Man Cave Clocks

We live in a day and age where much of our lives and what we do is influenced by time. Therefore, regardless of where you are in your home, you need to have access to a clock or some other timepiece. Sure, you have your smartphone and other devices, but when it comes to your man cave, you may not want to be looking at your phone or tablet.

You probably go to your man cave to escape from the world for a little while. In that case, you need a wall clock. Besides, it can have the dual purpose of completing the overall look and feel of the room and, at least with the more intricately designed and special timepieces, can add an interesting focal point.

The great thing is that although there are some clocks designed for man caves, most are just designed for general rooms around the house and can, therefore, be used anywhere. You may be a little bowled over by the choice out there. That is why when we put this guide to man cave clocks together, we decided to split up the different models into different categories, including:

  • Alcohol-Related
  • Superhero
  • Neon Clocks
  • Retro

So whatever décor and furnishings your man cave has, there are bound to be a wall clock that meets your unique taste.


For the first section, we want to highlight some great clocks for your man cave that have an alcohol-related theme. Although most of these iconic designs would look great regardless of how your man cave was kitted out and decorated, they would match up nicely with the bar area, if you have one.

1. Guinness Retro Metal Wall Clock


Simple, but striking is what we would say the first alcohol-related clock for man cave we have to discuss, thanks to its Guinness branding. Resembling a bottle top, it features all the crucial elements of the brewery’s logo, with the harp between the date it was established, the Arthur Guinness signature and the bold white type Guinness Draught letter in the middle.

With a diameter of 40cm, we feel this is big enough and love more than anything the detailing around the edging that completes the bottle top look. It has just hours and minutes hands, so it’s not accurate to the second. But with its good looks, we’re assuming you’d pick this one for aesthetics more than its timekeeping abilities.

2. Authentic Vintage Large Jack Daniels Wall Clock


Are you more of a whiskey fan? If you like good American bourbon whiskey, you will appreciate this cool man cave wall clock, that is again made to resemble a bottle top, and emblazoned with authentic Jack Daniels branding. In addition to the memorable brand name, it also features the Old No.7 Brand and Tennessee Whiskey logos you’ll find on the bottle labels. With the same sizing as the previous, it’s not too big, but not too small and the edging crimped at regular intervals to give it that retro bottle cap look, this would be perfect in any man cave décor.

3. BottleClocks Bombay Sapphire Gin Clock


Moving onto the stronger end of the drink’s cabinet for the next of our man cave clock ideas we have this quirky, but well-executed Bombay Sapphire Dry London Gin option. BottleClocks have gone a step further than just featuring the instantly recognisable branding of the drink but designed the entire clock to resemble a bottle in the light blue that is associated with the gin. Not only that, but even more impressively it has been made from a recycled bottle of Bombay Sapphire and the original label.

We think this would suit the bar area of any man cave or specifically a fan of this tipple who was looking for a bit of colour to add to their special hideaway.

4. BottleClocks Bud Clock


Would a list of alcohol-themed ideas for man cave wall clocks really be complete without Budweiser? We don’t think so, and fortunately, the clever folk at BottleClocks have taken old Budweiser bottles and recycled them to transform them into epic wall clocks that ooze cool.

It has everything that a genuine Bud bottle does because it is one. That dark amber-orange colouring, the red and white label with black lettering and every other little detail. Just as with the Sapphire Blue model above, we love that these have a sustainable edge to them. So, if you want to help the environment while giving your man cave some American Charm.


The next category of man cave wall clocks we wanted to showcase was superheroes. There seems to be no escape from caped crusaders, meta-humans, mutants and aliens who save the day from supervillains. Many of the biggest movies and TV shows have been centred around superheroes. Who is your favourite? We really like Batman. We can guarantee you, though, there is probably a wall clock for the superhero you love, regardless who it is

1. Vintage Vinyl Batman Theme Clock


The detail on this first man cave wall clock with a superhero spin is impeccable. Made from a recycled 12-inch vinyl record, it depicts the Gotham skyline with Wayne Tower in view and the Dark Knight stood on top of a building to the left and the Bat-Signal shining in the night sky at the right.

An incredible bat symbol has also been cut into the vinyl towards the bottom. Whether it’s Batman you particularly like or DC superheroes or costumed crimefighters, in general, are your thing, then this will give your man cave that extra touch of cool you didn’t realise it was missing.

2. DC Comics Batman Wall Clock


Perhaps it is Batman that you love more than any other lycra-clad hero, but you want a close-up with more detail image of the Dark Knight. If that is the case, then check out this awesome DC Comics wall clock featuring Batman standing strong and mighty on what looks like the edge of a tall building in Gotham City. His cape is blowing in the wind and his muscles are well-defined.

It really looks like it has just been taken off the pages of one of his famous comic strip adventures. The clock face is framed with a blue border and the clock hands and hour markers themselves are Batman-inspired utilising the iconic black and yellow colouring associated with Gotham’s finest.

3. Batman Vs Joker 12-inch Vinyl LED Wall Clock


Another 12-inch vinyl record-based wall clock is what we have next featuring again the caped crusader and his most prolific archenemy, the Joker. While the Clown Prince of Crime takes centre stage with the clock face sitting in his head and Bats standing atop of his spiked hair.

This just has a very dramatic feel to it that really highlights the push and pull of the strange relationship they have.

Aside from the precise detailing in the design, the thing we really like and think you will like about this clock is the fact that the background colour can be altered through 7 different choices and there are also 3 different flash speeds. Rather than just being a working timepiece, these added features make it a statement piece and something of a focal point for your man cave.

