Man Cave Fridge

So, you’ve got your man cave set out the way you want it. It’s all there waiting for you when you come home from a hard day at the office or wherever you work. That luxurious leather recliner, the cutting-edge entertainment system with all the latest in televisual and audio technology designed to make even watching the footie into a night at the cinema. You’ve got the floor to ceiling bookshelves, a pool table, and dartboard, and …. well that’s the thing…there seems to be something missing does there not?

What about a crisp, ice-cold beer to gently let the stresses and frustrations of the day melt away as you sink back into your chair.

Obviously, you could ask your adorable partner or spouse or roommate to get you one from the fridge or get up out of your comfy chair to get your own, but where is the fun in that?

Why would you go to the trouble of creating a space that’s your very own, that’s supposed to cater to your every need, if you don’t have ice-cold beers ready and waiting in the man cave? It defeats the purpose a little does it not.

That’s why you need to invest in a good quality man cave fridge. Whether you have some mates over and are playing video games, spending some quality time with your girlfriend or partner catching up on a bit of Netflix or just chilling out on your own, being able to reach down and pull out your favourite blonde, craft or even bitter is a must.

If you’ve ever looked at investing in a mini fridge for a man cave, you will know that there is quite a selection to choose from. How do you go about picking the best one for all your needs? By all means, spend the best part of an evening or two or even a whole weekend researching each individual brand and model. We dare you.

Or, here’s an even better solution that requires less work on your part – let us do all the heavy lifting and in-depth researching for you! In the following guide, you will find what we consider to be the very best fridges on the market suitable for a man cave like that one you have sitting beer-less now.

Without further ado, then, let’s dive into those reviews.


1. ChillQuiet Silent Mini Fridge 24-Litre Capacity, Black


First up in our guide we have this beautiful and simplistic small man cave fridge that comes courtesy of a manufacturer known as ChillQuiet. An appropriate name, isn’t it? As that is two words, you’ll want to associate with your mini fridge for man cave – one that is quiet and chills things.

Despite its incredibly compact and discreet size, this mini bar fridge can pack a lot of drinks and snacks away for you, so that you won’t need to replenish it too often. 24-litres can go along way. Unless of course, you are partying with 20 of your best mates.

We’re going to go out on a limb and guess that that’s not the case, though. What can we say about this smart little thing? As the name suggests, it is very quiet and that’s all thanks to the advanced heat-pipe tech that has been utilised to ensure that it will never make its presence known, other than when you reach in and grab a cold one.

In terms of storage, it has an adjustable shelf system that allows you to keep whatever you fancy in there. So, in addition to beer and other beverages, you can keep chocolate and other fridge snacks. To give you a better idea of what 24-litres is like in reality – there is enough space for 15 regular sized beer bottles or 8 standard-sized cans.

For those of you interested it has an energy rating of A, which may not be the best, but for the relatively affordable price it’s retailing at, along with the soft long-lasting LED light on the interior and lockable door, this is one budget-friendly man cave fridge you will want to seriously consider.


2. Subcold Ultra 15 Mini Fridge Cooler & Warmer, 15-litre capacity, Black


Next up we have another portable and compact mini fridge, man cave sized and ready to take up pride of place in your hideout for an even better price from Subcold. The Ultra 15 mini fridge is surprisingly versatile.

Not only does it have the capacity, thanks to its cutting-edge thermoelectric to cool contents to at least 20-degrees Celsius below its ambient temperature, but it can also warm things up to around the 65-degrees Celsius mark.

What if you already have a beer chiller in your man cave, but need something to keep the tacos, burgers, hot dogs, or kebabs deliciously warm? This is what you need. Manufactured from high-quality ABS plastic with a high-end tempered glass door, this is a sleek and sexy number that will fit right in whatever style of décor and colour scheme you’ve opted for in your den.

We especially love the grab handle installed at the top of the fridge that makes it easy to move around if you are venturing outside of your mancave and taking supplies with you or just moving furniture around.

Similarly to the above, this will not interrupt the quieter moments of those horror survivalist games you may like to play or just before the big reveal in that Nordic Noir drama you’ve been watching on Netflix, as it benefits from a top-notch brush-less fan motor. Not only will you not hear much at all from it, but you will find that it lasts a whole lot longer than many of the alternatives used in other fridges.

We love the fact that as it is so versatile if you holiday a lot and like to go camping, caravanning, or something similar, you can take it along as an extra mini home from home appliance.


