Building a garden office: All You need to Know

Do you need more room for your office? Do you want to have a space that is somewhere between home and work? If so, then building a garden office might be the answer. A garden office can allow you to have an attractive place where you can focus on work without too many distractions. The first thing that needs to be done when considering this type of project is figuring out if it will require planning permission or not. This article will provide information about what needs to be considered before starting this project as well as typical costs associated with it.

Do you need planning permission?

The first thing to consider before building a garden office is whether or not it will require planning permission. Planning permission is needed if the structure exceeds 250 square meters and has more than two stories. This usually applies when buildings are being extended, altered, or demolished for redevelopment purposes. If your project does need this type of permit you can start working on your application.

Are you creating a custom building or buying a prebuilt office?

There are a number of factors when considering this question. If you customize it, then the cost will be higher because you’re paying for more labor hours and materials. If you purchase a pre-built office, then the cost would be less because it is already constructed and all that needs to happen with this type of option is moving it into place.

What is your budget?

What you can spend will be a factor in your decision. If the project costs more, then it might not be worth doing if mon

The cost of this type of project would start at £15,000. The price varies depending on the size and what is included in the construction such as a heating system or insulation for soundproofing.

Sound Proofing

This is an important consideration when building a garden office. If you are in close proximity to other buildings, then this might be the most important thing that needs to happen with your project because it will help keep down the noise from outside sources. A good type of insulation for these types of projects is external cladding which can cost £700-£2000. If you are on a lot of Zoom calls like many of us are nowadays then we think having a soundproofed garden office is a necessity.

How popular are garden offices in 2021?

It is difficult to say because they are not as popular in the United States and Canada. In countries like Japan, South Korea, China, Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan this type of project is more common.

In the UK there has been a big rise in garden offices.

Is having a garden office an investment?

There are many benefits to a garden office. It can be attractive, you have the ability to work from home or at your own pace, it leaves more room for family time and other activities if needed, and being in nature is good for us too! If you’re not sure about whether this type of project will return on its investment then one way to help make that decision is by looking at what others have done with their garden offices.

Even if it’s not an investment in the house price, look at it as an investment in yourself. It’s a place where you can get your work done, away from the kids and it will make your home and work life become detached which is definitely a good thing. Sometimes home and work can roll into one.

What is a good size for a garden office?

The size of the office you have will depend on a number of things. If it is just for yourself or your family then the average size would be 12′ by 10′ square feet. For if you are going to start an online business and have employees in your garden then you might need something bigger.

Is a garden office tax-deductible in the UK?

The answer to this question is not clear. It depends on the structure and what it will be used for whether or not tax deductions are applicable in these cases. That is something to research before making any decisions.

How do I find the right builder?

This is a difficult question and there aren’t many articles about it because garden offices are still not as common in the UK. The best way to get an idea of who might be good for your project would be to ask friends, family or colleagues, or local Facebook groups who may have had something built that’s similar.

Are there any other considerations?

When looking at a project like this we recommend that you also consider how much getting rid of grass might cost, parking spaces if needed, noise control, and how much you will have to spend on the garden.

Then start working on your application (if you need planning permission). You’ll still be able to work with an architect or contractor while you’re waiting for a decision from the council as they are likely in communication already.

This is typically what will happen for a project of this size. You will have to provide the council with plans, elevations, and drawings along with your application form which is £170 for England or Wales.

If you are considering doing this type of project then it might be worth taking some measurements so that you can start thinking about what needs to happen when you’re designing or building the office.

Final Thoughts

We hope that this blog post has answered any questions you may have about building a garden office. If you still need guidance, please contact us! You can also check out our other posts on other man cave goodness. Remember, outdoor living is for everyone and your own private oasis doesn’t have to be large in order to make an impact on your work-life balance. Happy home (or garden) working!

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