4. Avengers Black Vinyl Wall Clock


Rounding out our superheroes wall clock section we have Marvel’s finest, who were recently the focal point of the Marvel Cinematic Universe blockbuster series of films, The Avengers. This is another 12-inch vinyl record recycled into a wall clock and depicts Earth’s Mightiest Heroes standing side-by-side ready for battle.

From left to right, we have the silhouettes of Hawkeye, Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk and Black Widow and the team’s logo carved out of the record below the clock face. Although we’ve focused mainly on DC’s most popular superhero (and perhaps the most popular across the different comics and brands), we felt we needed to represent the Marvel crowd too. So, if you are more on the side of Marvel, or like them all, this is a great choice for your man cave.

Neon Clocks

If you have a had a look at what’s out there, you will see that many man caves tend to have a neon man cave clock. These are definitely an eye-catching way to make sure you always know the time, even when you are amidst a heavy-duty gaming sesh or a Netflix binge-fest. Therefore, they deserved their own section.

1. ADV PRO Man Cave Cowboys Personalised Your Name Pub Neon LED Wall Clock


First up we have a neon man cave clock from ADV PRO. You can use your own name or nickname for the message on the clock as a way of letting all visitors know it is your special dwelling. We also like the humorous element to the rest of the message noted on the clock face where it reads “Bring Your Own Beer. What Happens in the Man Cave, Stays in the Man Cave”.

It is not the biggest but does shine brightly, with a diameter of 25cm. Obviously, the neon element is also important. There are several great colours to choose from and each clock is made to an extremely high standard using the best Line, Surface and 3D engraving tech.

2. SOVIYAS LED Open Sign with Free Business Hours Sign, Numbers Stickers Pack and Closed Sign


Okay, so the next neon wall clock is one that is more often used for businesses and official establishments. However, if you are looking to give your man cave a unique and quirky look, the neon Open sign is perfect. It’s not actually a clock, we are aware of that, but in the pack that you receive the neon sign, you also get a Business Hours sign that you can display.

This won’t help tell the time but will inform anyone looking to enter your man cave, whether it’s possible or not.

It’s just another way to give your man cave a bit of personality and to really make it stand out from other man caves and, crucially, the other rooms in your home, so it feels like its own little world. Who hasn’t, after all, wished they could make it clear whether your room was open for business or not? We certainly have!

3. SuperDuperDecor Gamer Play&Win Neon Wall Clock


Do you use your man cave for gaming? You may well appreciate this 23cm diameter neon wall clock with a gaming theme. It features a hand grasping a games controller with various controller buttons around it at the centre of the clock face. Below this image are the words “Gamer Play&Win” and it is very colourful.

All the numbers are present and correct with the 12, 3, 6, 9 all slightly bigger than the others and there are three hands to help keep accurate time. Bright and colourful, it is a fun accessory, but might not suit man caves that are ultra-serious in décor and atmosphere.

4. MKD Neon Rim Wall Clock


Perhaps cars and all things related to them are your big passion in life. If so, the MKD Neon Rim Wall Clock is just what you need to symbolise your love and devotion to automobiles in your man cave.

It is illuminated with blue neon LED lights and resembles the shape of a tyre and rim. Even though only the 6 and 12 are visible, the minutes and seconds are marked out to help make it easy to keep the time. Overall, this wall clock has a very awesome, exposed and mechanical look and feel to it.


Is the overarching theme of your man cave, its décor and furnishings all things vintage and retro? Then, the following wall clocks will be of great interest to you. We have tried to pick out those that give that distinct air of sophistication and feel like they’ve been taken out of history books.

1. Outpicker 16-inch Large Wall Clock with Arabic and Roman Numerals


The first retro man cave wall clock we’ve picked out for our guide is a real stunner of a timepiece. Made from top-quality wood and features gold-brushed imitation iron Arabic and Roman numerals minutes and hours hands and the special quartz movement pieces.

Why do we say the quartz movement utilised by this clock is special? It’s because it has been designed to keep time accurately without making that irritating ticking noise. Perfect for big movie nights and Netflix show binge-fests.

It really feels like this clock could have been in an old factory or on a street corner in some forgotten part of the past.

2. Foxtop Silent Non-Ticking Retro Wall Clock


Next in our guide, we have this simple, subtle, but nonetheless attractive, vintage classic. Who hasn’t been to someone’s house or a café and seen a clock just like this one from Foxtop on the wall? With a 23-cm diameter and a bright red colour, it does exactly what you’d expect it to.

It’s an especially perfect choice if you are looking for a wall clock that is not going to draw attention towards it and away from the elements you want to take centre stage. It will keep the time well and looks good doing it, but is not intricate, complex or too outlandish.

3. Designo 60cm Antique Metal Wall Clock


The last retro man cave wall clock is the last man cave wall clock we want to highlight in this guide and is from a company named Designo. This resembles one of those clocks you are likely to see in a huge town centre and has traditional Roman numerals, a clear background and a minute and hours hand.

With a 24-inch diameter, it is reasonably sized and easy enough to read from any angle or any point in a room and has been made to an extremely high standard. There is just much to love about this clock and little to dislike.


You don’t need to be searching for your phone or tablet every time you are chilling out in your man cave and want to check the time if you invest in one of the wall clocks above. We hope our handy categories help you to find the right one for you, no matter whether you are looking to decorate the walls in your gamer’s paradise, add an authentic upmarket bar or traditional pub feel to the drinks area or something a little different.


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