Man Cave Barstools

So, your man cave is starting to take shape. You’ve got a killer set up with an amazing entertainment system and the décor is looking better than you could have hoped. You have got everything sorted for your mates to come around. Well, if they don’t mind sitting on the floor while watching the match or playing FIFA (or whatever your go-to game is!).

In sorting out all bigger, more complicated stuff, you may have overlooked the smaller, but just as important stuff such as where people are going to sit! (Unless, of course, you are on the ball with your planning and this is just the final stages, even if this isn’t your reason for the mad rushed search for bar stools for your man cave, we think you should stick with this excuse!)

You probably already have the main sofa, or some armchairs sorted, so we’re not going to cover that here. What we’re going to do is help you find the best bar stools for your man cave.

The first thing you need to do when looking for a bar stool is asking yourself what kind of style you are going for?

You see, there are a wide variety of different bar stools out there, all better suited in design and style to different man caves.

The styles we are going to cover are:

  • Wooden (Pub Style)
  • Swivel
  • Retro/Vintage
  • Posh

As well as highlighting some of the best products available in each style category, we will look at the kind of things you need to think about when buying man cave bar stools.

Wooden (Pub Style)

Lots of guys tend to go down the route of replicating a lot of the charm from their local pub in their man cave. If that’s your intention, what you need more than anything else is some good old fashioned pub style wooden bar stools, like the ones featured in this section of the guide.

1. Millhouse Wooden Bar Stools

To kick things off, we have this awesome pair of wooden bar stools that look like they’ve just been taken from any local drinking hole you’d find anywhere up and down the country. They are a real combination of robust and durable materials with an effortlessly cool design. Rustic and charming they have a real classic style and feel.

While the frame is made from industrial-standard metal, the seat part is made of tough, but comfortable wood with spaces moulded out for your buttocks. There is a little metal bar that can be used as a footrest, depending on what the user prefers.

As these are from Millhouse Furniture and Interiors, there is no question of the quality control that has gone into the design and production of them. The branding is also a reassurance that these are made

Easy to assemble and although we wouldn’t suggest you sit on them for hours and hours, to give your man cave that real bar-feel, these are the perfect addition. It may seem a little expensive paying so much for just a pair of barstools, but trust us, these are stunning. Be careful though, with these in your man cave, you won’t be able to get rid of your friends and they’ll want to hang out and drink all your beer!


2. eSituro Dark Beech and Metal Barstools


The next pair of cool barstools for your man cave is made by a company called eSituro and have a dark beech coloured MDF seat and a metal frame just as the model above. They have been made highly ergonomic with footrests at two different levels, ideal for short and tall people alike.

They have a very similar inn or public house feel. The flatpack instructions and design plus the inclusion of all the materials and tools you need to put them together means they can be up and ready for use within minutes of taking them out of their box.

The advantage these wood-effect barstools have over the similar models above is that they are a lot taller, so ale to accommodate a wider range of people while providing the same stability and comfort.

They also are a little cheaper, because they are not made from real wood. So, if you are on a tight budget, but want to make your man cave the retreat it really should be, these are an ideal choice.

These would easily be at home in an old-fashioned boozer as much as they would in a trendy student bar, so if that matches your man cave plans, get them!


3. VASAGLE Rustic Brown Barstools


You may not have heard of the brand behind the next set of barstools for your man cave, but that doesn’t mean you should skip past and dismiss this great value set. VASAGLE was established in 2011 and from that point onwards, the company has been designing and creating enjoyable, flexible and, crucially, affordable home furniture. They have used their many years of expertise and skills to put together this set of very square and precise barstools.

Their blackened steel frame, with footrests all the way around and the firm and solid but very comfortable wooden seat with its wooden colouring have a very casual look and appeal. Although smaller than some of the others we’ve featured, measuring 40 x 30 x 65cm, they have a maximum capacity of 120kg (that’s 264-pounds in old money, for you fans of the imperial system!), so more than enough space for even your biggest friends.

Like the other models we have featured so far, this set of bar stools from VASAGLE for your man cave are very easy to setup. There are no complicated instructions or special tools that you need. It only takes about 15 minutes from the point of opening the box to having functional, flexible and practical seating.


