Best Man Cave Bins

Finding a bin for your man cave is probably low on the list of priorities. Not because you’re messy and lazy, but because it’s just not that interesting, is it?

However, as interesting as it isn’t, picking out the right product from the best man cave bins, is still an important task.

To make things easy for you, we’ve done all the hard work.

1. Weird or Wonderful Vintage Castrol Oil Metal Storage Bin, 32cm

The first of the best man cave bins in our guide we want to discuss is this 32cm high Castrol Oil metal bin. Made from a recycled and upcycled metal storage container, it has been wrapped in robust vinyl and the interior has been fully lined to make it easy to keep clean.

This would be a great option for a car-themed man cave or just a petrolhead in general. We especially like the fact the bin can double as a stool, thanks to the lid having some comfortable padding. With its retro Castrol Oil of Wakefield design, it just screams manly stuff.

2. JVL Union Jack Waste Paper Bin

Next up we have what we think is probably one of the best man cave bins for the patriotic blokes out there. Made from high-quality plastic, this JVL waste paper bin features a gloriously bright and bold Union Jack design.

It’s enough to bring a little tear to your eye, as you gaze upon its majesty and consider all that flag and those colours represent. As it does not have a lid, though, we wouldn’t recommend using it for any food or smelly items, but it does make for a great target for chucking scrunched up balls of paper.

3. Belle Vous Wall Mounted Bottle Opener With Cap Catcher Bin


When is a bin more than just a bin? When it’s a Belle Vous wall mounted bottle opener with cap catcher bin, that’s when. Made from stainless steel, this bottle opener is very stylish and sophisticated with ultra-cool black colouring.

It’s not just its looks that we’re seduced by though, it’s that up-market swanky bar-feel that it gives off. Whether you have a pub-themed man cave or just have a bar section, this will make you feel like a real bartender. With the stainless steel screws and wall plugs necessary to mount it on a wall, this is very easy to set up and start using from the moment you get it.

4. FutureShapers Bookcase Waste Paper Bin with Lid

Another plastic novelty bin with an interesting design is what we have next in the form of this bookcase paper waste bin. Made from good quality ABS plastic, it features an attractive bookcase design with silver metallic trim around the top.

Are you something of a bookworm and very well read? Does your man cave have its own bookcase? Perhaps you want to make a joke about how little reading you do? either way, this is a cool man cave bin for the highbrow men out there (even if they’re only highbrow in their head and still burp, fart and talk too much about football, movies, drinking and women).

5. Gakin Large Capacity Retro Style Route 66 Waste Paper Bin

There are several eye-catching waste paper bins among the best man cave bins available. This, from Gakin, is no exception. It has a moderately large capacity and is stylised with a retro design featuring the words Route 66 in their traditional form on the side.

This is another man cave bin that would suit the man with a love for cars and heading out on the motorway for long drives to who knows…anywhere? Needless to say, if you find the Union Jack waste paper bin a bit twee and the library one too unrealistic, this is a great alternative.

6. JVL Keep Calm and Bin It Black Waste Paper Bin

Another waste paper bin, this time again from JVL, this particular product features the class crown and Keep Calm and… caption, albeit with the very ending to the phrase of “Bin It” This would be a great bin option for either a man cave with a very generic theme or one owned by a man with a laidback attitude to life.

Is that you?

Then this bine is probably going to suit you if you match that description or the person you’re buying one for does.

Made from plastic, this smart bin is made from durable plastic and will stand the test of time.

7. Balvi Plastic Basket-Design Waste Paper Basket Bin

If you’re something of a fan of basketball or just want to add a touch more excitement to your day, like when you’re throwing away scrunched up paper balls into the bin – this might be right for you. From Balvi, rather than being a solid design, this waster paper basket is actually shaped and features a netting that resembles a basketball net.

Get this and just wait for all those impromptu waste paper basketball games. We may be overreaching it a little, but come on, it’s just a white plastic bin, what else can be said about a white plastic bin?

8. YoL Toxic Waste Zombie Design Waste Paper Bin – Set of 2

Like the one above and the others in this guide to the best man cave bins, the last product we have to discuss is again, just a bin, but it has a great design. It features the words Toxic Waste and features a cartoonish picture of a green zombie. We’re not sure how the zombie got that way, what went wrong in his life or if he was born that way, but we don’t want him near us.

The poor fellow would be one of the first things to put in one of these shiny new plastic bins. That’s right, you get two bins for the price of one. Although they’re very small, we think they’re very practical. Plus, in terms of waste paper basketball, it means you can raise the stakes by having one set to a more difficult distance. We’re overthinking again, maybe, but, these are definitely possibilities


Although there’s not a lot that really needs to be said when you’re looking at the best man cave bins, we hope we’ve provided you with some inspiration about what you could buy. We really tried to provide some interesting man cave trash can ideas. Even if the cool man cave trash can you need is not in this guide, it will hopefully be a good starting point.


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