Man Cave Arcades Systems | 6 Top Ideas

A nice Xbox (or Playstation) does have a lot of games, but they are kind of ‘meh’. How about installing a system that will still allow you to game with your mates and has a cool retro vibe? You might have only seen them in movies, or you might be old enough to actually remember arcade machines… Either way, we have 6 of the best gaming man cave ideas for you to browse through.


Street Fighter Arcade Machine

Ever played Street Fighter before? If not, you are in for a treat. There are no fancy graphics and none of this ‘pay to win’ nonsense that you find in AAA games today.

Mash the buttons, throw in a little skill and beat the living S#!T out of your opponent. It really is that simple.

This arcade machine doesn’t require any money or tokens to play again and again. (Although you could play each other in a championship for a quid or two).

With side-by-side joysticks and buttons, you can be taken back to the days of your youth.

This arcade machine is ¾ scale. While this isn’t quite full size, it does make it slightly more user friendly to move and position without it being too obtrusive or taking up too much space.

The 43cm screen is LCD, meaning you’ve got crystal clear resolution too. You didn’t get that in the ’90s!

It actually features three editions of streetfighter, so you’ll be able to find your favourite character to become unstoppable. These are JAMMA games, the original gaming system used in your youth’s arcade machines.

Who are you going to pick? (My favourite was Blanka… Because I could never remember the combinations for the other characters).

OneV FT 【3399 Games in 1】 Arcade Game Machine

If you haven’t heard of a pandora’s box arcade system, then let us enlighten you.

It’s a box (obviously) that contains quite a few games.

How many?

Well, in this case, over three thousand! What do you think? Good value or what?

You’ll find an absolute treasure trove of arcade classics. Pacman, Street Fighter, Space Invaders… Basically, name any arcade classic, and there’s a pretty good chance that you’ll find it here.

This system doesn’t come mounted in classic arcade machine housing, so you’ve got a few options. The controllers come as a pair of panels. So, you can simply rest them on your knee and tap away. Alternatively, if you have an eye for design, you could mount them in a table (or even a bar?).

The beauty of this system is that you can use an existing TV to set it up, and each unit is only 31cm by 22 cm. If you are struggling to get ‘permission’ to invest in a full arcade system for your mancave, this is a great option.

Arcade1UP | Mortal Kombat II

Two words….


Ring any bells?

Did you learn the combos to absolutely humiliate your opponent after you had already beaten him? Mortal Kombat II was always a little gory, and I used to worry about the game designers’ vivid imagination (man, some of those finishing moves were pretty dark).

The good news is that you can relive the days of your youth in your man cave with this arcade system.

As with our streetfighter man cave arcade system, you’ll get three versions of Mortal Kombat to play.

The Joystick and button set is ‘real feel’, so they are pretty unbreakable and will take some stick. The arcade machine is coinless (but you could charge your mates a pound for 3 goes… blame inflation). It also comes with a clear deck protector, so you’ve got room to place a bottle of beer without worrying about marking the finish.

This arcade gaming system comes with a 17″ full-colour LCD screen and arrives flat packed, ready for you to assemble. This makes it super easy to transport to any room in your house.

Sunbary 8000 In 1 Arcade Games Console

There are things I love about this pandora’s box setup and one or two things I don’t.

Let me explain.

I think it is absolutely fantastic that, for the money, you are getting 8000 games all in one console. You can choose to rig it to any display that you like. A computer screen, a TV or even a projector will all work well. It even has a built-in speaker.

Another great feature is that you can download even more games… This includes N64 games! Mariokart on an arcade console? Amazing!

It’s even possible to plug in an external controller!

There are a couple of downsides that I feel it’s only fair to talk about.

The first is that while you do get two joysticks, they are both connected on one panel. If you are playing alone, then you will have an overhang on one side or the other. If you are playing with your mate, you will have to sit shoulder to shoulder and hope that his button mashing doesn’t put you off.

I loved the OneV FT as the geometrically shaped independent controllers could be easily mounted within something else. The shape of this controller means that it will be pretty hard to mount anywhere. This limits the areas where you can install it.