4. Festnight Wooden Stools, Set of 2


Finally, for anyone that’s looking to splash out on the seating options in their man cave, we’ve got this high-end set of two barstools from a company called Festnight. Another sturdy industrial-grade metal frame paired with a wooden seat made to an exceptionally high standard, we think this is quite stunning. There are clear signs of the craftsmanship that has gone into its creation.

The metal in question used in the frame is iron, which says a lot about the price tag and its durability. While the wood used for the seat is a nice and solid mango wood that has been hand cut and shaped to perfection with a suitably comfortable and ergonomic top for your bottom to sit on.

As each of these stools is handmade from real pieces of mango wood, it also means that the patterns of the beautiful wood grains will be unique, so even if your friends have invested in these, they will not look the same.

Yes, they are expensive. However, if you want to create a space to call your own that exudes style, sophisticated and just effortless cool – can you put a price on that? We don’t think you can!



Who doesn’t like a good swivel-action in their bar stool or chair? They add fun and flexibility to the more stationary bar stools and are ideal when you have a large crowd of people all talking in smaller groups or want to quickly switch from one screen to another or from the bar to the entertainment centre. Check out our top picks for swivel man cave bar stools below.


1. DICTAC Vintage Adjustable Height Leather Bar Stools, Set of 2


The first of two offerings of swivel-style barstools for your man cave are these from DICTAC, upholstered with an eye-catching and very realistic faux bronze leather and padded out with a generous 5cm of refined sponge. So, if you plan on having guests over for a long time in your man cave, whether you are having a big sesh trying out your best tipples or some kind of party, these are perfect. The chair is also made more relaxing to use thanks to the backrest, which is padded out too.

Probably the biggest draw to this swivel chair aside from the above and the ability for it to spin around a full 360-degrees is the fact it is height-adjustable. This is thanks to the SGS-certified liftable air rod, which offers support for weights up to 200kg/440-pounds with a minimum height of 57 that extends to a maximum height of 80cm.

Considering the adjustability of this pair of chairs and the fact it has been fully certified and given the okay by the SGS, the slightly higher price tag is more than justified. It may not be to everyone’s taste or meet your budget, but if you are looking for a high-quality adjustable barstool with backrest and swivel for your man cave, this is a worthy investment.


2. Unho Rustic Round Leather Swivel Backed Bar Stool


Like the above, this is another set of two adjustable height bar stools that have an imitation leather coating the seat, which itself is padded out with a high-quality sponge. The stools in this set do not have quite as high backrests.

It is built with a metallic stand and contains a similar airlift-style lever that allows you to adjust it from the lowest height setting of 23.62-inches to the highest of 31.50-inches.

Not only is it incredibly easy to use, but it is also very easy to put together and install, even with the airlift technology. You don’t even need to use your tools or invest in any new widgets or fixings, as everything is included in the package when you receive it.

We like this because it has a real industrial and nostalgic feel. It looks a little like the barstools you would get in one of those pubs that have been renovated into a modern bar and has features that highlight both it’s past and present style. Don’t let that put you off if that doesn’t sound like your man cave or the planned ideas you have for your cave as it has such a versatile design that it will look great no matter where you place it.



What was cool in the past is now cool again. Funny how things always seem to turn out that way. If you are a big fan of the vintage and retro look, then you may find the best bar stools for your man cave from this section.

1. Topower Industrial Retro Wooden Height Adjustable Barstool with Swivel


The first of the two offerings we have in the retro and vintage section of our guide to barstools for man caves are from the Topower brand. This is a cool accessory with an industrial-retro flavour that gives it a classic and timeless appeal. One thing’s for sure, barstools like this do not go out of fashion.

We feel that because of its back-to-basics design with everything on display fully gives it a creative and quirky edge that’s not found in other products. The fact that it is made from high quality cast iron makes it all the better and with excellent durability and stability. There is no chance you are going to fall off it accidentally.

As a nice and natural contrast to the industrial and mechanical feel of the stand, the seating part of the stool is made from solid pine. Capable of accommodating a maximum weight of 200kg/440-pounds, which makes it easily one of the most versatile of all barstools across the sections we’ve covered in this post.

