Cool Man Cave Names

What’s in a name? Probably more than you think… Charles is always posh, we’ve all got a mate called Dave, and we are willing to bet your partner has a snide friend called Fiona… Names can dictate character, and today we will look at some cool man cave names and hopefully give you some ideas as to what to call yours.

How to Choose a Name for Your Man Cave

The good thing about choosing a cool man cave name is that there is almost unlimited scope.

The bad news?

There’s maybe too much choice.

If you are feeling a bit inadequate in the imagination department, don’t worry. Here is some inspiration to get you going…

Incorporate your Own Name into Your Mancave

Part of the joy of a man cave is that it is your own personal space. What could be better than incorporating your name to make it uniquely yours?

Look at it like naming a child, except it is much cheaper and cries a lot less!

Here are some top tips if using your own name in your man cave’s title: –



Alliteration… Are you ready to learn something? Alliteration is making two or more words start with the same sound. It’s often used in brand names and slogans.

A prime example?

  • Coca Cola
  • PayPal
  • Dunkin Donuts

We bet you’ve heard of all of the above… It’s really effective in making a catchy title.

Try pairing your own first name up with a name for a cave… Here are some examples: –

Barry’s Burrow

Chris’s Clubhouse

Harry’s Hideout

Simons Solitude

Andy’s Ark

Lee’s Lair…

See? They all sound pretty catchy, right? Just pick a word that is a synonym of ‘man cave’ that starts with the same sound as your first name.

If you are struggling, here is a list of man cave synonyms running from A-Z…

  • Asylum
  • Bolt hole
  • Castle (no, not cave… that’s boring)
  • Den
  • Funk Hole (really?)
  • Grotto
  • Hangout
  • Igloo
  • Jail
  • Kingdom
  • Lair
  • Mountain
  • Nest
  • Outhouse
  • Pride
  • Quad (go on then, what’s your first name? Thought you’d caught us out there, didn’t you?)
  • Retreat
  • Shelter
  • Temple
  • University
  • Volcano
  • Wood hut
  • X – come on, give us a break!
  • Zen

Some of the above is maybe a bit tenuous, but you get the idea!

If you are unfortunate to have a first name that doesn’t make for an easy pairing, consider using your surname or a nickname instead!



If alliteration doesn’t suit you, then there are alternatives. (And ones that don’t leave us trying to think of another name for a man cave beginning with the letter X!)

We are talking about rhyming. This is great as it gives you plenty of choices. You just need a little imagination to make a cool sounding man cave name.

Want some examples?

Alright, we’ll use the above list… Here goes: –

“Pete’s Retreat”

“Bens Den”… (Or “Bens Zen” if you prefer?)

“Noel’s funk hole” (Not sure)

Dave’s cave (if ‘Dave’ wasn’t boring enough).

Gavin’s cabin…


Pick a Name Based on Mancave Theme

As you might have gathered, it can be a little challenging if you are limited by your name.

Again don’t worry. There is a solution if you are stuck for a choice.

Think about your man cave’s theme and how it could fit in with a name. If you’ve gone for a pub-style man cave, you pretty much have free reign to name it whatever you like. Here are some cool man cave names for a pub (completely off the top of our had): –

“The Nagging Wife Arms”

“The Sit Inn”

“Dad’s Tavern”


That took us all of two seconds to think of (and it probably shows)… Match your man cave name to the style or theme. The options are endless…

Golf themed man cave? “The 19th hole”

Go Generic

There’s a good chance that, aside from your family and few friends, most people aren’t going to see the name of your man cave, so don’t wrack your brains too hard…

A good generic name for your man cave can be just as good too.

More examples?  Jeez, you guys are demanding. Ok, here are some good examples of generic man cave names: –

The fortress

The battle station

Starship _______ (Your name here)

HMS (your surname here)

Planet (Insert your name)

The independent nation of (You guessed it)… With this one, you could even design your own ‘flag.’

Use a Mancave Name Generator?

Still struggling to think of a cool man cave name… Well, this is super easy.

It is one of our favourites, actually.

If you’ve got a bit of a sense of humour and don’t take yourself too seriously, you can come up with some really whacky (and almost totally original) man cave names.

Here’s what we came up with for our man cave name….

“Majestic Castle of Masculinity”


It works like this…

You are going to make three choices based on three different criteria.

What criteria?

Basically, all you need to decide, and you can do it right now, Is the month you were born, the colour of the T-shirt you are wearing, and your favourite colour….

Thought of all those? Good, now match your selection to the table below: –

Cool Man Cave Name Generator


The Month of Your Birth

Colour of Your T-Shirt

Your Favorite Colour

January Harsh Black House of Orange Happiness
February Beautiful White Garden of Green Alcohol
March Loud Grey Castle of Red Hard work
April Quiet Green Vale of Yellow Gaming
May Wonderful Blue Room of Pink Chilling
June Silent Red Fortress of Black Quiet
July Fantastic Yellow Cave of White The Gods
August Secretive Brown Nest of Purple Applause
September Fearless Orange Ship of Blue Masculinity
October Brave Pink Planet of Grey Football
November Deadly Purple Shire of Gold Sport
December Majestic Other Village of Silver Music



Man Cave Names | Things to Avoid

Although it is your man cave and yours alone, there are still a few things that you need to be mindful of and that you’ll want to avoid…


Having a funny name for your man cave is super cool. Having a rude name for your man cave is not. At the end of the day, a man cave is the one room in the house that you want to represent who you are…

Is the best thing you can come up with to represent you a swear word?

No, of course not.

You’ll be impressing no one regardless of how cool your man cave is if it’s adorned with four-letter swear words.


When we came up with ideas for man cave names, we came across quite a few that were really good…

If you had the class and style of a teenager.

We are talking about things like the “F*** Bunker” or “T**ty twister” and other things of similar nature.

If you’ve read our other guides, you’ll know that we are trying to give you loads of top tips to make your man cave a place of enjoyment and relaxation. Why would spend all of that time (and money) making a beautiful space, only to cheapen it with a grotty name….

Go funny, go clever, but don’t go trashy.

Don’t Be Boring

Ok, this is the next man cave naming sin after ‘trashy’.

Don’t be boring… “Dad’s man cave” is ok, and won’t offend anyone, but is that honestly the best you can come up with? Wouldn’t you rather have a “fantastic vale of gaming”?… (Generated using our cool man cave name generator.)



There’s plenty of easy ways to think of cool man cave names. Pick a theme, incorporate your own name, or just go down the lazy (but funny) route of using a name generator. Whichever you decide, remember that a name defines a room, just as much as a person. What did your name come out as on the generator? Let us know in the comments below. We love a good laugh.



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