Best Man Cave Posters | 9 Coolest Designs for Your Room

So, you’ve got your man cave all setup… But something is missing. Looking for a little ambience? Want to show off your classy side? Keen to display how tasteful you are? Or are you looking for a massive great video game poster next to a picture of Han Solo and Chewbacca… This is a man cave, not an art gallery. To create the right vibe, you will want to adorn your walls with the best man cave posters, and we’ve got some great suggestions. If you are looking for a plaque, we’ve got a dedicated page right here {link TBC}

What Makes a Good Man Cave?

Listen, we aren’t going to tell you what to do, that’s the thing about a man cave… It’s yours. To make it uniquely yours, you will need personal touches that reflect things that make you happy.

Ok, a personalized pool table might be a bit much, but cool posters for a man cave allow you to quickly (and cheaply) decorate your room.

Choosing Posters for a Man Cave

So, there’s plenty of choices out there. But you don’t go to the shops and pick up any old wallpaper when decorating your living room, why should it be any different for your man cave?

When choosing a theme, your posters will take up a fair portion of a wall and dictate how your room feels. Suppose you want to create a chilled feeling. In that case, it probably isn’t going to work if you have it adorned with cannabis leaf posters surrounded by psychedelic fractal images.

Here are some ideas for cool man cave posters themes: –

  • Sports
  • Video Games
  • Movies
  • Legends (think James Dean, Marlon Brando, Sinatra)
  • Music
  • Retro and vintage
  • Locations
  • Posters with Quotes

And here are some that definitely not the best man cave posters: –

Get your posters wrong, and you aren’t going to make a man cave look cool. You are going to make it look trashy. Avoid the following…

  • Nudes
  • Overtly sexual posters
  • Excessive Profanity
  • Anything from Ikea
  • Overused or cliched images (1920’s guys sat on a skyscraper beam in New York?… Please.)
  • Anything that remotely resembles a ‘chick flick’… No Hugh Grant or Patrick Swayze.


How Can I Make a Poster Look Good in My Room?

Ok, this isn’t university… Your man cave and the posters should look at least a little classy. And you aren’t going to achieve that with bits of blu tac or gold drawing pins (shudder). Here are some top tips to keep your cool man cave posters looking cool and not cringe: –

Consider a frame

Frames don’t have to be expensive. A simple piece of Perspex can elevate your posters and make them look much neater. If you have gone for a colour scheme, try and find a frame that either matches or contrasts with your existing theme.

No frame? Try a poster Rail!

Poster rails are easy to hang and position, and the best bit? They are self-aligning, meaning that you won’t spend all afternoon sorting them out when they are skew-whiff.

Less is More

Minimalist could be the way forward. If your man cave is all about clean lines and a basic look, you don’t want it to appear cluttered with too many posters. Pick one that is of a single colour that is contrasting to the main colour theme of the room

Use Bulldog Clips

Bulldog clips offer all the same benefits as poster rails, at a fraction of the price. They are easy to mount and won’t damage your posters like pins or blu tac.

Poster Grouping

Ever seen Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Diptych? It works because of contrast and grouping. While you aren’t going to achieve the same level of fame, you can apply the same principle and group posters to be highly contrasting or complimentary.

Colour Coordinate

Good with colours? Ok, it might sound a little effeminate, but this is a top tip for choosing the best man cave posters.

You are looking for one of two things… Your posters should either contrast or compliment. Be advised that they can’t do both…

Ever heard of a colour wheel?

Here’s how it works…

Choosing Complimentary Posters for a Man Cave

Have a look at a colour wheel

  1. Find the colour most dominant in your man cave and find it on the colour wheel.
  2. Look at the segments on either side of this colour
  3. Choose man cave posters whose general colour is similar to those segments

Picking Contrasting Posters for a Man Cave

  1. Again look at the colour wheel
  2. Find the colour most dominant in your man cave and find it on the colour wheel
  3. Look at the segment directly opposite on the colour wheel
  4. Choose posters whose general colour theme is similar to that segment.


