Man Cave Gadgets

Whether or not you are really aiming for a Batman/Bruce Wayne’s bat cave-style with the design and décor of your man cave, there is one thing you can never have too many of and that’s man cave gadgets. When we were researching this guide, we realised there was quite a variety to choose from when it came to gadgets for a man cave. Some work better for themed man caves and lots that are great as gifts for man caves.

Rather than getting bogged down in all the fine details, however, for this initial post we wanted to cover the cool man cave gadgets that would work well in just about any man cave, regardless of the theme and décor of the room or personality of the owner.

So, if you are just looking for some extra cool things that not only have real practical value but look great too, check out the highlighted products below.

1. Marvel The Avengers 4: Infinity War/Endgame Thanos Infinity Gauntlet Bottle Opener

Who doesn’t love superheroes, and specifically Marvel and the MCU films? Well, compared to twenty or thirty years ago, the answer would have been, not many. Not at least in the mainstream.

In the past comic books and superheroes may well have been a niche reserved for geeks. Things have slowly changed over the years, with Batman and Spiderman in the 90s. However, everything got massive when Iron Man first donned his suit, as people of all ages have been enthralled by the exploits of The Avengers and their various enemies, including Thanos the Titan and the owner of this infamous glove called the Infinity Gauntlet that is represented in bottle opener form.

What better gadget could a superhero and Marvel fan want for their man cave than an Infinity Gauntlet bottle opener? Okay, with it you won’t be able to snap half the population of the universe out of existence. However, you will be able to use it to open those bottles of fresh, crisp beers.

We are impressed by the amount of detail that has gone into the recreation of the Gauntlet and the six stones. Made from environmentally friendly and durable iron, this small but mighty is a fun talking piece as well as a practical tool for your den. Who will be the worthiest to wield the bottle-opening gauntlet?

2. IKICH Countertop Ice Maker Machine

Whether you are entertaining guests, spending some quality time with your kids, or having a romantic evening with your significant other in your man cave, there is no shortage of instances where ice doesn’t make things better.

Perhaps you only have space for a small fridge in your man cave and don’t have space for a matching freezer. What are the alternatives? Walk your house to the kitchen to get some ice cubes? Nah, having a man cave is all about enjoying your own space where you can hide away from the world.

That is why the next of the cool man cave gadgets we have picked out that would suit any setting or theme is this countertop ice maker from a company called IKICH. With a 2-litre capacity, this ice machine works very quickly. If, for instance, you simply want 9 chunks of refreshing ice, for a couple of drinks, it takes an impressive 6 minutes. This means it can make as much as 12kg of ice in 24-hours.

It is easy to use, does not make a lot of mess, noise or take up much space and even offers you the choice between 2 different sizes of ice.

3. Hongrel Multitool Pen

It could be argued that the crème de la crème of all cool man cave gadgets is something along the lines of this multitool pen from hongrel. Man, since the dawn of time, has had a deep desire for fixing things, taking things apart and generally tinkering.

This multitool is a bit of a throwback to that kind of man, with a nice modern twist. It does look slick and cool, but we know you’re all basically waiting for us to list the tools included. Here goes…

  • 1 x Black ballpoint pen (With 4 refills)
  • 1 x Touchscreen stylus (The modern twist, for use with smartphones, tablets, computers, and other devices)
  • 1 x Cross/slot head screwdriver (Never be caught out with no screwdriver handy again)
  • 1 x Spirit level (We all need balance in our lives)
  • 1 x Pocket clip (To trend set, obviously)
  • 5 x Rulers (10cm, 4-inches, 1/100m ratio, 1/200m ratio, 1/300m ratio) (Because whoever said there was such a thing as too many rulers?)

If you imagine the mythical kind of gadgetry that Q designs and constructs for Bond, then you’re halfway there. Halfway because there are no lasers, poison darts or any kind of weapon at all.

But, for tinkering, this is amazing!


Okay, so sticking with the high-tech gadgetry of Q, the next item in our gadgets for a man cave could be something used by either Bond or Ethan Hunt (from Mission Impossible). There’s no other better way to explain these than to let the pictures do the talking and mention that they are LED gloves. Yes, that’s right, you read it correctly – gloves with little LED lights on the index finger and thumb.

Why you might ask? Why would anyone need any specific reason to have LED lights in their gloves? Well, several excellent uses go beyond making up your own little light show in the dark. You can use them outside of your man cave for walking the dog, working on electrics and DIY or on your car and fishing in the dark or poorly lit conditions.

