Best Dad Man Cave Signs

Here at Man Cave Planet, we’ve already looked at some generic man cave signs you could use to decorate the entrance to your beloved den. If you’re a proud dad and want to incorporate that into your man cave décor, we’ve put together a list of some of the coolest and best dad man cave signs just for you.

A sign may not be top of the priority list of must-haves for your man cave, but it still is a very important element. It can not only help tie the theme of a room together, but also serve as a friendly welcome, or pointed warning to anyone that dares enter the threshold.

Check out the great dad’s man cave signs we picked out, followed by a brief, but practical buyer’s guide below.

1. GiftsOnline4U Personalised Man Cave Sign

First, in our guide, we thought we would start with a classic “Rules of the Cave”. This great dad man cave sign can be personalised; therefore you can have Dad’s or even your name before the Rules of the Cave bit.

Although the example lists the rules as:

  • My Cave My Rules
  • Do Not Touch Anything
  • No Women (Unless They Are Bringing Food)
  • Any Objections To The Rules, Refer To Rule 1

You can choose your own rules and pick the font of the text too.

Made from plastic acrylic, it is tough and durable, can be used inside or outside and is very easy to keep clean.

2. The Metal Foundry Dad’s Shed Handmade Metal Door Sign

Is your or your dad’s man cave outside? Is it actually a man cave or a glorified shed? This is a perfect man cave sign for that scenario. Even if the man cave is in the house, if you like to have a tinker and DIY, or just keep your garden in good condition, then this is a very apt sign. Handmade from molten brass that is then polished until it gives off the perfect shine. Afterwards, it is given paint and lacquer coating making it ideal for interior or exterior use.

This is like a nice blast from the past as it does not contain any plastic at all – even the fixtures for mounting the sign are made from brass.

3. Little Shop of Wishes Indoor or Outdoor Personalised Dad’s Man Cave Sign

In contrast to the above, the next product we want to feature of the best dad’s man cave signs is made from 3mm acrylic. With a simple plaque design, you have the option of it having a vintage look or chalkboard look. Although the most obvious option would be to have “Dad’s Man Cave” on the sign, it can be customised.

It’s cool whether you are treating the man or dad in your life or yourself so that everyone knows that beyond the entrance, the space is hallowed ground. We think Little Shop of Wishes has done a fine job and this is a worthy investment considering its extremely affordable price.

4. Red Ocean Dad’s Man Cave Sign

Another great man cave sign, this time made by Red Ocean from a high-grade PVC. Printed with the humorous and very telling words “Dad’s Fix It Shop. If Dad Can’t Fix It, We Are All Screwed”, this resembles a classic hanging plaque, with the PVC coloured to look like light-toned wood.

It has already been fitted with waxed cotton that makes it easy to hang just about anywhere. Maybe some people will show more respect for you and your abilities, Dad’s, if you have a sign that points out the obvious, or maybe it will just encourage your other half and kids to drop more broken stuff off at your door and expect miracles!

5. VSafety Beware You Are Now Entering Dad’s Man Cave Sign

With the next dad’s man cave sign, it’s a warning rather than a welcome message. This is good, as stylistically it resembles a yellow danger/warning sign. With the words “Beware You Are Now Entering Dad’s Man Cave. My Cave, My Rules” written on it, there is no excuse for anyone walking into your cave without understanding the rules.

These signs from V Safety are made from either self-adhesive flexible vinyl or toughened plastic, so they are durable and easy to mount without causing damage or permanent marks on walls. There’s not really a lot else that needs to be said, is there?

6. Jones Home and Gift Dad’s Workshop Hanging Sign

In keeping with the same theme as the Dad’s fix it shop, this wall plaque style man cave sign from Jones Home and Gift is made from metal and has “Dad’s Workshop Open Evenings and Weekends” at the top.

We love the humour that runs through the design of this man cave. Among the listed things that dad specialises in there is:

  • Broken Toys
  • Science Projects
  • Homework
  • Grazed Knees
  • And Hurt Feelings!

Rounded off with the funny but sweet “Payment Accepted: Hugs, Smiles and Kisses” Be Careful, though. If you don’t want your little ones and the missus bugging you when you’re watching the game, you might need to change the sign as it says “No job too small. If Dad’s Can’t Fix It. Nobody Can”. It’s true though!

7. Button Hill Cottage Dad’s Man Cave Sign

Another handmade man cave sign designed to hang like an old shop sign. Handmade from 6mm MDF with a professional hand-sanded finish to give it just the right look, this is a simplistic option. It features a hanging twine and a traditional-looking and very masculine typography and font. We especially like the weathered look it has with scratches, dents, and scuffs to give it a very aged aesthetic.

Sometimes you don’t need funny captions or long lists of rules. Sometimes you just need a sign that says “Dad’s Man Cave” on it. That tells everyone exactly what they need to know.

8. Red Ocean Dad’s Office The Department of Messing Around Hanging Dad Cave Sign

Last but not least, the second item in our guide from Red Ocean is this humorous offering featuring the words “Dad’s Office The Department of Messing Around”. With a shabby chic/rustic style, this is made from FSC-Certified plywood and has rustic twine rope already fixed to it, so it’s ready to hang.

Whether you give it to the man or dad in your life is an affectionate joke about their home office space or man cave, this will look great. Sure, dad’s do a lot of messing about, but really, that’s what everyone loves about the at the end of the day.

Best Dad’s Man Cave Signs – Buyer’s Guide

In addition to the man cave signs fit for a dad’s den that we listed in this guide, we thought we’d give you a bit of help with choosing the right one for your dad’s or your own cave. This is a very similar guide to the one featured in our general Man Cave Signs post, so if you’ve read that already, you’ll know what we’re going to say.

Theme and Style

Since we are discussing man cave signs specifically designed for a Dad’s own space, the theme and style of the sign are very important. Aside from it stating plainly that it is “Dad’s” man cave, you could look for a sign that incorporates something that you or your dad particularly loves. For example, in the list of products above, we have one that refers to the cave as his “fix it shop” and another “his office”.


Obviously, the material the sign is made from is important as this will determine how long it lasts and whether it can be used inside, outside or maybe even both. We generally gravitate towards metallic, wooden and plasticated signs, though which is best for your own cave or your dad’s cave will depend on their preference.


Last but by no means least, the size is another crucial aspect you need to think about when choosing the best dad’s man cave sign. While you definitely want to have one that outlines anything particular in addition to the name of the place and who it belongs to, you don’t want to pick out one that is too big.

Likewise, a sign that is way too small will be too hard to read and therefore useless.


No special-purpose room really should be without a sign. The doors on labs and the likes of surgical theatre in the hospital and the manager’s office all have signs, so it makes sense that a man cave belonging to a dad should have an appropriate sign.

Although it’s not a big or expensive purchase that requires a lot of deliberating over like a piece of furniture or an expensive home theatre sound system, you still want to be sure you are buying a sign that will stand the test of time. To make it easier for you, that is why we only picked out a small number. It may not be an exhaustive guide, but the ones we selected are among the best. You have the Man Cave Planet guarantee on that!

All that’s left to do is to pick one, buy it and hang it with pride.


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