Best Man Cave Tables

What do you normally look for when choosing a table? Room for a printer? Something that will fit a tablecloth? One that is easy to clean (shudder). Don’t worry, you can forget all of that! Today, we are looking at the best man cave table ideas. They can form the centrepiece of a room or add to the overall ambience. Want to see what we mean? Read on!

Man Cave Table Ideas

Alright, before we get cracking, let’s explain. The best man cave tables aren’t a one size fits all solution. If you are going for a refined look to your man cave, a flashing Pacman table (although completely cool) might not be quite in keeping with your vibe.

I’m going to show you a few really great ideas and talk through what style of man cave they could ideally suit. Here’s my list: –

Man Cave Games Table

1. Bigzzia Multi Game Table

So you are going for a proper lads play space?

Ask most people what they would get in their man cave on an unlimited budget, and you’d expect most to say ‘a pool table’ without batting an eyelid…

Well, how’s this for a slice of fried gold. This table features 12 games in one, including pool, air hockey, backgammon… Even basketball! Not bad for the money.

Alright, so it isn’t the classiest of tables. Still, considering the price, it would be great to add a little fun, and maybe a healthy element of competition… Especially if there is a bar in your man cave too…

Who it’s for: Essentially big kids. If you are used to your Mrs calling you things like ‘man-child’, it might be an option. After all, if that’s your new name around the house, you might as well own it.

Would go well in: A man cave that doesn’t need to be too serious. If you are used to having a gang of mates around or having the attention span of a wasp, it might just be ideal.

Here’s what’s good: Bearing in mind the cost, you are getting quite a lot of value for money. If you have children, then it could also be ideal. If your wife doesn’t agree with it, you could always challenge her to a game of pool to decide whether it stays (hint: it will be staying)

Don’t get this if: you are trying to sell the idea of a man cave to your wife.


2. vidaXL 10 Player Casino Poker Table

Looking for something entertaining, but just a little more ‘grown up’?

A casino-style table works really well with lots of different rooms. You could go for old school with lots of oak and leather around… alternatively, you might want to consider going down the ultra-modern route with clean lines and backlit pictures…

And let’s face it, learn how to play poker and find a few ‘mates’ to fleece and your man cave poker table will pay for itself!

A man cave provides the ideal venue for a boys poker evening, and this table can seat up to 10. With a green felt top and a rack for holding chips, you can get the evening off to an authentic start…

For an added ‘realistic’ feel, you can sternly demand that your friends cannot place drinks on the table, perhaps get your Mrs to deal while you stand behind in a dark suit looking menacing.

Who it’s for: The more discerning gentleman who wants entertainment without looking trashy. (Or people who can’t play pool)

Would go well in: This table would suit a variety of room setups, from tucked in the corner in a bar-style man cave to a clean-lined minimalistic setup, and pretty much everything in between.

Here’s what’s good: It really looks the part! The padded felt surface is really nice to deal onto, and pick up cards from, too.

Don’t get this if: You have friends of questionable moral value… Or break limbs when someone owes them money.


3. Mydealsaver Solid Teak Root Wood Coffee Table

Let’s get classy.

This man cave coffee table looks great and slightly unusual, so if you want to stand above the crowd, this could be ideal.

Alright, it might look like something that Gandalf might sit and smoke some pipeweed on, but that adds to the charm. It is manufactured from teak, a hardwood, well known to be sturdy and durable… That’s better than the MDF from Ikea.

You’ve got options with where you put this. It’ll even go outside.

Who it’s for: Classy folk who want even their man cave coffee table to be a talking point.

Would go well in: A rustic style room, that said, it might just be the ideal counterpoint to break up the room and make it slightly more homely.

Here’s what’s good: Each table is grown from a real piece of teak, so no two are the same. Copy that, Stephen!

Don’t get this if: It isn’t in keeping with the rest of your man cave. This is a classy table for classy folk.


4. Pure Wooden Unique Coffee Table

On first seeing this beauty, my first thought was that it would work really well with an L shaped seating area.

One, because it’s really low down.

Two, because you can put your feet on it… And it’s your man cave, so that’s allowed.

Feel free to litter the top with a host of magazines showing how well-read you are. Because that’s the kind of person who has this man cave coffee table, scholars and gentlemen.

The timber top has natural shades and a natural patina, so it should be pretty unique too!

Who it’s for: This is a classy table that would work well in most man caves. It’s a pretty decent all-rounder

Would go well in: Rustic? Modern? Bar themed? They all work well with this table!

Here’s what’s good: It’s solid and pretty bulletproof. If you want to put a hot drink down on a table without being given the round of the houses, it’s worth a look.