3. Klarstein Frosty Mini Fridge, 10-Litres Capacity, Black


Although it is a bit smaller than the models we’ve featured so far, this compact offering from Klarstein is ideal when you are just looking for a simple man cave beer fridge, without any of the bells and whistles found in others. Perfect if you have very limited space. It has a very smart black metallic casing and glass panelling in the door that has been doubled up to provide exceptional insulation, while still offering you a glimpse of the tasty and refreshing treats stored inside.

Even though it is small, there is still enough room inside it for a glass shelf, if needed, to give your mini man cave fridge a little order.

Klarstein is a very popular brand that is known for producing high-end accessories and appliances and this is no exception. It is easy enough to clean, economical when it comes to energy efficiency even if it is only classed with a B rating and extremely quiet producing just 33dBs of noise.

With an adjustable temperature setting of 12 to 18-degrees Celsius and LED light on the interior, there is not a lot you would be missing if you invested in this simple and cool fridge.


4. Husky Coca-Cola Design Mini Fridge/Drinks Cooler, Red


Perhaps you are not looking for something particularly subtle and want to bring a bit of iconic colour and drama to that little part of your home you’ve carved out for yourself? You may appreciate the Coca-Cola mini fridge from Husky.

Stick this anywhere and you will instantly want a cold bottle of Coca-Cola, though, you’ve been warned. There is just something about those swirls, the red and the white that makes us drool, isn’t there?

Seriously though, this has a retro style to it that will remind you of cafes and American diners.

It’s more than just style over substance though, as it offers 42.9-litres of cooling storage. That works out at 40 x standard 440ml cans. Not only does it come with a removable shelf to offer two tiers of space to chill bottles, cans, or any snacks you fancy, but there is storage space on the inside of the door too.

If you’re not a fan of world-famous advertisements and branding or Coca-Cola in general, this might not be for you.

This is after all a definite “statement” piece and will become a focal point wherever you place it in your man cave. As it is so small, it is also ideal if you have limited space but want to store a decent amount of beer, soft drinks, and snacks.


5. Cater-Wash Single Door Eco Bottle Cooler, 115-litre capacity, black


What if you do have quite a generously sized man cave and are looking for a larger cooler? The others above may not really cut it. That’s when you need something like the Cater-Wash single door black eco-friendly bottle cooler.

This is a beast. It is very simplistic in design, but it does the one thing you want it to do and it does it very well – it stores and chills a multitude of bottles, cans, and snacks. In fact, 115-litres worth. To do this, it has not just one or two adjustable shelves but a total of 4, so not only can you have a proper café or restaurant-sized cooler, but one that is organised too.

Did we mention that it also has an A+ energy rating, so it’s also incredibly energy-efficient? With softer than usual LED lighting, it won’t hurt your eyes or cause glaring when you open it to take out a beer or can of your favourite fizzy during those long marathon gaming sessions when the lighting has been adjusted to enhance the mood and atmosphere of your man cave.

It is more at the higher end of the price range, but this is largely due to its capacity and energy rating, so more than justified.


6. Klarstein Beersafe XXL Fridge, 80-litres Capacity, Silver


We really are moving into the larger man cave beer fridge section of the market with this next product. Another from Klarstein, the Beersafe XXL fridge is not as big as the above model, but with a capacity of 80-litres, it is still punching above the average.

It has a nice silver-tone and is still relatively compact despite its higher capacity. Three chrome metal inserts give it a very stylish and sophisticated look while offering some form of organisation for your snack and refreshments hub.

Although it is not as quiet as others we’ve highlighted on this page, producing around 42dB of noise hardly makes it distracting or off-putting. Underneath the sound of gunfire, large explosions, or even the crowd at White Hart Lane, Anfield, Old Trafford (or wherever your team plays), you are unlikely to even notice it working away, keeping your food and drink chilled for you.

Another A+ rated fridge for a man cave, this will also not send your utility bills through the roof, and weighing just 30kg means it is not too difficult to move around, whenever you need to clean out your hideaway.

To top off all the above, thanks to the removable elements and wide opening door, it is relatively easy to keep this small man cave fridge clean.


7. Russell Hobbs Tabletop Wine/Drinks Cooler with Glass Door, 46-litres12-Bottle Capacity, Stainless Steel



For the second-to-last of our guide to the best mini fridges available for man caves, we turn to the highly respected and reliable manufacturer Russell Hobbs. Most people will have at one time or another bought and used a Russell Hobbs product and if you have, you will know that they are not only smart but effective and efficient.

