Best Wall Mounted Bottle Openers

We’ve all been there. You get back from work, take your tie off, and you want to kick back and relax with a cold one… Except, where is the bottle opener? Well, we’ll tell you… It’s bolted to the wall. Today we will look at the best wall-mounted bottle openers. There’s one to suit all styles of man caves, so you never have to use the door frame, your belt, your keys, or your teeth ever again!

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There are all sorts of tricks out there. It’s all about leverage.

Want to see a cool trick that’ll impress your mates?

Check this out (not for the faint-hearted)…

Eye Socket beer bottle opening!

The Best Wall Mounted Bottle Openers | Kit Out Your Man Cave

1. Vintage Wooden Beer Bottle Opener

Alright, we know you’re a guy with distinguished taste (even if you are using it to open a blue WKD). For that reason, we’ve started with something that is just a little bit classy.

The beauty of wall-mounted bottle openers is that you can open a beer with one hand, leaving your other hand free to fend off the Mrs, the kids, or anyone else who has inadvertently strayed into your man cave.

The wood body of this opener is fir (a posh name for pine), which is lightweight and strong. It also has a slight patina, too, with a distressed vintage look.

The jaws of the bottle opener are made from cast iron, meaning that it is extremely hard and will let you pop that lid off, first time.

The neat thing about this (aside from looking cool) is that it has a small basket at the base, so it will catch your bottle tops. It’s also easy to wipe down and clean (because you are definitely going to do that)

We Like: The classy vintage look, simple and understated

We Don’t Like: That you’ve got to get your hand in the basket to collect the bottle caps

Best for: Most styles of man cave. It will literally go anywhere, including outdoors!

2. Chameleon Cast Iron Wall Mountable Beer Bottle Opener

LABABE Gadget Chameleon Cast Iron

We get it. You don’t want fancy. You want a beer. To hell with the bottle cap, any foam, or cleaning up…

If you want a super simple solution or are a little limited space, this could be the answer. This wall-mounted bottle opener is a cast-iron ‘jaw’ with two screws and not much else.

This isn’t going to win you any design awards, but if you are a practical man with simple tastes, it could be the one for you…

Now, where did we put that Bacardi Breezer?

We Like: That it’s small and simple

We Don’t Like: Picking up bottle caps

Best for: Mancaves that are outdoors or with a hardwood floor.

3. Beer Barrel Keg Bottle Opener 

Wooden Wall Mounted Beer Barrel

If you were in any doubt as to what this is for, then you needn’t struggle. This wall-mounted bottle opener is shaped like a beer barrel and has a beer-related logo emblazoned across its front.

It has a bit of a rustic vibe, and thinking about it could be placed pretty much anywhere, inside or out, as a nice feature.

We like the bottle cap ‘bucket’ at the base of the opener. You do get quite a satisfying ‘clunk’ with every bottle opened (there are many clunks from our man cave).

This would be one of the best wall-mounted bottle openers… But we did struggle to get it to stay on the wall, as the fixings at the back are a little ‘lightweight’… that said, we could just have used it too much?

We Like: The themed look, if you have a man cave ‘shed style’ pub, this could be ideal

We Don’t Like: The fixings on the back, they are a bit weak

Best for: a pub themed man cave


4. Vintage Wall Mounted Wooden Bottle Openers with Cap Catcher

Vintage Wall Mounted Wooden Bottle Opener

It’s no secret that some guys want a man cave as a ‘sports’ themed room. Got the framed jersey? Got a widescreen TV? Got the football-themed bottle opener?

Wait, what?

If not, here it is.

The bottle opener is shaped like a football, with a small ‘goal’ underneath, perfect for catching bottle tops when you are toasting your favourite team’s success. There’s also a small football sponge in the net, which should catch the bottle tops and stop them from slipping through… Allegedly.

Overall, this is pretty solid and would look ideal in any sports-themed area. Probably not the classiest if you are going for a more ‘gentlemanly’ room.

We Like: The football style… including a goal, a football, and a net!

We Don’t Like: That the bottle tops can fall out of the net. It kind of defeats the object

Best for: Sports-themed man caves, and nowhere else.


5. Bull Dog Cast Iron Wall Bottle Opener

So, this one is a little bit foreboding, but it looks like just the ticket if you want to frighten the kids away from your beer fridge.

We aren’t going to say it is elegant or pretty. We mean, it’s a bulldog, for Christ’s sake! We can foresee two types of guys having this in the man cave. You’ll either be…

Hard as nails, and people flinch when you raise your arm to scratch your face…


A purveyor of classic architecture in the gothic style and a fan of wrought ironwork in particular.

Whichever you are, this is a bit different. It is really solid, substantial, and will open just about anything. It is missing a receptacle to catch your bottle tops, but if you buy this, there’s a reasonable chance that you’re the kind of person who can make one of your mates do it for you.

We Like: Everything, honestly.

We Don’t Like: Being intimidated and threats of physical violence

Best for: The manliest of man caves


6. Magnetic Bottle Opener Wall Mounted Cap Catcher

Now, this is a solution right here. We really like this.

Small, understated, and completely effective. This uses a bit of science and will also save your back.


Well, this wooden bottle opener contains a magnet that will catch your bottle top. This bottle top then becomes magnified, which will catch the next one in turn…

You could play a game and see how many you can catch (our record is 12… just sayin’). Allegedly this will hold up to 40 caps, but we haven’t put it to the test… Yet.

We like this as it is mess-free. There’s no bucket or box, so it isn’t going to get full of sticky beer residue and dirty bottle tops.

It’s actually pretty classy. The wooden panel that the opener is mounted on is made of walnut (fancy) and can also be engraved and personalized, making it uniquely yours).

We Like: that it is really clever, no mess, no fuss

We Don’t Like: That we didn’t invent it

Best for: Again, a great all-rounder, it will work anywhere (not to be used near pacemakers or people with questionable piercings).


So, we know it isn’t rocket science, but it is little touches like this that make your man cave uniquely yours. There are a few options there, some clever, some classy, and some downright ugly. At the end of the day, what matters is getting your beer open. Anything else is a bonus.







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