There is a very easy to operate the mechanism to use to adjust the height to suit and it is very easy to assemble. You get everything you need in the package when it arrives. This is not rocket science – it’s following the marked out instructions. As simple as that.


2. Requena Vintage Leatherette Adjustable Swivel Barstools Set


The second vintage-style barstools in our guide are these very cool, and quite sexy padded and upholstered with faux leather swivel and height-adjustable stools from Requena. The stitched pattern is what really reminds us of the old chairs from the 60s and 70s and therefore if that’s the kind of period you are aiming to emulate with your man cave. The stitching is remarkable on the seat and because there is a little more to these stools than the more traditional options, you can spend a long time sitting on them, deep in conversation without having to move due to discomfort or fatigue.

What’s more, as they can be height adjusted via the simple, but effective airlift rod mechanism and are fully 360-swivel, it doesn’t matter whether you have them set up at the bar in your man cave or another point, they are always practical and perform their role as a comfortable and versatile seating option for your guests, no matter the situation.

Although the style may not be to everyone’s taste, we felt they were too good and too uniquely kitsch to pass upon. They just seem to elevate the average barstool to something a bit better and swankier.


For those of you who have a little bit more class and consider yourself to be a very distinguished gentleman among your peers, we have just the barstools for your man cave. Although not all of these are particularly expensive, they are the epitome of what we think posh describes.


3. DICTAC Vintage Leather Bar Stools, Set of 2


The first choice we have in the posh selection of barstools for man caves are these sophisticated, imitation leather options from DICTAC. These are made to an exceptionally high standard, as is expected and are similar in some ways to the other DICTAC models we’ve already featured.

Having been fully certified by SGS, you can rest assured that as well as looking like something you’d only find in a pub for the upper crust, they are also safe, robust, durable and very reliable. Designed to accommodate weights of up to 200kg/440-pounds, they are also user-friendly and versatile.

We love the comfortable cushioning and the curvy design of the chair-like seating section and the fact that they can be adjusted for users and bars/tables of different heights from 57cm to 80cm. With a footrest and the backrest in place, there is more than adequate support for your lumbar spine.

Although the priciest of the posh barstools for man caves, we have featured in this guide, the price tag is justified by the quality of workmanship that has gone into them and their overall look and feel. When you are looking for the best of the best of anything, you need to be prepared to spend a little extra.


4. Millhouse Modern Leatherette Adjustable and Swivel Barstools, Set of 2


Another great set of two barstools from Millhouse are the next in the posher options on offer. They feature a lot of exquisite features you would expect to find in furnishings for an upmarket wine bar, student bar or even laidback bistro.

To start with, check out that awesome chrome-finish base that is cool and shiny. Then as you look up to the seat section, you will notice the high-quality PU leather that covers a nice and comfortable sponge cushion.

Millhouse has shown time and time again with their pieces that they are fully dedicated to making sure each item is as awesome as it can be, and that is something that could be said about these barstools. We feel that if you are not getting the posh look and vibe you are going for with your man cave quite right, that the addition of just these contemporary barstools would be enough to make all the difference.

As a bonus, they are also a lot less expensive than the previous pair we looked at – so you are getting all that class and elegance for a remarkably affordable price. No-one will be any wiser, so there’s nothing to worry about.


5. EUCO White Leather Adjustable Swivel Barstools with Chrome Footrest and Base, Set of 2


Another fancy barstool for man caves with a leather and chrome styling is this awesome looking thing from EUCO. Do you like the clean and crisp look of white, have a lot of light coloured and white things or need something to contrast a lot of the darkness in your man cave? These bar stools will do the trick.

The smart shine of the chrome of the base, stalk and footrest shines, while the white-coloured leatherette fabric on the chair just oozes luxury. It just screams “sit on me, sit on me”. That’s what we think anyway.

Like many of the other barstools featured in our guide, these can be height adjusted via the airlift lever and can, therefore, be set to anything from 63 to 83cm. Not only that but it is also built to swivel through a full 360-degrees.

The gas lift mechanism has been fully certified by BIFMA and SGS, so you know these bar stools are going to be reliably robust and durable. The best thing we wanted to highlight this pair of barstools is that they are available for an unbelievable price. So, sometimes, just sometimes, luxury doesn’t mean you need to spend the world.

