Man Cave Art

Unless you are looking to turn your special hideaway into a very smart and subtle area, you will probably be looking to invest in some cool man cave wall art. It doesn’t take an expert in the field to understand that all art is subjective and what you like may not be necessarily what others will like.

That’s the beauty of it all. If you were to type man cave canvas art into Google or Amazon, for instance, plenty of amazing results would be displayed. Maybe too many. To give you a bit of a helping hand, therefore, we thought we would point you in the right direction at least, by looking at some man cave wall art ideas.

While we do hope you end up selecting one or maybe even more of our suggestions, we will be equally pleased if this post serves as a starting point for your search. To help you make sense of it all, we’ve highlighted the type of people each piece of man cave wall art is likely to appeal to.

Man Cave Art

1. For the Car Lover – Vectorbomb MK1 Escort Mexico A4 Framed Print

Mk1 Escort Mexico Quality Framed Print


For all petrolheads, this man cave art is for you. Made in the UK, this Vectorbomb framed A4 print is a high quality features the extremely cool and iconic MK1 Escort Mexico. This vehicle is an important part of automotive history. Originally released in 1968, its design was inspired by rallying, racing, football and that definitive ability that Ford as a car manufacturer had to take something fairly normal and turn it into something truly inspirational. If you grow up in the 70s or just favour things from that era, this will give your man cave that edge it needs.

Although it’s not a faithful rendering or precise piece of artwork, it does showcase the shape and spirit of the Mexico perfectly.

Not only is it made to a very high standard, but it is also made from ethically sourced materials and its production involves a sustainable and responsible supply chain. It makes the whole buying process a lot easier, knowing that at every stage of the design and production process, the environment and the people involved in the print’s creation are considered. Don’t worry if you are not exactly a dab hand as hanging pieces of artwork as this canvas comes ready and very easy to hang.

2. Redecal Choose Your Weapon Video Game Vinyl Decal Mural



Do you consider your man cave to be a gamer’s paradise? Give it an exciting and competitive edge with this cool vinyl wall decal. It has clearly been designed to appeal to gamers across the board, whether you prefer PC, PlayStation or Xbox. Measuring 85 x 35cm, it features the provocative request of Choose Your Weapon, with the images of a mouse, a PlayStation controller and an Xbox controller. The images of these crucial pieces of hardware have become firmly entrenched in our minds. So, although they are not detailed, what you see of the shape, form and even button design is enough to tell you what each is.

Not only is it a very cool piece of artwork, but we are also sure it will be the catalyst for many debates or failing that, gaming sessions on all mentioned systems!

Either way, it will get you and anyone that joins you for some button-bashing maintain the mood for some high-end pixelated fun! It’s even more apt if you have one of those impressive gaming setups in your man cave that caters to all systems, with a high-powered gaming PC, the latest Xbox One X and the PlayStation 4 (unless you are saving a space for the forthcoming PlayStation 5, that is)

3. For the Music Lover – Fokenzary Hand-Painted Pop Art Ape Listening to Music with Headphones On

Fokenzary Hand Painted Oil


Although man caves are often used for several activities, perhaps you use yours to escape from the world and immerse yourself in your favourite music. Whether you’re streaming playlists and the latest downloads or reliving nostalgic moments from your past on that old record player or CD player (like some kind of dinosaur), this hand-painted oil painting on canvas will help set the reflective mood of a proper musically-focused man cave.

It features an expertly crafted image of an ape listening to music with his hand on his chin. The detail is staggering as you can really tell he is allowing himself to get lost in the music. Haven’t we all had moments like that? Most music lovers, regardless of the genre or genres you favour, will have.

This definitely makes us want to stick the headphones and sit back in a comfy chair with some music. We’re quite sure it will have that exact same effect on you if you choose this as art for your man cave. Completed in the pop art-style, you have the choice of the 20 x 24-inch and 24 x 32-inch options and it comes ready to hang in a nice frame.

4. For the Binge Watchers – BigBazza Peaky Blinders Vintage Tin Wall Plaque

BigBazza The Garrison Street Road


Who doesn’t like to live vicariously through someone else’s eyes? We know we certainly do. With so many great boxsets to choose from, to fully escape from the real world for a little while, what are your favourite shows?

Do you like nothing better than fully immersing yourself in the world of clever and dangerous criminal gang leader Tommy Shelby (played by the always magnetic and slightly sinister Cillian Murphy, who is backed by a splendid cast of some of the finest character actors around) and his Peaky Blinders in Birmingham around the late 1910s and early 1920s? Check out this tin plaque that oozes cool featuring the name of the show, the name of the pub from the show The Garrison and the postcode.

