Best Cigar Ashtray | 8 Top Ideas for Your Man Cave

What do you want your man cave to say about you? That you love Fifa, tins of lager, and a cheeky cigarette? Or would you rather have it filled with accessories that scream ‘refinement’? We are guessing the latter. As a result, we’ve come up with a few ideas as to the best cigar ashtray, so you can relax and puff away in style. Now, where did we put that lighter?…

Do You Need an Ashtray for Cigars?

No, just hold it like a cigarette. That’s what the classy guys do…


If you smoke cigars, then you definitely need a cigar ashtray.

Cigars take a while to get through, and you may not want to finish one in a single sitting. Further to this, they tend to be pretty heavy. A good cigar ashtray will normally have an extended section, just perfect for supporting a fat Churchill or Culebra.

Never seen one before? Here’s what we mean: –

1. CIGARLOONG Cigar Ashtray

CIGARLOONG Cigar Ashtray Single Groove

If somethings going to sit burning for a long time, you need it to be heatproof. Ceramic is a great choice, and this ashtray is made of nothing but.

It looks really modern and would go great in a man cave that is full of polished metal, glass and clean lines.

You needn’t worry about scratching your finest table either. The bottom of this large cigar ashtray has a durable pad to stop it from slipping. It also features a substantial channel, perfect for a range of cigar sizes.

2. Cast Iron Hand Antique Ashtray

For something a bit alternative, this cigar ashtray is pretty sweet.

Let’s not beat about the bush. It is a giant hand that is formed in such a way as to lovingly cup your cigar as it rests.

This cigar ashtray is pretty solid and heavy. It’s made entirely from cast iron, giving it a real quality feel.

This would be great if you like the look of refinement but don’t actually smoke. It can be used to hold other things, too, such as change, keys, or even a nice mancave candle.

If you enjoy the occasional blast on a Cuban, a nice feature is that this won’t discolour or stain like some glass ashtrays.

3. GERMANUS Cigar Ashtray

There’s something about black glass that always looks really debonair. This isn’t the biggest, but if you are looking for a retro cigar ashtray, this will fit the bill nicely.

Because of its glass, construction it is really easy to clean. The black colour is pretty neutral, so it will fit in with any colour scheme pretty much.

This would be better for smaller cigars or cigarillos.

4. GERMANUS Rotatable Ashtray for Cigars

If the above is a little basic, then check this out. Same company, better design. You wouldn’t know this is an ashtray at first glance. It looks just like a paperweight with a groove in the top. The entire top section rotates around to offer a large support arm and a decent sized cup underneath for catching embers.

We like this as it will keep the place looking neat until such time as you can empty it out and give it a clean, which is remarkably easy to do.

The felt-lined bottom is also table friendly.

5. Large Glass Ashtray for Cigarettes Cigars

This large Cigar Ashtray is basic and a little old school. While glass, it is cut in a way that makes it look like crystal. If you’ve got a room that is a little ‘bling’, it will supplement this effect greatly.

The size makes it perfect for longer cigars. There are 4 substantial grooves cut around the edge that will provide ample room for your cigar.

6. Cigar Glass Ash Tray (Habana)

We can’t talk about cigars without mentioning Cuba. Even if you haven’t been, this ashtray will make it look like you have (and stole it from a salsa club).

A round and spacious arm extending from this glass ashtray will support your ‘Castro’. The glass base is decorated with an orange and black Cohiba logo.

This one will add a splash of colour… And speaking of splashes, it is also pretty easy to clean.

7. Pasabahce Crystal Glass Heavy Cigar Ashtray

Two words for this one. Simple elegance. This Trinidad cigar ashtray looks like it has been hewn from a block of ice.

It would be ideal for outdoor environments as the high sides, and the deep channel will firmly grip your cigar and prevent it from blowing away. (Or out… disaster!)

The quality and weight of this one make it a real gentleman’s piece. We like the idea of this being mounted on a large wooden desk, among stacks of papers and other trinkets.

8. ASHSTAY Sealing Wind Cigar Ashtray

If you’ve got an outdoor mancave… Or you’ve been banished to the garden to indulge your habit, then you are going to need something that is pretty weatherproof.

This is it. This large cigar ashtray is a little unusual in that you insert your cigar into a hole in its perimeter. The top of the ashtray is covered to prevent your cigar from being blown excessively and stops the ash from flying about.

It’s melamine, so you will need to keep an eye on it. We’d recommend this one for outdoor use only.



Granted, an ashtray is a bit of a luxury, but so is a cigar, so why not treat yourself to something that looks a bit classy? A pile of ash in the middle of something you’d find down the pub just isn’t going to cut it. The best cigar ashtray needs to support your cigar, be fireproof (obviously), and ideally, be easy to clean. Provided you can tick these boxes, it is just a case of choosing the right cosmetic look. Happy puffing!

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