6. IntimaTe WM Heart Faux Leather Adjustable Swivel Bar Stools, Set of 2


We’ve left what we really think is the best – this pair of two beautiful adjustable swivel chrome and faux leather bar stools. You’ve probably never heard of the brand until now. However, don’t let that put you off buying these. Sometimes you need to put trust in other, smaller brands that aren’t the major retailers and companies. These look a little like doughnuts. Big, fancy and very luxurious doughnuts. If you are creative or into the arts, then these will probably suit you. They remind us of the kind of chairs and seating you might get in an upmarket bar or even a museum or jazz hall.

With a metallic chrome-coated pedestal base and a gas lift height adjusting mechanism, they are great looking and easy to use. From the moment you get these beauties in your home, you don’t need to do much to put them together and certainly don’t require fancy tools or complicated processes. Everything you need is included in the box.

It depends on what you want, but if you want your guests to feel special and want them to see your man cave as better than everyone else’s, then these stools are the way forward. When you consider they have a mid-range price, they are one of the best options in terms of value.

Man Cave Bar Stools – Buying Guide

Whether you have finished looking through the selection above or have just jumped straight to this section, we wanted to provide you with additional help when it comes to choosing the best bar stools. This buying guide will highlight many of the features and other factors you should think about when finding the stools for your special hideout in your home.


Size is something you need to consider when choosing bar stools for your man cave. While none of the models available or those we’ve featured is particularly big, you need to make sure that they are tall enough for your bar area or any countertops or tables that you may be sitting at.

Fortunately, most come with some flexibility and have adjustable height settings.

Backrests and Footrests

Two of the main features you will find most commonly on bar stools are backrests and footrests. We have yet to come across a bar stool that doesn’t have a footrest. Normally in the form of a simple bar built into the structure between two of the legs, these help to increase the comfort and stop shorter people’s legs from feeling like they are dangling…because they are…well, dangling!

Backrests, on the other hand, are not always included in barstools. This is a usual feature if you suffer from back issues or posture problems or just want to be able to sit back without worrying about falling over. Especially after having all those craft beers and tasty gins.

Soft and Cushioned or Solid and Firm

Again, you will find that there are just as many bar stools out there that have cushioning as there are that don’t, so whichever you choose will come down to personal taste and preference. Think about the people who will be visiting your man cave, though. Do you want your mates to have a comfortable time sitting with you? Of course, you do. So, if you know there is someone in your circle of friends who gets uncomfortable easily, you may want to invest in cushioned stools.

If you know that you and your friends are not fussed about that, then the models without any cushioning are probably going to do just nicely.

Frame and Build Quality

This is something you may need to look at some customer reviews about but is still vital to consider. The last thing you want to do is spend out money on some nice bar stools for your man cave, only for them to fall apart after just a few uses. Always look for high-quality materials like cast iron, MDF and if you are that way inclined, solid wood.

As noted further up the page, many come with adjustable height settings, and this is normally controlled by a gas/airlift mechanism. SGS is an international certification body. Look out especially for height adjustable bar stools for man caves that have been certified by the SGS as this is a great sign of quality.

You will find that most stools consist of a metal base and a wooden or wood-like seat.


Who doesn’t factor in their budget when buying anything? However, don’t be tempted to pay out lots for a pair of bar stools thinking that they must be amazing as they are so high priced. While higher price tags are often a sign of quality and craftsmanship, it is not always the case.

So always be wary when looking at especially expensive models. Likewise, always be cautious when considering bar stools that seem to be much lower-priced than other models. It may be that they are just on a special offer, but it also may be that there are other more serious reasons why they have marked it up for such a low price. Such as the quality is not there compared to the other more expensive models.


Having somewhere to sit is important for a great man cave and if you have a bar setup, it’s a good idea to have bar stools. Whether you had some ideas of what you wanted before you looked at this guide or not, we hope we’ve left you with some food for thought.

By keeping in mind the suggestions, we made in the buying guide and maybe even picking out one of the great products we showcased, you’ll have great bar furniture for your man cave


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