Can I build a man cave in my garden?

When you’re looking for a place to hang out and relax, there are many options. You could go to the movies or your local pub. But if what you want is something more private and secluded then building a man cave in your garden might be just what you need!

Can I build a man cave in my garden? Let’s find out!

Does my dream shed need planning permission?

The humble garden shed experienced an upsurge in popularity in recent years. Sheds today are like works of art, offering endless ways to embellish the outside of homes.

People love building sheds in their gardens because they don’t require planning permission. If you want to build a shed in your garden, make sure you follow the guidelines. Ensure that you follow these rules to avoid unwanted visits from your local planning inspector.

You do not need planning permission so long as you follow the following rules

You’re welcome to use the shed for domestic purposes only. However, if you’re hosting guests in your backyard then feel free to invite them over and show off your recreation of “The Red Lion”. Just don’t charge them for alcohol as you would then need a license.

Make sure nobody sleeps in the building overnight. Using it as an office, workshop or bar is fine, just make sure it’s not used as a bedroom.

The shed must not take up more than half of your garden. The ground area covered by the shed and any other buildings within the boundary of your property, excluding the original house, does not exceed half of the total area of your land.

Sheds cant go in your front garden. You might be extremely proud of your shed but putting it in the front garden for the whole world to admire is also a no-no. Rules state that you can’t have more than half of your shed visible from the outside when it faces onto a road or walkway.

The maximum height is 4 meters. If you’re planning a multi-story man cave in your backyard, bring your ambitions down a notch or two.

To comply with building codes, the maximum height of your shed is four meters.

Dormers and skylights are off-limits. If you want to build a man cave that’s like something out of a science fiction film (complete with its own solar system), think again! You’re not allowed to put dormer or skylight windows

Note: Measurements are always calculated using external dimensions.

Do you need electricity in your man cave shed?

First, decide whether you want to make your shed electric or not. If you’re planning on building a man cave in your garden with a TV, fridge, and fruit machine, etc. then you need to invest in a mains power supply too.

Final Thoughts

Yes, you can build a man cave in your garden. This is an opportunity to create the space where all of his interests come together and make it feel like home while also creating a place for him to escape from the kids on nice days. You might want to consider adding some windows or skylights so that he gets plenty of natural light when he wants it but still has privacy when needed.

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