This tabletop wine and drinks cooler is no different. With a 46-litres capacity, it sits nicely in the mid-range of coolers and man fridges market. Who really needs space for more than 40 cans of beer, cider, or your favourite fizzy or 12 bottles of red, white, rose, or whatever you fancy?

Constructed from sturdy, but aesthetically pleasing stainless steel, it comes with 2 removable chrome shelves and 1 removable chrome rack so that there can be a least the illusion of order and organisation in your den. Even if it is just within this awesome man cave beer fridge.

With the Russell Hobbs branding, comes the expectation that it will not be too noisy and energy-efficient. Two things that can be said of this fridge, which as an A rating and only produces around 39dB of noise.


8. Husky Union Flag Mini Fridge


How about something to stir the patriotism deep within you? The last item in our guide to the best man cave fridges on offer is this Union Flag model from Husky. A tabletop design, it has a total capacity of 43-litres, which works out at approximately 40 cans. Although a large part of what will attract you to it is the design, there is a lot more to recommend it to you.

As is the case with the other Husky model we showcased further up our list, it is made to a very high standard with reliable and robust materials and produces just 39dB of noise, so is hardly going to disturb anything you may be doing in your man cave.

As it is only small and compact, weighing just 14kg, if you ever decide that you need to redecorate or want to take it with you on a camping holiday or to someone else’s house for a social event, it is easy enough to move.

In addition to the removable shelf that helps to create two different tiers for storing and chilling items inside it, there is also space to store cans and bottles in the door too, so it makes excellent use of the limited space it has.


Man Cave Fridge Buyer’s Guide

Now that we’ve given you a rundown of just what’s out there in the world of fridges fit for your man cave, we thought you may appreciate some additional help choosing the right one for you with this buyer’s guide. In it, you will find out all about the important features found in most mini-fridges that you should consider before spending your hard-earned cash.


Okay, we are going to kick off this guide with the most obvious, but crucial feature of any man cave beer fridge you are interested in – the capacity. It all comes down to personal preference really. How many cans or bottles of drink and snacks do you want to store at any given time?

All man caves are unique in style and size, which is why it makes sense that the right beer fridge for your man cave will be different from one that your friend has.

Who, besides yourself, if anyone, uses your man cave? Do you spend most nights that you’re in there alone or with just your partner or a best buddy or two? Or is it the meet-up place for a larger group of friends and neighbours?

If your situation and setup are more in line with the former than the latter, then you will not need quite as big a man cave fridge than you would if it was more in line with the latter.

You will find that, similar to as it is for their larger, full-size counterparts, the listings for most mini-fridges for man caves offer information regarding their capacity. It is usually displayed in a couple of different ways – as a capacity in litres and/or in terms of how many items it can hold.

For example, the ChillQuiet Silent Mini Fridge in our list above has a capacity of 24-litres. That capacity, according to the manufacturer, offers space for as many as 15 x standard-sized beer bottles.

Important Note – while these estimations are a good indication, most listings and man cave beer fridge listings only take into consideration “standard” sizes of bottles and cans. If you are a fan of a beer or other beverage with an unusual or oversized bottle or can, this will impact how much you can store. You also need to factor this in if you are going to use your man cave fridge for more than just drinks.

Fortunately, a good way to check out the capabilities of any beer fridge is with the images that are normally featured alongside it. They often feature branded items, so it is easier to judge for yourself.


The next factor you need to consider when looking at mini-fridges for man caves is somewhat related to the capacity and that’s the footprint or the dimensions. In other words, the size of the fridge and the space you have available for it in your man cave.

Just as important as how good it looks and it can hold the desired number of beverages and snacks is that it will fit in the area you have set aside for it. Again, this will depend on the unique setup of your own man cave.

Bigger man caves have more space to play around with and therefore can accommodate larger fridges and coolers, whereas smaller and more compact man caves demand smaller drinks coolers.

So, when choosing a model, look at how much space it will take up and, if possible, check out the amount of space the door will take up when it is fully opened. You want to avoid something that is going to be a fire risk or cause any kind of accident.

Energy Efficiency/Energy Consumption

This is a hot topic when it comes to buying all kinds of electrical appliances these days because most companies and consumers are trying their best to be more environmentally friendly. Not only that but who doesn’t want to save a bit of money where possible on their utility bills?

Price is a huge factor that you will take into consideration when buying a beer fridge for a man cave. You will have a certain amount of money that you can afford to spend on one. But, aside from the initial costs, you need to factor in those hidden running costs, like how much electricity it takes to keep a beer fridge running. Even if you intend on completely turning it off when there is nothing inside it, you will mostly keep it on all the time.

