How Much Space Do You Need for Table Tennis?

So, standing around a pool table is a little too sedate for you? You want more action, movement and a bit of a workout? Table tennis does provide you with a really decent cardio workout and is a relatively simple game to play! However, you are going to need a table and a bit of space. How much space do you need for table tennis? This article is going to give you all the answers

What is the Standard Size of a Table Tennis Board?

Are you ready for this? It is actually pretty official…

Table Tennis England has a detailed list of requirements for the correct dimensions for a table tennis board. Rule 2.1 states that the upper surface of the table shall be 2.74m long and 1.52m wide… To put that in ‘real terms’, that’s just about 9 feet by 5 feet.

They also give details on the height of the table (76cm if you want to get all official about it).

What Size Is A ¾ Table Tennis Table?

A ¾ table is simply ¾ of the above dimensions.

Listen, we know you are here to learn about table tennis tables, not to do maths. So, we’ve done the work for you.

A ¾ table tennis table is 2.05m long and 1.14m wide! Or in terms of feet 6.7 feet by 3.74 feet.


How Much Space Do You Need for Table Tennis?

Ok so, you’ve got a room that is 9 feet long and 5 feet wide. You are good to go, right? Full-sized ping pong table, here we come!

Well, no, not quite.

You are going to need the room to play. And by ‘play’, we mean to have the ability to move freely around the table and be able to take a few steps back at the very least.

The minimum recommended is a clear five feet in addition to each end of the table, plus another three feet on either side.

So, working on the dimensions above: –

  • For a full-sized table, you’ll need a minimum room size of 19 x 11 feet (5.7m x 3.3m)
  • For a ¾ table, you’ll need around 17 feet x 10 feet. (5.1m x 3m)

All of a sudden, you can see that for a decent game of table tennis, even on a ¾ table, you are going to need a pretty sizeable room!

Or do you?

There is always the option of an outdoor table tennis table… But considering that you were looking for a table tennis table for a man cave, this probably isn’t what you had in mind…

Seriously, playing table tennis takes up far more room than you would think…

Want to see what we mean? Check this out


What Is the Difference Between Table Tennis and Ping Pong?

Table tennis and ping pong are exactly the same game. You might read sources with obscure ideas about the ball bouncing on either side of the net…

Not so.

The game was originally called ping pong and was manufactured and trademarked as such as early as 1901 by a company called J. Jaques & Son. Other manufacturers copied the idea, but due to the trademark, they had to change the game’s name to something else… Table Tennis seemed the logical choice.

As the game became a professionally recognized sport, ‘table tennis’ was adopted as its official title, with ping pong being seen as a more colloquial term.

Is Table Tennis a Good Choice for a Man Cave?

This depends on a few things.

Room Size

Some guys have the luxury of a huge man cave with a sports theme. Attic rooms tend to be quite roomy, and there might be enough space for a ping pong table.

While a smaller table (like ¾ size) might seem like a good compromise, you’ll notice that you don’t actually save that much room when you are looking in terms of playing area.

According to the Local Authority Building Control, the average size for second bedrooms and offices is just a fraction under 3 metres square.  If you look at the above dimensions for the minimum table tennis playing area, this falls well short!

Overall Theme

Ok, so you’ve got the space.

But will the tennis table fit with your chosen aesthetic?

If you are going for a sports theme and your man cave is all about fun, it might be a great choice…

If your room is all about chilling out, then you might find that it just gets in the way

Your Choice of Company

Be honest with yourself. Are your mates going to want to come round and get a real sweat on after a couple of beers?

If you’ve got the room, then there are other fun options that don’t require a minor cardio workout. Like a nice pool table…

What to Do If I Don’t Have space?

There are a few options available to you.

The first is to change your ideas slightly. If it’s just a little fun and competition you are looking for, then you’ll be able to get the same effect (with a similar game) with a decent arcade system. After all, ‘pong’ is a classic and based on table tennis!

If you have a decent table in your man cave and you really like the idea of table tennis, you could always invest in a portable net and some paddles. This will give you flexibility and can be set up anywhere (plus it is much easier to carry up the stairs).

PRO SPIN Portable Table Tennis Set

Final Thoughts…

How much space do you need for table tennis? Actually, quite a lot! Like other sporting tables (like a pool table), You’ll need to think of the area around the table and not just the table itself. If you’ve got a huge space and are looking for something fun, it could be a great choice. Just be sure to give yourself enough room to play, and bear in mind that even smaller sized tables need a pretty large area.



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