Man Cave Chairs

Every good man cave needs some great seating solutions. Obviously, you could just simply get some two or even three-seater sofas. But, you probably want to make sure your man cave is every bit as unique as you are. To achieve that you need to think a little outside of the box.

We have already covered the subject of man cave barstools, so if you are looking for seating solutions like that or for your bar area, check out that post. However, if you are looking for the main seating options or don’t like the idea of having stools, stick with us.

Rather than spend hours searching through pages and pages of listings looking for those awesome and cool, quirky and even a little sexy, but ultimately comfortable seats, we have put together a guide to the best of the bunch.

1. COSTWAY Folding 360-Degree, 4-Position, Swivel Chair


First on our list, we have this awesome Folding chair from COSTWAY. Made from top-quality steel and covered in soft and luxurious padding, this has been made with comfort and practicality fully in mind. It can be set to 4 different angles, so that it is always set to the very best position, no matter what you are doing.

As well having an adjustable seating angle, it can also swivel through a full 360-degrees, meaning no matter where it is placed in your man cave, the user can always be involved in the conversations, games or watching something on the big screen.

Maintaining and storing it when it is not in use is also incredibly easy. Thanks to the inclusion of an easy-to-remove base cover made from breathable fabric, keeping it clean and smelling fresh so that your man cave doesn’t stink is no huge task.

When it comes to storing this man cave chair away when you don’t need it, it can be folded up and put somewhere out of the way without taking up too much space. All in all, there is nothing we can really say that this chair lacks, it’s a reliably comfortable and durable seat that’s perfect for your man cave.


2. Yaheetech Single Padded PU Leather Recliner Armchair with Adjustable Leg Rest


While the model above resembled something a bit more contemporary, the next man cave chair we want to highlight is the more traditional recliner armchair from Yaheetech. It may look like a lot of work is involved putting it together, but trust us, it’s as easy as pie as it only comes in 2 individual parts – the base part and backrest. These take minutes to put together, meaning from the moment it arrives you can be sat on it and enjoying the R and R it provides in no time at all.

The chair frame is constructed from a tough and durable composite wood, that has been covered in easy-to-clean (it can be wiped down) PVC and PU leather that is also water-resistant. With a maximum capacity of 120kg or 265-pounds, it can accommodate most guys.

As this is a recliner chair, it can be adjusted to suit your mood and what you intend on doing in it. When you want or even need a more relaxing seating position, you can simply push the backrest gently and then the footrest pops up and can be stopped at any angle up to 90-degrees. You can even have the backrest back and the footrest up so that you can lie back. This is especially great for those times when you have an audiobook or podcast to catch up on.


3. X-Rocker Pro Series II 2.1 Wireless Bluetooth Audio Chair


The first bona fide gaming chair in our list is the Pro Series II 2.1 Wireless Bluetooth audio option from the hugely successful manufacturer, X-Rocker. Smart and sexy, it consists of a strong steel frame and is covered with durable imitation leather that is easy to clean and extremely comfortable. With an ergonomic design, the armrests provide enhanced comfort that works in conjunction with the swivel and tilt functionality the chair offers to take your gaming experience to the next level.

It has been designed to hook up to either your home theatre, DVD/CD/MP3 Player or Games console-setup, depending on which appliances and devices you use in your man cave. With a headphone jack and wireless connection, the sounds coming from your device can be patched through to the speakers located close to the headrest and the subwoofer to provide those bass-heavy tones that round out the full sound of whatever you are playing or watching.

Suitable for children, teens and adults, this is perfect for whoever is spending time in your man cave with you or those hallowed times when you get a bit of peace and quiet to yourself.

Although it may look complicated, there is only a little assembly involved in putting this baby together.


4. HOMCOM Executive High Back Recliner Armchair with Footstool


Next from the furniture manufacturer called HOMCOM, we have this armchair and Ottoman-style set that will give your man cave a sophisticated and executive or managerial look and feel. Made from a toughened metallic frame to make sure the chair is stable and retains its shape, it is upholstered in a stylish polyurethane leather that looks great and is easy to maintain.

Along with the brown reclining armchair, you also get a matching brown ottoman-style footrest. Like many of the great man cave barstools we have already featured on our site, this armchair offers full 36—degree swivel action, meaning no matter whether the chair is placed, you can still stay abreast of the action on the screen. To get it set at just the right angle, as it’s a recliner armchair, you can tilt it through a maximum of 135-degrees. The addition of the ottoman footrest is like the comforting and luxurious icing on an otherwise sweet and tasty cake. The maximum capacity for the armchair is a generous 160kg and 20kg for the ottoman footstool.

Again, the finished armchair looks very impressive, but don’t worry as like most of these models it is very easy to put together with limited experience or the need to source specialist tools. What we especially love about this is the very competitive and affordable price tag.