Don’t get this if: You don’t like stubbing your toes.


5. VASAGLE Floor Standing Cabinet

This man cave side table looks great and offers a decent amount of storage options.

Want somewhere to put a stereo and speakers? Or perhaps somewhere to assemble a fine array of drinks and snacks (along with glasses underneath).

It’s pretty classy, easy to assemble and will go along a wall easily. If you like to crack the console out occasionally, it would be a great place to store it without looking like you are having a gaming session.

Who it’s for: This floor cabinet can be used for all sorts of rooms. It shines for a mini bar area, as there is room for glasses while keeping the ‘good stuff’ out of sight.

Would go well in: A man cave where you want a bar, without it being too obvious. Alternatively, set it up as a media station with your console, players, and sound system.

Here’s what’s good: It is understated and pretty neat looking. The doors prevent your man cave from looking messy. As a man cave side table, the options are endless.

Don’t get this if: You want your Mrs to be jealous of your exquisite taste in furniture.


6. Breakfast Table Counter with Bar Stools

Breakfast? Yeah right.

Let me make a suggestion. You want to create a bar-style man cave but aren’t a joiner… Here’s your answer. It’s affordable, comes with two bar stools and is long enough to comfortable seat three on each side.

Oh, and it has a hardwood top, useful if there are spillages.

Get a couple, end to end, with a row of optics behind, and you are well on your way to making a pub in your own house!

Who it’s for: Guys who like to sit in a line, like at the pub.

Would go well in: I’ll be honest, the seats aren’t super comfortable. And you aren’t going to be using this as a breakfast bar. It would work well in any kind of setup where there is a social activity.

Here’s what’s good: It’s a really solid set and is pretty great value. The wood effect on the hardboard makes it look quite classy too.

Don’t get this if: You are looking for something comfortable.


7. VASAGLE Bar Table

This is similar to the above suggestion, minus the stools.

Remember how I was moaning about it being uncomfortable? Well, choose this instead and then take the money you save to buy some super cool and ergonomic bar stools that go with your theme.

There’s even a bar to rest your feet on while you shoot the breeze.

Who it’s for: People who want a bar-style table but want to choose their own seats

Here’s what’s good: It offers similar qualities to the bar table and stool set but is much cheaper.

Don’t get this if: You are looking for an all-in-one set including stools.


8. IBUYKE Side Table

Listen, you’ve spent all this time making your man cave shine. The last thing you want to do is ruin it with a crummy ‘nest of tables’ from Argos.

Think bigger, think more classy like this.

This table has a rigid iron frame topped with a vintage topped veneer. Whether you want to top it with a nice lamp or just have a neat set of coasters and a couple of crystal whisky glasses, it will be a charming addition.

At 50cm high, it is just right to be within arm’s reach, perfect as a man cave side table

Who it’s for: I’m envisaging sitting on a comfortable sofa, a glass of something strong in one hand, remote in the other while you browse the sports channels.

Here’s what’s good: It’s a pretty solid design, and being round will work well to break up a room full of harsh lines. It’s also really easy to assemble.

Don’t get this if: you don’t like good looking man cave side tables.


9. Cheeky Chicks Recycled Solid Oak Whisky Barrel 

Now, this is a little different. If a real traditional feel is what you are looking for, then this is about authentic as it gets.

A former whisky barrel, converted to a standing table? Sounds sweet to me. It can be used both indoors and outdoors too!

This is handmade and completely original, with no two barrels exactly the same.

It’s 88cm high, which is pretty much standing room only, you could sit on it with a barstool too, but you are a bit limited on knee space.

Who it’s for: If you want a little bit of a bar setup and want something to make it much more authentic, this is the table for you. It won’t work in every style of man cave, but for those whose main theme revolves around good times and drinking, it would be ideal.

Here’s what’s good: Ok, so it’s not an antique, but it is a genuine whisky barrel. 100% guaranteed your friends will want to know where you got it. Feel free to invent a story about stealing it from the docks while smuggling.

Don’t get this if: You don’t like Guinness or want somewhere to put your knees when sitting.



Choosing the best man cave tables revolves solely around the ‘feel’ of the room you are trying to create. A poker table is great… But has no place in a ‘movie’ room. Likewise, a large whisky barrel isn’t the best choice if you are going for a cool and clean look.

Consider the practicalities too! Bar stools and tables for man caves are great when sat having a laugh with friends… Not so much so when you are settling down to a 9-hour Godfather trilogy epic!

Whatever you choose, I hope you enjoy it!

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