the Xbox, you could invest in this alongside the PlayStation to make your man cave a real gamer’s hideaway. For the environmentally-conscious of you, the light is made of what is known as BDP or biodegradable plastics. These are completely natural and include components such as plants, starch, orange peels and corn oil. It basically means that when you are finished with this little beast of an Xbox table lamp for your man cave, it will break down and decompose without generating waste. Compared to more traditional plastics made from lots of chemical fillers that are often toxic to the environment when it comes to the plastic being melted down.

That means you can basically have a clean conscious knowing you are not adding to the damage.

Man Cave Floor Lamps

1. The Rue Colour Changing Minimalist LED Corner Floor Lamp

The Rue - Colour Changing Lamp


You could be forgiven for thinking that this was just a stand and was missing the actual lighting fixture or bulb, but what you see in the image is what you get. This very minimalist corner light is ideal for both man caves that already have a lot of stuff in them and lots of standout pieces, and those hideaways that are more on the simplistic side.

Although there is also a warm white version, we decided to draw your attention to the colour-changing model because this just adds a bit of pizazz and is great for completely altering the mood of a room, particularly if you are having a specially themed party or event.

The designers and manufacturers have made a name for themselves creating some truly bespoke and very high-quality lighting fixtures and this is no exception. This is a modern piece for a modern age, and it is controlled therefore via the companion app. As well as giving you the ability to change the colour, you can also control the brightness level and can even alter the colour based on the mood you want to achieve.

Compared to other colour-changing lights out there that tend to just offer 4, 5 or maybe even 10 different colours to choose from, this really stands out. It comes with a bit more than 10 colours. A bit more is apt if you consider more than 16 million colours as a bit more and 300 multi-colour effects.

With that in mind, you are unlikely to ever get bored with this striking floor lamp.

2. MiniSun Retro-Style Black and Copper Metal Floor Lamp with White Marble Base

Retro Style Black and Copper Metal Floor Lamp


Do you have a retro-themed man cave? Then you probably won’t want something quite as futuristic as the piece above. Instead, why not consider this awesome piece from a company called MiniSun. It shares a sense of minimalism with the above, but with the solid white marble-effect base and the copper and black finish on the stand, it feels like it has been taken in a time machine from some big country mansion in upstate NY in the 1950s or something.

We really love the fact that there is no elaborate lampshade, and that the bulb is left exposed, as it adds to the rustic, yet the sophisticated charm of the fixture. In keeping with its vintage feel, there is just the one simple control found at the base in the form of a footswitch that turns it on and off.

Considering its relatively low price, we think the fact that it comes with a 6-Watts LED Filament Giant Globe Amber Light Bulb, that produces illumination with a warm white temperature of 2700K, also made by MiniSun. Standing at 153 cm high with a diameter of 26 cm, it is tall enough to provide areas of your man cave with adequate light, but not so cumbersome that it will take up too much floor space.

It can easily be hidden in one of the darker corners or behind that special armchair you have to chill out on. Just try not to look at it too much or you may find yourself a little hypnotised.

3. HOMCOM Modern 4-Tier Open Shelves Soft Light Floor Lamp

HOMCOM Modern Shelf Floor Lamp


The next man cave floor lamp idea we have is made from the greatly respected HOMCOM brand and is an interesting piece, to say the least. Is it storage or is it a light, when does one stop being one thing and becomes the other thing? We’re not really here to discuss the philosophy behind the design. All we know about this funky man cave floor lamp is that it functions well as a shelving unit and lighting fixture.

What do you get for your investment in this interesting piece of furniture? Three shelves for storing or displaying items on and on top a beautiful lamp that emits a very welcoming and warm glow. To turn it on and off it utilises a conventional ball chain switch. It is made from high-quality MDF, which although is not really as good as natural solid wood, is still very durable and sturdy.

We love the smart melamine finish it has to it, that not only makes it look better than the average storage unit but helps increase its durability and makes it easier to clean and look after. It is important to note that this will need to be assembled once it has been delivered to your home, but as it is quite quick and easy to do.

There is not a lot else we can say about it. If you are stuck for space a little and looking to make the best use of what you have available, this is a great option.

4. Nautical Replica Hub Beautiful Vintage Spotlight Floor Lamp

Beautiful floor lamp vintage model theme spotlight


Last, but by no means least in our list of the best man cave floor lamps we have this decorative lamp made with high-quality brass and aluminium, with a vintage nickel colouring. It looks like something a little steampunk, with a tripod-style stand. It’s the mixture of those vintage metals that really make this stand out along with its leftfield design.

Have you ever wanted to have your own spotlight? This is your chance. Whether you actually use it for those drunken karaoke nights you plan on having in your den, to highlight a piece of artwork on your wall or one of your pieces of memorabilia or even just as a curious talking point, this will give your man cave a unique look and feel.

Just like the spotlights, you would get at the side or front of a stage or on a model photoshoot, the head is completely rotatable and adjustable, so you can position it at just the right angle.

It may not be to everyone’s taste, but that is the thing that we really love about researching for this site and writing about man cave accessories and features, the uniqueness of different people’s dens. Having said that, we are quite sure this will turn a few heads and you may have to tell your mates where you got it from, as they are going to want it for their own man caves or other parts of their home.


There you go, man cave dwellers, our pick of the best man cave lamps available. There is more than enough variety and different styles to choose from here that you should have no trouble finding one that matches your personal taste, preference and the décor of your den. We would even suggest that you could invest in more than one of these lamps and use them to light up different parts of your cave in different ways.

As everything about man caves, from the design and layout to the décor, it really is up to you what you do for lighting. We just hope we have been helpful in your search for the best lamps for man caves.


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