Overall the unit is pretty durable. I love the retro ‘Ryu’ style decal and thick acrylic cover… I think it adds a touch of authenticity.


Monster Shop Multi-game Arcade Table

Now this one really takes me back. I remember scrounging 10p off my dad to sit hunched over this in a pub. (Along with a coke and a bag of crisps).

Ok, it’s a little more pricey than some of my other suggestions, but you are getting quite a bit for the money.

It’s an arcade system and a super cool table. Think of it like a piece of art that could form your man cave’s centrepiece and be a real talking point.

You’ll get 60 games included as part of the package. This includes favourites such as Pac man, space invaders, donkey kong and frogger. And the screen is just under half a metre wide!

The best thing is that the buttons and Joystick are all housed under the table. This gives you a full strengthened glass surface to placed drinks (and maybe some crisps, cheers dad) without fear of spilling on the screen or controllers.

Unlike some of our other suggestions, there is no construction or setup necessary. Place this arcade system in its home, plug it in, and you are away!

One beautiful touch is the incorporated coin slot. You don’t actually need to put any money in to play, but I think this adds a real authentic feel to your man cave arcade system

TAPDRA 3D Pandora Box 

Remember how I was moaning about the Sunbary system being a bit of a weird shape? Well, this is the answer.

It shares a great many features, including a single mounted, dual joystick controller and buttons. The difference is it is nice and square, meaning you’ll be able to mount it within a surface if you so choose.

This features programmable buttons so you can get all your games configured to give you the edge. You can also create custom game lists so you won’t have to wade through pages and pages of obscure games, of which there are 3003 (oddly specific?)

It is a simple plug and play system,  so provided you have a basic understanding of what wires go where you should be able to rig it up to the display medium of your choice.


Why Buy an Arcade Machine for Your Mancave?

Some may consider it a frivolity. I would call it cool.

Why buy an arcade machine for your man cave? Two words…

Fun and nostalgia.

If you are a gentleman of a certain age, you may have experience of actually playing on the originals. I can still remember thinking that space invaders was the best game ever and actively looking forward to playing it.

Check out this for a 10-minute blast of ‘back in the day.’

You’ve got to remember that when these games came out, people had never even heard of a computer game before. The buzz and excitement around them were huge.

Things to Consider When Considering Video Game Man Cave Ideas

Before diving in and investing in a man cave arcade game, it’s worth having a think about a few things to make sure it’s right for you…


First off, consider the theme of your man cave.

If you’ve gone for a chilled and minimalist vibe, a blinking and flashing streetfighter arcade machine plonked in the corner is going to look a little out of place.

That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a good old gaming session however. It just means that you’ll have to change your ideas slightly.

The best thing to consider would be a pandora’s box arcade game set. This would work particularly well with a projector, as you wouldn’t even need to clutter the room with a TV!

If you have a bar setup or a room that is more akin to a games room, then go for gold, the brighter and louder, the better!

Size and Shape

The size and shape of your video game man cave ideas will be dictated by the size and shape of your room.

If you have a small room, you don’t want it to be dominated by a substantial box style arcade. Again a pandora’s box-style system might be the way to go.

Obviously, if you have space to play with, then you can set up whatever you like. The scaled arcade machines listed above all come flat packed with a screen included. As a result, you’ll be able to transport them and assemble them wherever you’d like.


This might be a deal-breaker… But with the suggestions above, you have no need to worry—some of the suggestions given above offer over 6000 games, with the possibility to download even more.

Game choice aside, it might be worth considering what will appeal to guests to make your man cave awesome. (Unless you intend to play on your own…). Go for a system that definitely has the old classics that people will remember. You want games that are self-explanatory and easy to play.

Man Cave Arcade | Format and Layout

The beauty of a man cave is that you can make it your own. How you choose to set up your man cave arcade games is entirely up to you. Here are some great options: –

“As is.”

With the Streetfighter and Mortal Kombat systems, you might be a bit limited as to options. So you’ll have to assemble and place it “as is.”

The pandora’s box systems can simply be placed on your knee. Granted, they are wired, so you’ll need to sit fairly close to the TV. The alternative is to pair them up with a wall projector if you are going for a knee-based system.

