What is the Best Way to Convince Your Significant Other to Let you Have a Man Cave?


So, you’ve decided you want a man cave? Great, but there’s a small problem… Is it going to go down well at home? If you have to convince someone, then you are expecting resistance. Today we will look at what is the best way to convince your significant other to let you have a man cave.

First Things First…

If you are here, then you might be expecting to encounter some opposition. We aren’t experts in cohabiting… But let us offer you some advice.

The old mantra of ‘its better to seek forgiveness than get permission’ isn’t going to work here… Sure, you might have your man cave, and you’d better enjoy it… As you’ll be spending a lot of time there, to avoid the atmosphere.

If you want a man cave, that’s great, but get your partner on board with the idea so that you can enjoy it guilt-free… Here’s how.

What is the Point of a Man Cave?

This is undoubtedly the first question that you are going to get asked…

As the saying goes…

“Forewarned is forearmed.”

Here’s the point of a man cave. It is a small section of personal space that you can retreat to when you need a little ‘alone time’. It’s that simple. While spending time apart might not be welcome, or you have your own ‘area’ of the house, there are actually numerous benefits for you and for your partner.

Realising (and promoting) these benefits for you both is the key to making a man cave a viable option. Here are some key selling points that you might want to get across early on…

What is the Best Way to Convince Your Significant Other to Let you Have a Man Cave | 8 Top Tips


A Man Cave Adds Value!

Imagine you’re a couple looking around a new home… Yep, there’s the bathroom, the living room, the kitchen… Oh, and what’s this?

I’ll tell you what it is…

A sweet man cave.

Aside from the obvious ‘hook’, that is the ‘wow’ factor. There’s a good chance that you have invested quite a lot of time and money in making a room look nice. That’s one less room to decorate for new buyers! And it shows that your house has space to spare!

A man cave will add value to your house. More money equals more options when you are upgrading.


You can Spend More Time Together!

What, how?

Let me explain.

A man cave isn’t always about pool tables and minibars. If you work from home often, having a ‘quiet’ space means you’ll be more productive.

If you get work done quicker, that means you’ve got more time to spend with your partner. Hard to argue with that.

They Can Use It Too!

Ok, so we know it’s a ‘man’ cave… But let us promise you one thing. If you start being all selfish about it and acting like an actual caveman… you aren’t going to have one.

The solution is compromise. If you are going for an entertainment-room style man cave, make it clear that if they want friends over for a night of prosecco and a ‘sex in the city’ (Jesus), then they’ll be more than welcome to use it.

Date Night

Now, this depends on how you’ve got your cave set up… But regardless of if you’ve made it akin to a movie theatre, or a bit of a bar, there’s the scope for you to both enjoy it together. Paint the picture that you can go on a ‘date night’ without having to leave your home! Amazing, right? Right!?!

A Man Cave Keeps the House Pristine

Ever been given a telling off for inadvertently ‘making a mess’?

We feel you and share your pain.

What if that ‘mess’ was kept isolated to one room of the house? And you’d be responsible for cleaning it… Leaving the rest of the house spotless. That sounds like a pretty fair deal to us. You can kick back and relax without worrying about leaving cup marks on the table…

A Free TV…

So you want to watch the match, and they want to watch… Whatever it is that they watch… That’s going to put you at loggerheads.

A man cave is an ideal solution. You can slip away for a couple of hours while they get to watch “Britains got the talent of a celebrity X-factor love island featuring Ant or Dec”… free from your tuts, hisses and bored look that generally ‘ruins the programme for them..’

Man Caves are Great for Parties!

See! We told you that the beer pump would be a great idea! Shift the focus from standing round in the kitchen (boring) to a room with a bit more atmosphere… Stick some decent music on in a room with some cool lighting, and you’ve got a party.

Improve the Space

Ok, you can’t just designate an area of the house and say it’s a man cave… This isn’t how it works and isn’t going to go down well.

Perhaps the best way to promote a man cave to your other half is to actually improve an existing space… Yes, it used to be ‘an office’ complete with never used exercise bike with shirts hanging off it… Oh, and everything else that didn’t fit in another room.

Well, guess what… If you have a man cave, you’ll have a great opportunity to throw out the junk, find a home for all the bits and make it into a valuable and useful space. Here’s a few examples to get your creative juices (and sales pitch) flowing.


You don’t want to be ‘fighting a war’ over a man cave. In this instance, no one is a winner. The path of least resistance is often the best. Knowing what is the best way to convince your significant other to let you have a man cave and getting them on board with it is half the battle won… The only thing you’ll need to think about now is how you are going to make it shine!

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