Within your man cave, you can use them for getting drinks, snacks and generally finding your way around if all the lights are out for gaming or movie watching. They are very lightweight but durable and are made from a breathable material that means your hands won’t get too clammy or uncomfortable if you have to wear them for extended periods.

Simply put, a great little item that you didn’t even know you needed.

5. Gadgy Beer Dispenser With Cooler

Now we’re talking! Even if you’re a teetotaller or never have been interested in alcoholic beverages, if you had to choose just one out of all the man cave gadgets we’ve listed in this guide, we’d guarantee that many of you would go for this Gadgy Beer Dispenser with Cooler.

It has a total capacity of 3.6-litres, which is divided into 2.5-litres for the drink of your choice and 1.1-litres for the ice. With a very compact and lightweight tabletop design it stands at just 53cm and you can fill it with just about any drink from fresh fruit juice to carbonated drinks, cold coffee for iced coffee drinks and of course, beers, ciders, and lagers.

When you or anyone else wants a drink, you simply pull the lever and out it pours from the spout, similarly to a normal pub pump. Okay, it may not have the aged look or faint smell of musty old beer, bitter and cider, but in terms of ice breaker and conversation piece, this is a fun way to serve drinks. Even if you are enjoying some time on your own in your man cave, there are no reasons not to make use of this cool tool!

6. Banydoll Star Night Light Projector

Last, but not least, we have one of those cool man cave gadgets that is a bit far out there. By far our we mean both literally far out there as it can transform any room or surface into a universe of stars and colours, and because it is a bit of a quirky, outside of the box kind of gadget.

Regardless of whether you have a stars and planets or night sky theme for your man cave or a more generic den, this could be a great addition in just about any setting. It’s perfect for anyone who loves all things outer space.

With this star night light projector, you get the option of 7 different colours and 15 different lighting mode and the option of just stars, stars, and nebulas or just nebulas. As it is ultra-quiet, it won’t disturb you if you and your guests are conversing, playing games, or watching a movie.

To make it even more fun and easy to use, it comes with a handy remote control. Give your man cave a real out of this world feel with this projector. Even if you just et it out and use it on those rare occasions you let your kids or friend’s kids in your man cave along with the adults, it’s well worth the affordable price.

Man Cave Gadgets – Buyer’s Guide

Although there is not much to say and it’s hard to suggest an extensive list of considerations for an almost limitless in a variety range of products, we still thought you’d appreciate a buyer’s guide. In it, we just look at some of the factors and features you may want to think about when choosing top man cave gadgets.


Size is always something you will want to consider when choosing cool man cave gadgets. Just as you are not going to want to buy anything too big, you won’t want to buy anything too small, unless the size is appropriate for the gadget.

Think about the available space in your man cave. If there is a lot of available space, then size and dimensions are less of a problem. Most of the generic list of gadgets for a man cave about were chosen because they’d be ideal for any size of space. The ice maker and the beer dispenser, for instance, can sit comfortably on any surface and not take up too much space, while items like the gloves and mini toolkit pen take up a negligible amount of space.

Style and Theme

Although we have tried to cover a more broad spectrum of gizmos and gadgets for man cave use, if you have something a little more specific than a generic and very neutral themed den, you will want to carefully select gadgets based on the style, theme and even colour scheme. It’s indeed your own space and no one really gets to say what goes and what doesn’t go, but if you are looking to achieve a strong look for space, choosing items that don’t look out of place and stick to the chosen theme is a must.

Practical Value

If you are very particular about your hideaway from the world, you will want to make sure everything has a place, and everything is in its place and fulfils a role or practical function. Of course, not all cool man cave gadgets have vital or ridiculously important functions in other parts of your house, but if they make you happy and you can do something cool to get the most out of your space with them, then they deserve a place.

For instance, the beer dispenser, bottle opener and ice maker would be ideal if you have a bar area or intend on serving a lot of drinks within your man cave.


There is not a lot else we can say. What is cool and what is not cool, is surely up for debate. What we have tried to do with our guide, though, is provide you with a great selection of cool man cave gadgets. Gadgets for a man cave that does not have a specific theme or purpose, will make them ultimately better spaces.

A beer dispenser, ice maker machine and bottle opener, are at least useful for the bar area.

Do you really need a star night light projector for your man cave, though? Maybe not, but remember it’s your man cave, your rules and if you want one you should get one. You don’t need to explain yourself to anyone.

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