Mounted in a surface

I really like this idea. If you are handy with DIY, you could embed the console and the controllers within a table or bar area. By picking man cave arcade games with a geometrically shaped controller, this should be pretty easy.


Man cave arcades are a little bit flash. If you’ve got a man cave geared around having fun, then they make the perfect addition! A few beers, a few mates and a massive gaming session sounds pretty good to me!

Some of the systems in our list, such as the arcade table, actually tick two boxes at once, as they are a piece of man cave furniture and a gaming system all in one! Whatever you choose, they are all really fun. Good luck learning that killer combo!








What Would You Put in a Man Cave if You Had Unlimited Budget?

Now here’s an interesting question… What would you put in a man cave if you have an unlimited budget? Most people have that one item or idea that would be their ‘big purchase’ if they suddenly hit the big time. With an unlimited budget, you could probably get a great deal more than one thing… In this article, we will dig into some things that would make a man cave stand out.


One Man Cave, Unlimited Budget | The Rules

Ok, we are going to have to keep it a bit real. After all, with a truly unlimited budget, you’d just buy a new house… So, we are going to add a few rules. Here they are…

  1. Anything purchased must be able to fit into a man cave no greater than 10 Metres square.
  2. Once you’ve bought the stuff, you can’t add to it later… this is a one-shot deal.
  3. Anything in your Man Cave must be Legal
  4. Anything purchased must be readily available as a physical product

All makes sense? Let’s look at a few ideas….


Man Cave | Fun and Technology

Smart LED TV

It goes without saying that any man cave worth its salt needs a decent television.

And by decent, I mean big and high definition. If it lacks any of those two key qualities, it is time to give up. The basic concept behind choosing a TV is simple. The bigger the room, the bigger the TV, so we are talking anything above 75″.

Surprisingly you wouldn’t actually need an unlimited budget to make this a reality.

The snag comes if your room is too big for the TV… Well, there’s still a solution… And it is actually surprisingly cheap.

An HD projector is a really affordable way to get a high-quality picture that’s also pretty massive.

Virtual Reality

There’s no better way to use free space than to take yourself off to another world. Into first-person shooters? Try actually being there…

For real, that’s how good VR is nowadays.

But wait, loads of kids have VR headsets already, don’t they?

This is true… Which is why you aren’t going to get anything with wires. The oculus quest 2 allows free-roaming within a room, untethered.

Gaming PC

Ok, you’ll hear guys who say they love their consoles, and that’s great.

But if you’ve got an unlimited budget, why not get something that can do anything that a console can do and more? You’ll be able to treat yourself to a few extra terabytes of hard disc space too! Perfect for storing a huge library of games, movies and music!

The best bit is that if you want to use your man cave for a bit of work in peace and quiet when twinned with a projector, the entire wall can become your screen.

Pool Table

Alright, so it’s a bit cliched… But why not. Imagine kicking back with a few mates shooting a few games with a couple of drinks?

You’ve got plenty of space… Why not use it?

Relaxing Man Cave Ideas

Ok, the above might all be a bit hectic. What if you just want to kick back and relax? You’ve got an unlimited budget and are feeling a little opulent? You’ll get guys saying they want a jacuzzi or a stripper pole… that isn’t going to work for two reasons…

First, who wants the hassle of running a steamy bath with all those fancy electronics around?

Second… Good luck getting that to wash with the Mrs.

A jacuzzi sounds like something opulent and fancy… But here’s the truth… It’s trashy.

Here are some ideas to add a bit of class…

Some Nice Rugs

There are a whole host of rugs out there to get your man cave looking great. And no, they don’t all have to be a ‘theme’ or ‘funny’.

Yeah, a fake tiger rug is great until you end up having a pint too many from your beer keg and tripping over it.

A decent rug can make a room warm and inviting, and you can afford to think a bit bigger with your budget. The world is your oyster, and there’s some cool stuff to be had.

Massage Chair

Part of having an unlimited budget is treating yourself to the odd thing that you would never normally even consider. It doesn’t have to be OTT.

Like what?