5. i-eX Elite Black Faux Leather Bean Bag Gaming Chair


i-eX is a notable name in the world of gaming chairs and that’s why we’ve featured them and their intriguing offering next. The Elite Bean Bag gaming chair is every bit as fun as it is effective for providing you with a gaming experience you won’t get with a traditional chair. It’s a great seating solution for anyone who has a more laidback approach to what gaming and entertainment in their man cave should be like.

Designed and built right here in the UK, it has a reclining high back and a bucket-style seat. One thing that sets it apart from conventional bean bag chairs is that the faux leather covering has a panel of high-end foam affixed to it on the back and seating sections to give it more structure and extra comfort. It will look and feel like a race car seat.

As the seating is covered with imitation leather it is extremely easy to maintain and keep clean. You can just use a damp, rung-out cloth to wipe clean any muck and stains and it will look good as new. Different it may be, but at the price, it retails for, it is a cool and fun bargain addition to your man cave seating arrangements.


6. Original Lazy Bag Sitzsack XXL, 400-litres

Another bean bag, you may be thinking, but the Sitzsack from Lazy Bag is a one-off that actually resembles a giant scatter cushion. It does not have as much structure or rigidity as the model above, but that’s part of its charm. Measuring at 180 x 40cm and constructed from skin-friendly and durable cotton, this is a must for any man cave where the emphasis is on the rest and relaxation.

Due to the flexible filler material used in this bean bag, it is extremely versatile and can be put into an array of useful and quirky shapes.

What we found especially ingenious about the design of this bean bag is that the EPS bead filling is contained in a separate internal bag. That means the outer bag can be removed and washed to ensure your bean bag is in fine condition at all times, even if you’ve done a lot of partying or a late-night gaming sesh with lots of messy snacks and drinks. For a similar price to the above, this awesome bean bag is backed by a 30-day guarantee that allows you to try it out and if you are not satisfied with it within that period, you can send it back for a full refund.


7. More4Homes Regal 10-in-1 Faux Leather, Recliner, Rocking, Heated, Massage, Gaming Swivel Armchair


All the best man caves are very versatile and flexible places that are designed to meet the needs of their users. What you like to do in yours will probably be different, even if only slightly, to someone else. Hence, it makes sense to invest in seating that can be adapted and adjusted to meet your changing needs and moods.

We’re not sure any man cave armchair on the market comes close to being quite as versatile as this bad boy from More4Homes. As part of the Premier collection of products offered by the company, this has 10 unique and practical features that make it ideal for just about any man cave setting and use.

It works as a rocker, recliner, massage chair and offers 360-degrees swivel and a heated section for those cold days during winter. With a pillow-filled and quilted backrest, left and right-handed drinks holders and two storage pockets, it really has it all.

Okay so it can’t be connected up to any wireless or have audio patched through it, but it does offer a little something to make it extremely practical for its modest price tag.

Whatever you are planning to do, this is the perfect and luxurious companion you need.


8. Lestarain Vintage Leather Upholstered Armchair


In the words of Monty Python “now for something completely different” with the upholstered dining room-style chair for man cave from Lestarain. To say that these have a very classy, if unique, appeal and charm, would be something of an understatement and a disservice to the time, effort and craftsmanship that the team at Lestarain have put into them.

The frame, including those slender, but firm and durable legs are made from top quality steel, while the seat is upholstered with some of the best vintage leather. These elements combined with the impeccable finish that has been achieved on them makes them a must-have for anyone looking for something a little leftfield of the traditional armchair.

These are definitely more conversational and better for sitting close together or in a circle while you chatter than sitting back and watching or playing something on the big screen. Although more practical than others in our guide, there has not been a compromise made on how comfortable they are.

After all, who really wants to sit and chill in a man cave with a chair that’s uncomfortable and actually painful to sit on? We’ll assume that no-one answered with “me” to that question. They are easy to put together and come with full instructions. If we had to pick out one downside it would be the fact that they are only capable of accommodating a maximum weight of 100kg.


9. ANGEL HOME & LEISURE New Queen Anne Fireside High Back Wingback Leather Chesterfield Armchair


Perhaps you have a more particular and acquired taste. Perhaps the décor and theme of your man cave take its inspiration from a more traditional study. If so, you will want to check out this awesome fireside chair from Angel Home and Leisure. It looks like a classic Chesterfield-style high back wingback armchair and has that deep red colour (referred to as Ox Blood).

If one piece of furniture managed to look classy and sophisticated while providing an extremely luxurious place to rest your bottom, it’s this man cave chair. It also represents great value for money, thanks to the materials used in its construction. A frame made from durable and robust hardwood is coupled with the Polyurethane leather upholstery ensure that this is one seating solution for your man cave that will stand the test of time.

Yes, it is a lot more expensive, there is no way of getting around that fact. However, as we said above, the key here is value. This chair is worth every last penny of its high price ticket. Exquisite, this is a real stand out furniture piece that will undoubtedly become one of the focal points – if you want it to be.


