Man Cave Candles

Alright, guys, look. You can look at man cave candles in one of two ways. You could turn around and say candles are for girls… Or you could look at it like a proper caveman and consider it your own personal ‘fire’.

Now, what’s it to be? Good, we are glad you can overcome your own fears, now, let’s get comfortable, bang some Beyonce on and get thinking about how to make your man cave look and smell amazing.

Is it Weird for Guys to Like Candles?

Oh man, I thought we’d got over this?

Let’s just get it out there…

No, it isn’t weird for guys to like candles. What do you think the wild men of Alaska use to light up their log cabins in the middle of nowhere?

Candles provide a soft light that is perfect for a variety of things. Sure, your Mrs might be thinking of bubble baths and crap music. Here’s what we are thinking…

Reclining in our favourite comfy chair after a hard day at work, a glass of something strong in hand, with our favourite tunes on loud.

And it isn’t all about how candles look…

What Does a Man Cave Smell Like?

If yours smells like a gym sock, then you seriously need to rethink your ideas.

Choosing man cave candles is about scent as much as aesthetic looks. Many expensive candles will have a smell to them, and this smell will set the mood in your man cave.

There is nothing perfumy or ‘girly’ about scented candles. You don’t worry about your aftershave smelling girly… Well, just apply the same logic to your man cave. There are certain scents that you will want to go for, that simply oozes masculinity.

Give these scents a whiff and tell us you don’t like them: –

  • Sandalwood
  • Patchouli
  • Myrrh
  • Frankincense
  • Driftwood
  • Cedarwood
  • Tobacco
  • Rosewood
  • Citrus

You’ll find all of the above are present in things such as shaving soaps and aftershaves. If it’s good enough for your neck on a Friday night, they are certainly good enough to make your man cave smell classy.

So strike a match, light your candle,s and feel that masculinity come pouring out along with all of the stresses of the day…

Man Cave Candles | 5 of the Best

1. Ted Baker Residence Pepper and Cedarwood Candle

Right, let’s start strong.

You’ve heard of Ted Baker, right? You know, the alter ego of found Ray Kelvin, described as “intrepid aviator, an all-round sportsman and the consort of princesses and Hollywood beauties”… Yeah, that sounds proper girly… Not.

Pepper and cedarwood are quite strong fragrances. They are far from perfume. Think warmer and woodier with a strong nod to the smells of the outdoors.

There is an undertone of Myrrh cutting through the scent of this candle too… Do you know who used to walk around with loads of Myrrh? The Three Wise men.

This is a candle for grown-ups. Aside from the scent, it has got a designer label. We particularly like the dark purple glass that surrounds the candle. As it burns down, you get a soft port coloured light.

Goes with: – Dark rooms, leathers, woods, and grown-up man caves

Total Gaming/Music Chillout sessions: 10

Masculinity beard rating: 3 days growth


2. Rustybear Kraken Candle | Rock Salt & Driftwood

Blokey pursuits and the smells of the ocean. Salt and driftwood. Light this pale blue candle up, pour yourself a rum (with coconut) and imagine how you’d fare washed up on a faraway beach with only the clothes you are stood up in and Margot Robbie for company…

Alright, the Mrs isn’t happy with that.

How’s about Wilson the football instead?

This candle has a slightly shorter burn time and is a lot lighter in fragrance. Rock salt tends to smell a little fresher than some of the wood-based scents. Some would describe it as floral, with hints of seaweed.

The jar is no-nonsense and basic. As the candle burns down, you’ll get a nice amber light as it gets lower in the jar.

Goes with: – Simple, uncluttered man caves. Ideal for rooms with blues, yellows and browns.

Total Gaming/Music Chillout Sessions: 6

Masculinity Beard Rating: Designer stubble


3. Shearer Candles Amber Noir

What drew our eye here was the look more than the smell.

The mandala style pattern would go well with a man cave that had elements of paisley.

A little splash of gold (real or not) never goes amiss either. It looks a little like something we’d expect to see on a wizards table.

When we opened the lid… Wow! This hits you right between the eyes… In a good way. It has a distinctive scent that smells… How do we describe it?


Fortunately, it isn’t, and with a burn time of 40 hours, it is amazing value!

We found notes of leather in the fragrance, along with a kind of aftershave undertone. It smells really masculine.

Goes with: Classy man caves, if yours features leather furniture or anything ‘old world’, it will be ideal.

Total Gaming/Music Chillout sessions: 8

Masculinity Beard Rating: Full-on-Gandalf


4. La Jolíe Muse Balsam & Cedar Scented Candle

We weren’t too sure about the aesthetics… This was included as we really liked the burn time. It lasts for about 75 hours.

The green colour wasn’t our first choice, but the scents that accompany it make it a little more worthy. We get notes of bergamot, pine trees and notes of musk too. One whiff and we were transported to a forest, axe in hand, ready to slay a bear!

The colour might be a little hard to pair with most colours (unless you’ve got a green leather armchair or writing bureau, then you’re golden.

Goes with: Eclectic man caves

Total gaming/Chillout Sessions: 16!

Masculinity Beard Rating: Leonardo di Caprio in The Revenant


5. Scented Candle for Men Dark Rum & Oak

We get it. You’re a no-nonsense guy.

You want strong smells that aren’t subtle.

We feel you, brother.

Two words. Rum and Oak.

The jar is simple and creates a soft glow through amber coloured glass. This one does exactly what it says on the tin… Literally. Hints of brown sugar molasses mixed with an earthy wood smell will leave no one in any doubt as to when dad’s in his cave. Throw in a few orangy citrus notes and soft herbs like basil, and you’ve got a great man cave candle.

It burns for 45 hours too. Not bad for the price!

The scents are made with essential oils, designed to relieve stress and make you soothed and relaxed. Just what you need after a hard day at work.

Goes with: Pretty much any man cave… Rum and Oak, it’s about as blokey as it gets.

Total gaming Sessions/Chillout Sessions: 30

Masculinity Beard Rating: Full on Chuck Norris



After smelling a few of these man cave candles, we only wish they made a few of them as aftershaves. Smell is the sense most associated with memory and is one of your strongest senses. Don’t neglect it. Man up. Buy a candle or two. Light it and relax. Job done!





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