Measuring around 8 x 6-inches, it comes with its own self-adhesive pads affixed to the back to make it easy to hang without getting a drill out. We’re sure it will either instil fear in your visitors or at least leave them mightily jealous at having such a cool piece of artwork. You know if you don’t, you might get a visit from the boys. Tommy Shelby doesn’t take too kindly to disrespect, you know!

5. For NYC lovers – Gallery of Innovative Art Manhattan Night Lights Premium Canvas Art Print



Whether you know it as the Capital of the World, the City That Never Sleeps or The Big Apple, New York City is one of those places that seems to be loved in some way by everyone. Even if you have never been, you have likely been captivated by the many great things NYC has to offer. Including from Broadway and Madison Square Garden to its musical heritage and reputation for amazing nightlife and retail therapy.

Why not show good ol’ New York New York some love with this beautiful piece of canvas art depicting the stunning NYC skyline at night. Measuring 40 x 30-inches, this will really make your friends gasp and give your man cave an instant bit of cool. Although it doesn’t show you what it’s like at street level, you do get a sense of the size and just how majestic New York City is.

It could also serve as a reminder of your bucket list of destinations you want to visit before you die if you haven’t been there yet. Can you name all the buildings visible in this part of the city’s skyline? We would tell you where the Empire States Building is, but we are guessing you know that one.

6. For Nature Lovers – Wallfillers Teal Lake District Jetty Modern Panoramic Canvas Wall Art

Wallfillers Teal Lake District


Perhaps your heart lies a little closer to home in England’s beautiful Lake District. We don’t really blame you if you do. It’s a sublime place to visit and spend some time getting away from the rat race. We can’t quite work out if this is magical and serene or desperately unsettling. To us, it feels a little one of those images you get of an open door, where you can’t see what lies beyond the doorway. One thing’s for sure that we are absolutely certain about, this canvas print produced by Wallfillers is stunning and shows an interesting side to one of the most iconic groups of waterways in the UK.

Measuring 120 x 50cm, this is nice and long and will give you something to get lost in on those days when you want to sit back and meditate on the day’s events or just relax. We find it a little hypnotic just looking at it on a computer screen, let alone a full-size one on a wall. As is the case with most in this guide, it comes ready to hang, giving you one less job to do. It can be a nice alternative to some of the more garish and outlandish pieces of man cave art you seem to get these days.

7. For Comic Book Lovers Marvel DC Comic Superheroes Girder Lunch atop Skyscraper Poster



What is better? Seriously, what is better? Are you a Marvel fan or a DC fan? Do you like Superman and Batman or do you like Iron Man and Captain America? Did Deadpool rip off Deathstroke (well, yes, that is a definite yes to that question. Also, it feels a little Deadpool-ish writing in brackets. A little bit meta with some healthy slabs of fourth wall breaking.)

Whatever side you are on the great debate, or whether you like everything equally, there will always be those people in your group of friends who have strong opinions either way.

Here is a print that is bound to cause a lot of debates or end them. You are not mistaken. You do see the likes of Captain America, Iron Man, Wolverine alongside Superman, Flash and Batman. They are all sitting together on a lunchbreak atop a girder high on a skyscraper and they are not arguing over stupid things like “What’s better, DC or Marvel?”

Above all else, we just think it is a really cool concept and fun to see such memorable and popular characters on the same print together. While there have been crossovers between the comic book publishers, they are considered rivals.

8. For Dark Knight and Christopher Nolan Fans – Batman Dark Knight Movie Wall Art

Batman Dark Knight Heath Ledger


To complete our guide to what we consider the best of the best man cave wall art ideas, we have this stunning print featuring one of the best comic book characters from a movie that, at the time, was considered not just one of the best comic book movie adaptions, but one of the best crime thrillers. We’re talking The Dark Knight here.

Although this image does not feature Heath Ledger, his Oscar-winning performance as Bats’ archenemy, The Joker, and his death before the film was released, cast a huge shadow over it. Christian Bale, cutting an intimidating form, even if he also looks a little intimidated himself, is the real star of this shot, however, with Gotham in chaos and lots of police and emergency services at the scene.

After the Tim Burton movies of the 90s, this was the comic book movie adaption that really showed that you could make an exciting and action-packed film about a crazy clown criminal and a rich playboy that dresses up in a black suit with a cape and cowl and it could still be considered a serious piece of cinema.

A definite must for any fans of DC, Batman and The Joker, or action and crime movies in general.


Seen one or two man cave art prints that you like among our list? Was it that cool MK1 Ford Escort Mexico poster or the one with all the superheroes sat on a girder? Whatever you decide on, we know it will help make your man cave the excellent getaway from the rest of the world you’re looking for, as it will be something you’ve chosen that you love!


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