10. 1home Bonded Leather Tub Armchair


Keeping with the more traditional study look and feel, the final product in our guide is this beautiful, high end, but actually very affordable armchair. Made from a frame of high-quality wood and covered in a top-grade PU leather with a nice lacquered finish for a smart and elegant look, this is definitely more subtle than other pieces we’ve featured throughout our list.

That doesn’t mean it’s any less special or wrong for your man cave. We all have individual tastes and preferences, which is why we felt we couldn’t overlook this little thing. We really like that it suggests luxury and the fact that it is designed for everyday use and can be easily cleaned, we believe makes it all the more attractive.

Although it may look a little firm, we’ve read a lot of reviews that suggest it is very comfortable thanks to the padded filler used for the cushioned seating part and backrest. One of the best things about such a small and compact piece of furniture, aside from the fact that it is easy to move around, is that it is easy to put together. Assembly is, quite literally, as simple as screwing on 4 legs. That’s really all there is to it.


Man Cave Chairs – Buying Guide

We know it’s not rocket science and many of you will simply skip by this part of our guide to chairs for man caves, especially if one of the models we featured above catches your eyes. However, for those of you who need some help in addition to a set of reviews, we wanted to make sure you were well-informed about the ins and outs involved in buying chairs suitable for your man cave.

In this buying guide, we will highlight the considerations you need to make that will help you not only choose an appealing piece of furniture but one that will fit in with the but for those of you that won’t we wanted to make sure you were fully informed of all the ins and outs involved in buying chairs suitable for your own little area within your home.


One thing you will notice if you run a search for man cave chairs in Google or look at the available options on Amazon, you will find that there is a wide variety of different styled products out there. Obviously, we don’t know what you are planning for your man cave or what your existing space looks like, which is why we tried not to focus on one type of chair in our list.

That’s why although some are similar in design, many are unique and almost standout pieces that would undoubtedly become focal points for your home.

This is one of those things therefore that comes down to what you like. It is important to have an idea in your mind of what you would like, keeping the existing or future décor in mind.


Size is always something you should think about when choosing any furniture. You need to consider two aspects when bearing in mind size, though. As well as thinking about how many people you are likely to entertain in your man cave, both on special occasions and on normal everyday occasions, you need to factor in the available space you have.

You may find a wingback fireside chair, like the one featured in our list, that you absolutely love, but don’t have the floor space for it. The last thing you want, even if you are fortunate enough to have quite a wide and generously sized man cave, is elaborate armchairs and other seating options that take up too much space and leave that special area of your home just for you feeling cramped.


We live in a world where everything seems to be driven by consumerism and the throwaway culture that it has resulted in. This has meant that because people don’t expect things to last very long, many more products are made and sold that don’t stand up to the test of time. While this suits a lot of people, if you are looking to buy furniture that you consider to be an investment, you want something that is made to a higher standard.

One of the best ways to tell if a product is of a high standard, and this goes for man cave chairs and anything else, is by taking a look at the materials used in its construction. Solid wood furniture is always a better investment than metal or plastic, but you will find that many products feature a combination.

Aluminium and steel are great choices and just about any hardwood.

With regards to the fabrics used in the upholstery of man cave chairs, leather is always going to be top of the pile. Armchairs and other items of furniture that feature a lot of genuine leather, though, will be more expensive than those that use Polyurethane leather or another common type of faux leather.

Having said that, imitation leather is better than no leather at all. As well as looking great, it is also easy to maintain and keep clean.

To Recline or Not

Something that a lot of guys probably think of when they picture man caves, think of those lazy boy-style chairs with the full recliner mode, sitting back playing video games and watching movies. If that is you, then you will want to invest in a chair with some kind of recliner adjustability. We are firmly in the “to recline” camp.

Linking back to earlier in our guide, you need to think about the size and how much more space a recliner chair will take up. Remember, you need to factor in not just the space for the chair when it is fully erect and set normally, but when it is fully reclined. Not forgetting the fact that some include full footrests that pop-up and extend, increasing the length of the chair.


The reason we’ve left the price to last in the factors you need to consider when buying a man cave chair is that contrary to popular belief, we do not feel it is the most important thing. Obviously, you will have a budget in mind, but when you let the price alone direct your buying decisions you could end up with a dud of a product.

Take for example, if you come across a chair that seems to be available for a much lower price than other products out there. On the one hand, you may be thinking about how great it sounds and how affordable it is. Be cautious though, because rather than it being a generous offer from the manufacturer, it could actually be a sign that the chair is lacking something that the more expensive chairs have, that you really need.



So, there you go, that’s our look at man cave chairs. Seating is obviously a very important component of any room in your house. When it comes to your man cave, though, you will want to get everything just right. And because of that we know you will already be spending a lot of time thinking about the various seating options open to you, we have tried to make it as easy as possible for you to pick out a chair or chairs for your man cave.

One thing we neglected to mention in our buying guide is that it’s important to have fun. Remember, your man cave is designed as a place for you to escape and enjoy yourself, and as an extension of that, the planning, preparing, designing, building, decorating and furnishing stages of getting your man cave just the way you want it should be an enjoyable experience!


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