A massage chair is nice, practical, and just what you’d need to get rid of the aches and pains while you were having a bit of ‘me time’…

Lazyboys are all right, but you will have to think bigger while watching the match in 75″ HD.


Lighting can make or break a room. You want your man cave to be relaxing and serene.

An unlimited budget doesn’t mean buying ridiculous things. Just things that you would normally consider an extravagance.

Here’s what I mean…

LED TV backlights

These are actually pretty cheap, but they can take a large TV room to the next level. They are really easy to install too. Sync them with music, change the brightness and colour and create an ambience all of your own!

Edison Bulbs

Want to add a touch of class to your room? Eddison bulbs give a soft, warm light that is super relaxing. Granted, they aren’t much used elsewhere in the house, but for a chilled glass of whiskey by your fire, they are pretty sweet.

A Warming Fireplace

A real roaring fire is expensive, right? Well, yes and no… Normally it might be considered a frivolity… But you’ve got an unlimited budget.

I was going to suggest this on the projector…

But then we saw Ethanol fires and decided that they were the coolest thing ever for a man cave!

Interplanetary Ambience

Alright, so you’ve got your TV backlit and have even invited the Mrs in for a movie night… Want to see something that really sets the scene?

How’s about a galactic projector?

Sit back on your massage chair, turn the lights down and drift away into the cosmos… luxury.



Alright, so there are millions of soundbars and speaker systems out there. You’ll get the uninitiated saying ‘Bang and Olufsen’…

Yeah, the ’90s called and wants a word…

To be a real gentleman of distinction, you will want something by Harman Kardon. Crystal clear sound, deep bass and a touch of class.


Eat and Drink

It’s not all about chilling out. If you’ve invested in a pool table and a decent gaming setup, it might be time to show it off.

All play, and no consumption makes jack a dull boy… You are going to want something to keep you fed and watered.

Let me suggest something a little different…


Sure, you could go out and buy a beer pump, but seeing as you’ve got a space to call your own, how’s about brewing your own? This kit requires minimal setup, and you get to drink the results afterwards.

If you can’t be bothered and just want to relax, there are, of course, other options. Check this thing out… (just tell the Mrs it’s a coffee machine).

Cool Things…

I already know what you are thinking… You’d love space in the fridge that you could call your own?

Well, listen, instead of upsetting ‘her indoors’, you’ve now got the option to have one of your very own. You could use it to store a few cold beers, a bottle or two of something stronger or even just some cokes for when you are chilling out watching a movie?


Ok, so there’s already a room in your house dedicated to preparing food. Do you know what it’s called?

The kitchen.

You want to be in a man cave, not a kitchen. So I’m not going to suggest anything crazy that requires replumbing the entire house…


Who doesn’t like a nice donner kebab every once in a while? Forget ringing the takeaway. You can have an elephant leg up and grilling in no time at all.

All you need is one of these bad boys.  Perhaps a bit extravagant, and it’ll make the room smell ever so slightly like Istanbul… But it’ll only be you in there, so who cares!


In Summary

What Would You Put in a Man Cave if You Had Unlimited Budget? It’s actually pretty hard when you can have whatever you want! The trick to choosing what you want for your man cave isn’t actually picking things that are the most expensive. It is, in fact, choosing things that you’d normally find a little too expensive or justified. It is actually the little things that make a man cave your own. Things like a poster or two, some nice lighting, and one or two ‘boy toys’ are all it takes.






Best Man Cave Rug

If you are looking for some great finishing touches to your man cave, have you considered getting a rug or two? It can add an extra layer of comfort underfoot, whether you have a nice laminate or wooden flooring or have it all carpeted. Not only that, but a rug can add an extra focal point to your man cave.

If your man cave has a particular theme, then a rug can help bring the whole theme together.

The simple fact of the matter is that a rug can look and feel great and will give your room a complete and finished look.

Although we only picked out a few products, we think these are some of the best man cave rugs available that are going to appeal to a wide range of men.

Manchester United FC Crest Rug

First in our guide is undoubtedly one of the best man cave rugs we could find for Manchester United fans. We’re not going to judge and separate the “real” fans from the “oh, they’re a good team” fans. If you like United, and have a United-themed man cave, footie-themed man cave or just want to show your appreciation for the club, check this out.

