Fallout 4 Man Cave Ideas

Alright, it’s World War III downstairs, and you’ve decided to retreat to your man cave. Pipboy at the ready? Batteries charged? Pint of ‘Nuka cola’ on standby? Ready to take shelter? All good! Here are some of our best fallout 4 man cave ideas to get your bunker battle-ready.

1. Fallout Chess

USAopoly USOCH110470 Fallout Chess

Alright, so while we wait 10,000 years for the earth to become slightly less radioactive, why not settle down for a nice game of chess?

This isn’t any boring old chess set. For those of you who are fans of the fallout franchise, you’ll find plenty of characters that you recognise, lovingly cast in vinyl. The distressed tin only adds to the authenticity and looks like something you’d find lying around in Diamond City Market.

You never know… In a few years, it might be a collectable?

2. Cable Guy – Fallout “Vault Boy 76”

Cable Guy - Fallout _Vault Boy 76_

Your mates won’t be in any doubt about what this room’s theme is if you’ve got one of these. This little vault boy can be used to hold a controller or mobile phone.

It also includes a micro USB charging cable and is officially licenced merchandise.

If you aren’t into fallout (why not), you’ll find similar offerings for a range of marvel superheroes and computer game characters.

3. Modiphius – Fallout: Wasteland Warfare: Two Player Starter Set 

Modiphius - Fallout Wasteland Warfare

Listen, this is a safe space, and we get it.

Sometimes you and your mates just want to have a beer and completely geek out. If you are forever getting told off for ‘playing on the computer’, then maybe it’s time to go back to the old school with a good old fashioned board game.

With each game lasting for anything up to 4 hours, there should be enough to keep you occupied… Now, where did we put that 12-sided dice?

4. Fallout 4 – Nuka Cola Tin Tote

Fallout 4 - Nuka Cola Tin Tote

A nice blend of vintage mixed with a touch of the future. We love the weathered look on this tin. It looks just like something you’d find in the game.

Place it on a bookshelf or use it to store odds and ends such as your cables or joypads. It even comes with a lock, so if you want to keep something secret from the Mrs, here might be the place to keep it…

5. JUST FUNKY Fall-CC-7284-Jfc Fallout Black Vault-Tec Logo Carnival Cup

JUST FUNKY Fall-CC-7284-Jfc Fallout Black Vault

Nothing too fancy here, but if you’ve bought a load of ‘Nuka Cola’, then you are going to need to drink it. This carnival cup might be considered a little tacky, but hey, do you know what? It’s your man cave, and you can have whatever you like in there.



Giving your man cave the right vibe is actually all about the little things. Attention to detail is important. Our list of fallout 4 man cave ideas should give you a good starting point. A board game here, a poster or tin there, and your man cave will be looking sweet.








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