How can I decorate my man cave on the cheap?

If you are like me, your man cave is the best room in the house. It’s a place where you can go to get away from everyone else and just be yourself. You might not have a lot of money to spend on decorating your man cave though, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun!

In this post, we discuss how to decorate our man cave cheaply so that it looks good and feels comfortable. We’ll show you how easy it is to do this with inexpensive or free items and even what you can do using items from home that might be otherwise abandoned. Remember – anything goes as long as it’s not too expensive!


  • You can use inexpensive or free items to decorate your man cave. For example, you could cut a hole in the wall and put shelves up so that they cover it. When someone walks into your man cave, all they will see is an awesome bookshelf full of stuff!
  • Make your own furniture out of scrap wood from around the house. If there are some pieces left over after building something else for schools like a desk or chair, use those scraps to build new things for the man cave! Remember – anything goes as long as it’s not too expensive!
  • You can also use things that you already have in the house to make a man cave. For example, if there are some old suitcases laying around unused, turn them into shelves for your books!
  • To make a couch, you can take the cushions off of your living room sofa and lay them on the floor to create an instant bed.
  • Hang up sheets or blankets around the man cave for some privacy and decoration. If there are any old curtains in storage that don’t fit anywhere else anymore, use those as well!
  • Build shelves out of wood scrap pieces from other projects – this will give it a more homey feel than buying new shelving units from Ikea which cost quite a lot each time. Build furniture such as tables, chairs, desks using scraps like plywood or cardboard boxes from all around the house (or even things lying about). Use items that may be lying around unused to
  • Don’t buy an expensive home theater system – you can get a decent one for less than $100 in most stores or online. You don’t need to spend too much money on the couch either, just find something that works and has enough room for people to sit comfortably. Be creative with your decorating ideas so it’s not all about what you can afford but also how creatively you use things around the house!

Where to not cut costs when building a man cave.

Keep in mind that there are some essentials that no matter how poor you may be, you still should not attempt to cheap-out on.

Electricity – This is a serious one.

When it comes to decorating your man cave, don’t skimp on the electrical installation work.

Get a professionally accredited electrician to connect your man cave to the electricity supply.

Final Thoughts

The best way to decorate your man cave on a budget is by using items you already have in the house. Maybe you’ve got some old furniture that needs reupholstering, or maybe there are pieces of art around your home waiting for a frame and mat board. If not, consider buying second-hand items from thrift stores or antique shops for an affordable but authentic look. What other tips do you have? Let us know!

Now I hope this has helped make your home more comfortable and fun by giving you ideas on how to decorate cheaply.

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