Best Man Cave Jukebox

Listen. No, I mean it literally. Because you are about to hear (and see) the coolest thing ever when it comes to man caves. I’m talking about jukeboxes. Retro, cool and far better than some tinny Bluetooth speaker, these are a visual and audio feature that will make your man cave sing! I’m going to look at a few options that are well worth checking out.

1. iTek Floorstanding Multi-Functional Bluetooth Jukebox

Look, No one is asking you to put a pound in for three songs… Or let your mates choose them.

This Bluetooth jukebox is great. It gives a subtle nod to the old yet is packed with enough technology to get your groove on.

Like what?

Well, you name it. Want the match on in the background? It’s got an FM radio. Have an old CD of your favourite tunes from ‘back in the day’? It’s got a CD player. Spent hours creating a perfect playlist on Spotify? Wireless Bluetooth connectivity is there at your fingertips.

What more could you want?

Visually it is pretty cool too. It isn’t quite as big as the real thing, but at 82cm high is big enough to look authentic without being too in the way. Some might consider the changeable LED lights as overkill… Some people are boring.

Two 10 watt speakers should give pretty decent sound quality, and if you just can’t be bothered to prise yourself from your man cave chair, then it comes with a remote too!

  • It looks really cool
  • This man cave jukebox is pretty sizeable
  • Multimedia connectivity
  • It’s got a remote
  • It isn’t full size
  • The CD player could be surplus to requirements (CD’s are the new vinyl, don’t you know?)


2. iTek Table Top Jukebox

If you liked all of the above features but are limited in space, you will need to approach things differently.

How’s this for size.

This little jukebox by Itek has many of the same features as the floor standing jukebox. Still, it is much smaller in size, so much so that it will go nicely on a desk or man cave side table {LINK}.

It won’t be quite as loud, as it features a single 12w speaker, but that’s still more than enough to crank out the tunes.

As with my first suggestion, it also features an FM radio, a CD player and Bluetooth connectivity. And it’s got the lights too. Funky or what?

  • All of the great features of the floor standing jukebox
  • Compact size
  • Goes anywhere
  • You aren’t going to get massive bass
  • Again the CD player isn’t really necessary


3. Victrola Nostalgic Wood Countertop Jukebox

Maybe having a desktop full of flashing LED’s isn’t quite your bag? If you want a touch of nostalgia, then this countertop jukebox looks pretty vintage.

With a dark wood finish, chrome speaker grills and neon tubes, you’ll be bopping away and dad dancing in no time.

One feature I really like about this jukebox is the range for the Bluetooth receiver. It will still work from 33ft away, ideal if you want to stop your mates from hijacking your system and sticking on some garbage pop music…

You could always charge them 50p for three tunes and then unplug it to ‘reset’ the jukebox.

  • At 15″, it is pretty substantial for a tabletop in your mancave
  • Not quite as ‘loud’ as the Itek models in terms of lighting and colour
  • Features FM radio
  • The size is nice… But for some, it could be a little too large to fit on the available counter space


4. MonsterShop Retro Floor Standing Jukebox

Look, I know what you are here for…

You want the real deal, right?

Enough messing about with talk of ‘tabletop’ jukeboxes. It’s your man cave, and you will have a full-sized jukebox.

Allow me to help… Check out this utter bad boy.

This is full size and packed with features. A wooden cabinet houses a substantial speaker, complete with nice looking chrome trim and LED tubes.

Pick your device and then play it. It’s got connectivity all over the place. AM/FM radio? Tune me in! It even has a memory card slot, along with USB ports and Bluetooth!

Some ‘modern day’ jukeboxes can look a little ’empty’ inside. One cool feature of this jukebox is that it looks exactly like the real thing (no spinning discs, though, I’m afraid).

If you’ve got a decent-sized man cave, or even if you haven’t, this will be a real standout feature that will add a real air of retro authenticity to any room!

  • I love that this is full size. It really looks the part.
  • All the connectivity you could need for pretty much any device.
  • Sturdy and well made
  • The speakers are OK, but they aren’t great. It might be worth supplementing them with a few extras.


5. Rock-Ola Full-Size Authentic Bubbler 45 RPM Vinyl Jukebox

What would you buy for your man cave if you had an unlimited budget?

How’s about the bona fide, real deal, state of the art, genuine article. This is a serious bit of kit.

What do I mean?

It’s made in the US and plays vinyl… REAL vinyl! You’ll be able to load it with your favourite records. Not copies. Not digitally remastered. REAL Scratchy and crackly vinyl.

Suppose you do buy it, and discover first hand why MP3’s became the dominant technology over records. In that case, you can always switch back to Bluetooth, as it has connectivity.

I seriously can’t say how much I love this… You’ll spend a day organising the flippable and fully working song cards. Punch in your numbers, and watch the internal workings flip your disc and start playing!

I’d describe what it looks like, but you already know… I’m just going to leave this right here…

  • It’s literally the original jukebox.
  • Additional connectivity, while not original, it is a nice modern touch
  • It’s big, heavy and it plays vinyl
  • It’s big, heavy and it plays vinyl
  • It isn’t the cheapest out there…
  • It isn’t portable
  • If vinyl isn’t your thing, you might just have the world’s most expensive Bluetooth speaker.



Full size, miniature or even tabletop. I’ve covered just about every option for the best man cave jukeboxes we could find. Some are cheap, some offer great value for the money, and some are eye wateringly expensive! What to go for? Well,  that depends on your budget and what you want to achieve. Connectivity (even with vintage jukeboxes) isn’t an issue, so the choice is well and truly yours!

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