A good way to see if you’ve got good contrast is to take a quick snap of your room in black and white. If the posters really stand out, then you’ve got great contrast!


What Every Man Cave Should Have | Posters

Ok, we promised you suggestions. Regardless of the theme you’ve gone down, there are some great ideas below…

1. The Joker A3 movie poster

A tormented soul who doesn’t care what the world thinks? A bit of ‘Batman’?… And a great movie! If movie themes are your thing, you might want to go for something with a bit of meaning and back story. (No, Dirty Dancing isn’t the best choice.)

Aside from being an iconic Hollywood blockbuster, the colours in the image will work well with lighter rooms if you look for some contrast. Mount it in a clear frame for the ultimate presentation.

2. Trainspotting Quotes

Alright, we aren’t getting any younger.

Wanna feel old?

This film is 25 years old! Did you ‘choose life’?

Show your age and your movie knowledge by choosing a poster of one of the most iconic films of the nineties… See if you can requote the entire thing off the top of your head.

The beauty of this poster is its simplicity. You’ve got geometric shapes and bright colours, perfect if your man cave is looking a bit dark. Hard oranges are perfect for both contrast or to complement the existing colours of your room.

3. Jaws 1975 Vintage

Let’s face it, vintage and retro are super cool in posters. For man cave ideas based around movies, you want classics. And they don’t get much more classic than Jaws. Aside from being an absolute smash, it features a fair bit of blokey bravery.

Sharks? Check! Boats? Check! Blowing a shark to smithereens? Big Check!

We really like the black border. It would work perfectly in a lighter coloured room to break up an open wall.

4. Vintage Aliens 1986 Wall Art

Alien or Aliens? Mixing an amazing movie with a touch of 80’s nostalgia, Aliens features an unlikely hero. All that aside, it’s full of quotes, guns and monsters… It’s not for girls.

This poster has a fairly uniform background, ideal for pairing with other darker posters on a light wall or creating a bit of contrast with some lighter man cave posters.


If you are going down the sporty road, then you might want to consider this. This is more of a wall sticker than a poster (mind your paintwork). This is an interesting design as it certainly isn’t square. It can actually create the impression of a bit more space.

We also like that it is a bit generic and isn’t particular to a team. You can make the implication by hanging a few framed football shirts or other club memorabilia on either side.

6. Little Robin Designs Eat Sleep Football Repeat

Into your footie? Going for a sporting theme?

This is simple and cool. If you are going for clean lines and a minimalist look, as we suggested above, then a poster like this would be ideal. It would work well for both light and dark rooms.

Pick a contrasting frame with clean lines for a great presentation.

7. Erik – Star Wars Poster

A bit young to remember the original Star Wars franchise? Perhaps something more up to date? Or are you making your man cave into something sci-fi based and futuristic? If so, check these out—five different man cave posters, perfect for creating a theme or a collage.

They aren’t uniform in colour, so it would be ideal for generating interest, especially in a room that needs a little brightness.


8. Grand Theft Auto V Poster

What could be better than getting the boys round for a night of gaming? If you are making your mancave a mecca for unwinding with a joypad, then adding a nod in the form of a poster seems a good course of action.

This poster isn’t one particular colour and is pretty vibrant, making it a great choice if your man cave requires a bit of interest or perking up a little.

9. Star Wars Revenge of the Jedi Vintage A3 movie poster

Movie buff? Notice anything?

“Revenge of the Jedi” was what the film would be called until George Lucas had a change of heart. That’s a bit of history in a poster right there.

What we really love about this poster is the almost two-tone design. Strong blacks, strong reds. As a result, it will work perfectly in either a dark or lighter room.


Our overriding advice when choosing the best man cave posters is to pick something that you like. After all, with any luck, you are going to be looking at it a lot. Follow our tips for presentation, stay consistent with your theme, and won’t go far wrong.

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