Man Cave Flooring Ideas

Ok, let’s be practical for a minute. There’s one area of your man cave that is probably subject to more wear and tear than any other. (No, it isn’t your gaming system). We’re talking about the floor. Get it right, and you’ll create a great look that is easy to keep clean. Get it wrong, and you’ll create a tired-looking man cave that even the dog won’t sleep in. We’re going to give you some man cave flooring ideas and discuss the benefits of each.


Man Cave Floor Options | What You Need to Know

Alright, we’ll start with ‘big picture’ stuff and work our way down. Essentially there are a few options when it comes to man cave flooring ideas. Let’s look at some general types and what’s good (and not so good) about them: –


Carpet is a tried and tested solution. On the one hand, carpet can be great. It looks good, it feels really good, and you’ll have lots of options.

When choosing carpet, it is important to consider what it is made out of.

Manmade fibres, like polypropene and nylon, are water-resistant, durable and pretty cheap. They are good in a man cave as they are easy to clean, water-resistant and require minimal maintenance. The downside is they can look pretty cheap.

Wool carpets are pretty luxurious. While they look and feel great, they can also be expensive. They tend to get damaged easily, aren’t as durable as manmade fibres and stain quite easily. These are probably not the best choice for a man cave.

Oh, and before we forget… Stay away from Sisal carpet. While it is really durable, it tends to dissolve in contact with liquid and is super expensive.

Carpet Pros:

  • Lots of Choices
  • Feels warm underfoot
  • Adds Character to a room
  • Reduces Echos

Carpet Cons:

  • Absorbs liquids
  • Holds dirt (and smells)
  • Can be subject to signs of wear
  • It can be expensive

Man Cave Flooring Potential: 7/10

Wooden Floors

Wooden floors look rather classy. They are easy to keep clean too. They tend to make rooms appear bigger and airier.

What’s not to love?

Well, a few things.

First, wooden floors can make a room look a little bare. They are also quite noisy, so if you like retiring to your man cave and sticking some music on, you might find the neighbours (or your Mrs) might have a thing or two to say about your choice of flooring.

Second, they tend to be a little cold underfoot. Wooden floors aren’t the most pleasant to stand on, so you are either going to need a nice pair of slippers or a decent heater. The option does exist to break the room up slightly (and make it warmer) with a nice rug.

Depending on the quality, wood floors can also be a little pricey. When you add that you’ll need to invest in some underlay, skirting and some pretty advanced tools, you can see that it might not be the best deal.

Wooden Floor Pros:

  • Easy to clean
  • It does look really cool

Wooden Floor Cons:

  • Slightly cold underfoot (but not as bad as tiles)
  • Can be pricey
  • It can be noisy and echoey
  • Wood floors can make a room feel a little ‘bare’

Man Cave Flooring Potential: 6/10



Ok, we know what you are thinking…

“LINO? Ugh!”

But hold your horses! This isn’t the 80’s, and there are plenty of really cool options for vinyl flooring, some of which even make a pretty good job of looking like solid wood flooring!

Vinyl flooring is really easy to fit. It can be done in a single afternoon and requires few specialist tools. As with wood flooring, it is a blessing when it comes to cleanliness. A quick brush and a mop, and it is as good as new.

When it comes to noise, it is slightly better than wood flooring. It is also softer underfoot as it has a little ‘give’. If you choose wisely, you’ll find some brands have cushioning and require no underlay either!

Vinyl flooring tends to be really cheap. When you consider how durable it is, it could be a great choice.

Vinyl Flooring Pros:

  • It’s really great value
  • Very easy to clean
  • Lots of choices (some of which look like more expensive flooring)
  • Easy to fit

Vinyl Flooring Cons:

  • It can still be slightly echoey
  • Get it wrong, and your man cave will look cheap

Man Cave Flooring Potential: 9/10



If you are looking for something super classy, tiles could be a good choice. They are easy to keep clean and will give your man cave a real ‘quality’ feel.


