Man Cave Can Crusher

What could be nicer than relaxing in your man cave with a few cans of beer? Well, how’s about relaxing in a nice tidy man cave with a few cans of beer? Those tins soon add up! Here’s something to solve the problem. Today we’ve assembled a list of some great man cave can crushers, with a grip stronger than your Mrs, when she finds out how much you’ve spent on your man cave!

Godspeed, beer cans!


1. Heavy Duty 16OZ 2 in 1 Can Crusher

We like this. It’s sturdy, no-nonsense…

And the best thing?

It crushes different sizes of cans, so regardless of whether you’re an Indian Pale ale kind of guy (classy) or a Tenants Special brew bloke (not so classy), you’ll be able to crush that can into oblivion. It will even work on plastic bottles (get you, Mr holistic!)

You can use this wall mounted can crusher one-handed too. The solid steel jaws and long handle give decent leverage to reduce your empty cans down to less than an inch in thickness. The handle also features a soft rubberized grip, so you don’t get callouses on your hands (how many cans have you been crushing?

It is great for: Guys who drink different sized cans… and lots of them

It would work well in: Outdoor man caves especially. You’ll need a strong wall.

We liked: That it crushed pretty much everything easily.

We didn’t like: It does take a bit of force to get it to crush effectively


2. Eddingtons Heavy-Duty Can Crusher

This is an alternative to wall-mounted can crushers. Remember at school when you used to stamp on cans to squash them? This is similar… Except you don’t end up tripping up and being called names like ‘spanner’ or ‘div’.

You don’t need to stamp on this one. It uses leverage as you place your foot (and dainty bulk) on one end of the jaws… From there, with the gentlest squeeze, that empty can is history (until you open the next one)…

One great thing about this can crusher is that it can be stowed away when it is not in use. Perfect for keeping under a bar, in a draw or by the side of your wet bar

It is great for: Heavy people

It would work well in: Outdoor bar-style man caves or anywhere where wall space is limited

We liked: The simplicity and ease of use

We didn’t like: After a few pints, we don’t fancy standing one-legged


3. Lhfacc Air Cylinder Can Crusher 

Feeling lazy? Can’t even be bothered to put your weight on a pair of jaws to crush that can.

Relax, this is the answer.

This can crusher uses compressed air to do the job for you. Put the can in, hit the button, job done. The hardest part about using this can crusher is drinking the beer beforehand. Seriously.

This would be great for a permanent bar set up… or if you want to show people how manly you are by operating ‘heavy machinery’…

Is great for: Those who like lots of reward, with little effort

Would work well in: A professional bar set up

We liked: How easy it was, can in, button pushed, simples

We didn’t like: Not one to have around if you get ‘little visitors’ to your man cave. While it does have a safety switch, we all know that kids press buttons ‘just to see’.


4. Ibili 777400 Eco-Friendly Wall Mounted Can Crusher

Want to know what the best thing about this can crusher is?

The price…

AS budget can crushers go, this is one of the best. It isn’t quite as heavy-duty as our first offering, but that said, it will do the job well if you don’t ask too much of it.

Another great feature is that it comes with an integrated bottle opener on the base, so you can open with one hand and crush with the other! Wall-mounted bottle openers are super cool and convenient. In fact, we’ve got a dedicated article to them just here.

It is great for: Budget man caves

It would work well in: Most man caves.

We liked: The integrated bottle opener

We didn’t like: It doesn’t quite fit a pint can in, meaning you have to give it a little squish by hand first.



While it might be considered a luxury, a man cave can crusher is great if you have a lot of company, or don’t… and like Pale Ale (speaking from experience there). By crushing cans, you can keep your man cave looking neater, tidier… and you can easily hide the evidence of what you get up to when you are ‘working’. While you are here, why not check out some of our other articles for some cool man cave ideas?







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