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Thinking about building your own mancave, but wondering how much it will cost? Well, you are in the right place. This article will give you the answers to how much it costs to build a basic man cave. We’ve looked at three different kinds of mancave, thought about what you’d want to put in each and will give you an estimate of the cost. Which are you going to go for?

Adapting an Existing Room to a Gaming Room

Samsung 65″ TU7100 HDR Smart 4K TV : £700

Samsung 65_ TU7100 HDR Smart 4K TV

Lounge Pug® £360

Lounge Pug

Loxley Bonded Leather Recliner £280

Loxley Bonded Leather Recliner

Total cost: £1340

Alright, look, we aren’t going to tell you what to put in your man cave. After all, it is your man cave, and you’ll have your own ideas… Accessorizing is part of the fun

But here is the bare minimum to get started. Gone are the days of you being banished to the spare room like a naughty boy to squint at a tiny monitor with a joypad in hand… You’ll be able to say to the Mrs “Send me to the cave, I enjoy it!”… and you’ll mean it too.


Oh, just because there’ll be a massive 65″ TV mounted on the wall, a big old beanbag to lounge on, or if you want to be all sophisticated, a reclining leather chair, complete with a footrest and super-wide and comfy arms…

The big TV will be the centrepiece, but let’s face it, you don’t always want to be in there on your own. If you are inviting a mate around, you’ve got to have some flexible means to sit down… Beanbags are the obvious choice.

A gaming room where you can relax in utter comfort for less than 1500 quid? That sounds pretty ideal. If you are struggling to sell the idea to the other half, then the second beanbag might be enough to seal the deal…

The occasional movie night, tucked up on a giant beanbag? Sounds pretty sweet, right? As long as you get to choose the movie…

“So what will it be, darling? ‘Predator’ or ‘300′?


The Outdoor Shed ‘Pub’

Total Sheds 10ft (3m) x 8ft (2.4m) Summer House Cabin £1500

Total Sheds 10ft

Heineken Draught Beer Set £300

Heineken Beer Set

Hooseng Bar Table Set with 2 Bar Stools £99

Hooseng AAA W39427298 Set

COSTWAY Wall Mounted Infrared Patio Heater £160

Total cost: £2059

It isn’t cheap, but that said, it is nowhere near as expensive as we thought it would be. But bear in mind this is for the minimum setup, and you will want to add your own personal touches, which will add to the cost.

First, you will need a shed to form the main structure of your ‘pub’. From there, you are going to acquire two vital things as a bare minimum…

First off, beer. Lots of beer. There are cheaper systems out there for sure, but you’ll find that creating a network of beer pumps and keeping them maintained is harder than it looks. That’s why we’ve gone for an easy ‘plug and play’ keg solution. Optics are also an option too and are an easy way to accessorize a back wall.

Second, you will need a bar. You can go all fancy and get something hand-carved, but at the end of the day, once you are about 3 pints in… Who’s going to care?

The best option is something that you can easily clean, aren’t too worried about damaging, and easily installed. We’ve gone for a setup that includes a couple of bar stools into the bargain too!

Oh, and one more thing… You can’t rely on the great British weather… If it is colder than a polar bears toenails, no one will be paying a visit to the ‘man cave arms’ unless it’s warm and comfortable.

Infrared lights are a great option for heating outdoor spaces. They work using radiation, not convection, meaning come wind, rain or shine. You and your mates will be snug as a bug in a rug…


The Sports Themed Room

Sharp 4T-C65BL3KF2AB 65 Inch 4K UHD HDR Android Smart TV £680

Sharp 4T-C65BL3KF2AB 65 Inch 4K UHD HDR Android Smart TV

HOMCOM Modern Sofa Manual Reclining Home Theater £500

HOMCOM Modern Manual Recliner Sofa

Subcold Super65 LED – Table-Top Fridge £200

Subcold Super65 LED - Table-Top Fridge

Selection of Sports Décor £50

Total cost: £1430

Surprisingly, not as cheap as we thought it would be.

Not into gaming? Just want a place where you can kick back, relax and watch the match? Well, for that, you are going to need a few elements.

First off. A completely kick-ass TV. With plenty of connectivity and excellent picture quality. The ability to record and rewind is a big plus. That way, when your mates swear blind that it wasn’t a penalty, you can show them the error of their ways…

Speaking of your mates. Who wants to sit on their own when the game is on? We were going to opt for a few chairs… But that’s going to be expensive. Instead, a nice reclining sofa should fit the bill quite nicely. Just make sure you ‘bagsey’ the seat with a footrest.

As a final cheery on the top, you don’t want to be missing the action by having to go down to the kitchen to grab a quick beer. For that reason, we think it’s probably prudent if you include a beer fridge. The tabletop versions are low profile, LED-backlit and actually look pretty cool (pun intended) when placed in a corner.



The surprising thing when considering how much it costs to build a man cave is that a decent sports room costs nearly as much as it would to establish a pub at the bottom of your garden! Obviously, it pays to shop around, but hopefully, our article has given you a great idea of the general costs involved. The beauty of a man cave is that it is a blank canvas that you can accessorize as you see fit. As the saying goes, “you can’t put a price on happiness”… Except you can, and for us, it is somewhere in the region of £2000. What do you want to see in your man cave? Let us know in the comments.


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