This is why it is crucial to consider all these factors when looking at the size and capacity because although a massive 114-litres capacity fridge will be more convenient and probably require replenishing less regularly than a smaller one, the amount of electricity it takes to run one that size could be more expensive than the slight convenience it offers is worth.

This is where considering energy efficiency comes into your decision making. Most of the models in our list above are rated at A and many even have an A+ rating.

Does it Offer a Reversible Hinge?

If you ever bought a full-size refrigerator you will already be aware of the option that often comes with these appliances of a reversible hinge for the door. This feature essentially means that the door can be installed so that it is either on the left hand or right-hand side, depending on what is most convenient for your setup.

If you have a small man cave for instance and there are limited places to put your beer fridge, you will want a cooling solution that you can fit the door to offer the best access.

An important word of caution is that not all models offer this option.

Temperature Range

You could be forgiven for thinking when looking at man cave beer fridges that all on the market would be suitable for cooling your favourite beverages to the right temperature. They all chill drinks, don’t they? Yes, but not all chill drinks to the same temperature as one another.

You will find that there is a lot of variety in the temperature ranges offered. For example, some of the beer fridges at the lower end of the price range, are often not nearly powerful enough. They may, at best, keep your beer, cider, or whatever you’re drinking, at lower than room temperature, but not enough to give you that truly satisfying and refreshing coolness that you’re looking for on especially hot days.

Ideally, the best fridges are those that offer the widest temperature range, but you may have to just find what works best for you while falling into your available budget. Online reviews are a great resource for this kind of information.

Many even have adjustable thermostats that allow you to set the temperature to the desired amount you need or prefer.

Temperature Digital Display

What good is having a beer fridge for your man cave that can adjust the temperature, if you can’t read the temperature? Not that good at all. That’s why we would suggest if the temperature is something you are wanting to closely monitor, then you need to find a beer fridge with more advanced thermostat and temperature controls.

Many modern models will have a digital display of the internal temperature.

Noise Level

As generally when we buy fridges, they are placed in kitchens, notoriously noisy rooms, we may not immediately be concerned about the amount of noise they generate while they are running. However, in closer quarters and generally smaller spaces like man caves, any additional noise not generated from your entertainment system or home theatre can become frustration and irritation very quickly and ruin the whole atmosphere of your most special room.

Fortunately, as is the case with most modern electrical appliances these days, the noise level generated by them while they are fully operational is listed by the manufacturer.

This is another aspect of a man cave beer fridge that is only important if you have a smaller room. Many budget-priced and high energy consumption coolers and fridges tend to make a lot more noise while they are running. The best of the bunch in our list have noise levels of around the 30dB mark. So, that may be a good number to look out for when deciding, especially if you intend on watching a lot of movies, TV shows and playing games in your man cave.

Adjustable Shelving and Storage

This section could easily have followed the capacity section at the start of the buyer’s guide, but as we don’t consider it quite as important as the preceding features and factors, it’s fine that we’re covering it here. In addition to being aware of how much you can store in the fridge for your man cave, you should also give some thought to the consideration offered by different models. Many (in fact all the models in our list benefit from this feature) on the market come with removable and adjustable shelving options.

This means you have versatility and flexibility as to the way you arrange and organise your beer fridge. While uniform shelves all at the same distance apart etc. is great if you only ever drink one type of soda or beer, it is not so convenient when you have that craft beer in the strange-shaped bottle or that large bottle of prosecco you bought for a special occasion.

It can also be helpful to have a beer fridge for a man cave where you can move the shelves around if you intend to keep food in there as well as drinks.

Door Lock

A door lock might be another of those additional features that you may not immediately rush to look for. If, however, you have small children or teenagers in your house that could potentially gain access to your man cave, it is something that you might want to look out for.

The last thing you want is your stash being raided by small hands. It can also be a useful feature if your man cave is not in the main part of your house but instead is in your garden outhouse, shed, or garage. That extra bit of security means you don’t need to worry about thieves making off with your goodies.



Every great man cave needs an equally great man cave fridge. With the guide above, we are sure you have all the information you need to make the right choice for yours. You have our list of the best models on the market and all the important features and factors you need to take into consideration when choosing one.

Now that we have done our part, the rest is up to you. So, get out there, or on Amazon and find that awesome man cave fridge to keep all your goodies fresh and your beer ice-cold and refreshing as it should be!

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