Beer Pump for Man Cave

There’s nothing quite like enjoying a pint of your favourite beer, lager, cider or bitter at your local. Well, how about sipping on your chosen tipple from the comfort of your man cave? If you have a pub setup in your man cave, you’re halfway there. While it’s true you could just get some bottles and cans in, it’s not quite the same, is it? That’s why you need a beer pump for man cave use.

As having pub setups at home in man caves and other parts of the house are becoming an increasingly common feature these days, there is a wide variety of different beer pumps available out there. Some are very simplistic, while others are more complex in their features and designs.

To help you pick out the type of beer pump for man cave use you should invest in, we have put together a list of some of the best options available and included a buying guide looking at important things to factor into your choice.

1. Camden Crafts Full Size Handle Wooden Replica Beer Pump

As a bit of fun and decoration, we thought we would single out this replica beer pump. Please note it’s a replica and not real. A lot of effort has been put into this hand-turned and hand-polished full-size wooden bear pump handle constructed from high-quality dark oak wax.

It looks just like an old English local pub and is an ideal decoration for any man cave, even if it has no practical use. Although the image on the listing features the pump clip that reads “Finders Keepers Columbus Hyde’s The Manchester Brewer”, the Cider/real ale pump clip designs are picked out randomly depending on what the team at Camden Crafts have available when an order is placed.

It’s very easy to screw on top of any counter or surface and just gives that realistic pub feel. You may also find it fun seeing which of your mates and visitors tries to use it to pull a pint!

2. Richard Bergendi Black Edition Beer Tap

The first proper beer pump for man cave use we want to discuss is the cool Black Edition Beer Tap by Richard Bergendi. Rather than being a beer dispenser that can be hooked up to a keg, the big selling point of this great accessory is all you need is cans of your favourite beer you want to transform into delicious draught-style beer.

It can accommodate either 500ml, 440ml and 330ml cans. Once you have made sure it’s hooked up to a power source or has the appropriate batteries in place, you can simply pull the lever and the Beer Tap will do the rest. There are actually two settings on the lever, one to just pour the delicious liquid into a glass and one to aerate (add the froth).

For your kids and any teetotal mates, you can even use cans of their favourite soft drinks in the beer tap.

3. Gadgy Beer Dispenser with Cooler

If we had to pick out one problem we had with the above beer pump for a man cave, it was the lack of a cooling feature. With this slightly cheaper option from Gadgy, you do. In fact, it offers a total of 3.6-litres capacity divided between 2.5-litres for the drink and the other 1.1-litre for the ice.

The setup for this model is slightly different, as rather than inserting your cans into it, you simply fill up the drinks compartment by pouring it to the top. Although it doesn’t look like much, it’s worth noting 2.5-litres is 4 pints, so plenty to get things going, whether you’re entertaining or enjoying some beers or lagers on your own.

To utilise the cooling functionality, you just need to fill the core with 1.1-litre of ice to keep beer cool for a long time. To pour out the tipple of your choice, you just pull on the tap handle and act like a pro bartender. As it stands at 53cm, it’s not really small and will prove to be a nice eye-catcher for your man cave.

4. Krups The Sub Heineken Draught Beer Set, Compact Edition

Up until now, we’ve not looked at any beer pump for a man cave that can be used with actual kegs of beer. That’s where this version of the Krups The Sub comes in. It’s a nice compact edition that looks like a modern pump you’d find at a bar or contemporary pub and comes with 4 x Heineken Torp 2-litre barrels.

You may be wondering what a torp is – it’s basically a small barrel of beer designed exclusively for Krups The Sub. These torps are great because they can keep the beer under pressure, so it stays fresh as well as cold for up to 2 weeks.

Although this comes with Heineken, if you’re not a fan of the golden yellow pilsner-style beer, you can always swap it out for something else. We really like this because it gives you a nice realistic pub experience for serving up drinks in your man cave.

5. Klarstein Skal Beer Tap Dispenser

From the reputable brand Klarstein, we have another beer pump for man cave use compatible with 5-litre beer kegs/barrels. This utilises the co2 pressurised cartridge system to keep the beer on tap, fresh and delicious. It also comes with a beer cooler that’s integrated thermoelectric to keep the beer down between 2 to 12-degrees Celsius.

It’s easy to use, thanks to the simple on and off switch to the right side of the dispenser and looks great thanks to the traditional pump tap handle and a polished stainless steel finish.

It comes with the adaptor needed to use with Heineken taps and also includes 3 co2 cartridges, so you have enough to keep you going before you need to invest in more refills.

6. Krups VB700E00 BeerTender Loft Edition

Admittedly there is quite a price jump for the second-to-last beer pump for man cave in our guide. Another option from Krups, this BeerTender machine is an awesome piece of kit. For up to 30 days, any keg you attach to it’ll stay fresh. We particularly love the fact it keeps the golden amber stuff cool to 4-degrees, the perfect temperature for a nice cold one and can even tilt your glass with this tap to 45-degrees for the kind of pour your local pub’s bartender would be proud of.

As far as variety, this dispenser offers compatibility with drums for top beers like Edelweiss, Desperados, Pelforth Affigem and Heineken kegs.

7. InnovaGoods Ball Refrigerant Beer Dispenser

Last but not least, if you’re not looking for a traditional look beer pump and really want to make an impression, we have the InnovaGoods Ball Refrigerant Beer Dispenser. This is not only practical for cooling and serving your favourite beer, it’s shaped like a big ball and has a real aesthetic appeal.

Sure, it doesn’t look like the type you might find in the Lamb and Lettuce (or whatever your local is called) but it does the job it’s designed to, with style.

With a 3.5-litre capacity, it’s more than enough for the average man cave. As well as beer, like the others on our list, you can use it with soft drinks too.

Beer Pump for Man Cave – Buying Guide

In addition to the list of great beer pumps for your man cave we’ve highlighted above, we felt it would be a good idea to provide you with a buying guide too. This will help you understand the features you should look out for in man cave beer pumps and important factors to consider.

Do All Beer Pumps and Beer Dispensers Work With All Brands?

This question relates to the beer dispensers that work with actual kegs and barrels. You may wonder if all the beer dispensers work with all the branded kegs out there. This is not the case with them all. You need to, therefore, look for the beer pumps that will work with the beers and lagers you prefer.

How Noisy Are Beer Pumps?

Obviously, the ambience and atmosphere of your man cave are very important. If you have loud music playing or are watching a movie or playing a game, the noise from a beer pump might not be a big issue. However, it’s worth noting some models are noisier to use than others. Keep that in mind and choose the one that’s best for the things you intend to do in your man cave.

As well as the above, there is something you need to look for when choosing a beer pump for man cave use, including:

The Quality

Ultimately the quality of a beer pump is directly related to its durability. If you pick a cheaper product to save a bit of money, you may end up with a low-quality pump that doesn’t last long.

The Size

Before you even look at a beer pump, you should consider where you’re going to place it, so that you know the space you have available. The last thing you want is to fall in love with a pump, only to find it won’t fit.


If you dream of having a nice cold beer with your pals in your man cave, you’ll be able to make that dream a reality with the beer pumps for man caves we’ve highlighted above. There’s plenty of variety to choose from, to help you find the best fit for your cave.


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