Tiles tend to be pretty expensive. They aren’t easy to fit either. They normally require specialist tools, and the floor underneath has to be made perfectly level… Otherwise, you’ll be forever taking chips out of your feet on raised edges.

They also need a lot of maintenance. Over time the grout will begin to shrink and crack. They can also be prone to damage, particularly if something heavy drops on them (like a pool cue)

Like with wood floors, tiles tend to feel cold underfoot and are really noisy too!

Tile Flooring Pros:

  • High quality looks and finish
  • Easy to clean

Tile Flooring Cons:

  • Expensive
  • Complicated to fit
  • Prone to damage
  • Cold underfoot

Man Cave Flooring Potential: 5/10


Other Man Cave Flooring Options?

Ok, well, here’s the good news. You might find a compromise that encompasses all of the good bits of the above and cuts down on some of the downsides.

How would you feel about something that looks as good as tiles or wood flooring but is as easy to fit as vinyl?

You can get rolls of vinyl, but you’ll also find that vinyl tiles are becoming a really great go-to option for man cave flooring ideas.

We’ve had a search around. Here are some of our best ideas for man cave flooring.


Man Cave Flooring Ideas | Our Top Picks


1. Box of 10 Self-Stick Vinyl Floor Tiles

There’s quite a lot of potential here.

With over 13 styles to choose from in a range of hews and colours, it should be pretty easy to find something suitable (black marble grid would look cool in a games room, just sayin’).

Laying these couldn’t be easier. First off, you don’t need underlay… And fitting them is a breeze. No resins, grout or glues required, just peel the back off and (carefully) stick them down. A Stanley knife, a straight edge and a sharpie will be all you need to fit them.

They’d also look pretty sweet in outdoor man caves. Vinyl is pretty weatherproof, so no need to varnish or treat them to make them resist the elements.

2. Grandismo Grey Oak – Vinyl Flooring Plank Wood Effect Cushion

If your man cave is full of clean lines and pretty tidy (tell us your secret), these could be a great choice.

While grey can make a room look dark, it is a great counterpoint if the rest of your man cave is bright and airy (after all, you don’t want it looking like a surgery).

This comes in rolls, so you’ll need to do a neat job. It isn’t quite as easy as vinyl tiles, but it isn’t far off. While no underlay is required, you will want to make sure that your floor underneath is completely smooth as it will show bumps.

3. Candy Stripe Cushion Vinyl Flooring

Ted Baker, eat your heart out! We love this. It’s a great mix of modern and vintage all on one handy roll.

Ok, it isn’t particularly ‘calming’, but if your man cave is vibrant, young and modern, then it is a great choice. Be careful which way you line it up… In thin rooms, you want horizontal stripes to give an increased feeling of space.

If you have a particular feature, like, say, a poker table or bar, the lines work well to draw the eye into the room and highlight certain features.

This would be great in any area prone to spillages. The pattern hides stains pretty well.

The only downside is that you’ll have to make sure everything is square to the floor; otherwise, it will be pretty obvious.

4. 50 VINYL FLOOR TILES: Dark Wood

This is one for the gentlemen out there. Ok, it’s vinyl, but you’d never know. These are a great alternative to more expensive wood flooring.

You’ll need to make sure that your floor is entirely smooth, and we’d recommend a spray of glue on the back of each to ensure that they don’t slip.

If you’ve got an old school man cave with lots of wood and leather, these would be a great way to give it an overall ‘study’ vibe.

5. EasyFloor© Self Adhesive PVC Floor Planks

These might be our favourite.

The self-adhesive floor planks will go over almost any floor surface. You can lay them on top of lino tiles or straight onto a concrete floor. You get a real look of a hardwood floor with about 10% of the messing about and effort.

This is really classy. The hardest part might be trying to decide whether you want to show the floor off or accessorise it with a nice looking rug.



Looking at our man cave flooring ideas, there is plenty of choices out there. You can even get some of the benefits of one kind of floor, with all of the convenience and ease of another. Think about what your man cave is used for, and think about practical considerations first, and once you’ve made a choice on the type of floor, you can start focussing on style. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.



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