Made from polyamide, this high quality and very aesthetically pleasing features the almost universally recognised Manchester United crest with golden touches and is set in the team’s bold red. Above and below the main crest in the centre there are subtler copies of the crest.

Character World Batman Batcave Rug

Are you mad about superheroes or just the Dark Knight specifically? Is your man cave already Batman- or Batcave-themed? Then, one of the best man cave rugs you can get is this Batman logo rug.

This is an officially licenced piece and is made from polyamide but features a foam-grip non-slip backing. Ideal if you are placing it onto laminated flooring. In the classic yellow and black colouring, this is a cool finishing touch to your man cave. Don’t worry if it gets a bit dusty and dirty over time, as it can be thrown in the washing machine!

Jingclor The Gaming Life Rug

Does your man cave have a gaming theme? Is your den where you spend most of your time playing COD, FIFA, and The Last of Us (or whatever games you’re into)? Then why not give the room an extra accessory that really drives home the theme?

From Jingclor, this The Gaming Life is a smart floor rug, It features the words “The Gaming Life” and then the words “Eat, Sleep, Game, Repeat” with appropriate pictures to go with them. Made from a high-quality mixture of coral velvet and memory foam, it has a non-slip backing, to avoid all unnecessary accidents.

Marvel The Avengers Captain America Shield Rug

If there was a more iconic image from Marvel than Captain America’s shield, we want to know about it. Thanks to the bold colouring of the red, white, blue, and black border, this will look great in any man cave. Although, it’s obviously going to look more at home in a Marvel, superhero, or comic/film-themed man cave.

We especially love the fact that this is available in six different sizes, so you can get the 60, 80, 100, 120, 160 or 180cm depending on what will look best in your man cave. It’s made from a high-quality combination of polypropylene and polyester and feels very soft underfoot. Given that it’s going into your man cave, we also like the fact that it has a non-slip backing and waterproof, wear-resistant, and easy to clean properties.

The Rug House Purple Heather Thick Shaggy Rug

Finally, to complete our guide to the best man cave rugs, we wanted to give you the option of a non-themed product. This purple, heather and cream speckled shaggy rug from The Rug House is very soft and has an exceptionally smart mottled effect pattern. It’s definitely a more “grown-up” option.

Available in 4 different sizes, 60 x 110cm, 80 x 150cm, 160 x 230cm and 200 x 290cm, it should be easy enough to find the one that will really suit your man cave.

As with the other man cave rugs in this guide, it has a non-slip backing (for this rug it is hessian jute) and it is stain-resistant, anti-static and very durable.

Best Man Cave Rugs – Buyer’s Guide

Buying a rug for your man cave is not the most complicated thing in the world. However, we thought it would be a nice help to you if you’re new to the world of rugs to provide this handy buyer’s guide. In it, we will simply cover the most important considerations you need to make so that you can choose the best floor covering.


When choosing the best man cave rugs for your special area, you need to think carefully when it comes to size. It really depends on what kind of role you want the rug to fulfil. If you want to use it as a small accent to the flooring or to provide a nice soft surface underfoot where you and others are more likely to be sat, if you’ve got wooden flooring, you may not want a particularly big one.

You also need to consider the dimensions of your man cave. If you have a small nook-like cave, a large, sprawling rug may not even fit in the room.


Although they provide a nice surface to walk, sit and whatever on, one of the main purposes of a rug for your man cave is to provide an extra splash of colour and design. That’s why it’s important to make sure you are careful to choose a rug that fits in with your theme or colour scheme. The last thing you want is a rug that’s distracting and a focal point for all the wrong reasons.


The material your rug is made from will determine how soft it is and how durable it will be. The selection above is mostly made from some kind of polyester mix. This is the best material, in our opinion, for man cave rugs because you get just the right mix of durability with softness and great aesthetics.


There you go, guys, that wasn’t too difficult was it? Some of the best man cave rugs available. Whatever you choose, we’re sure it will take up pride of place in your den!


Best Man Cave Door Mats

Although door mats are normally used as part of the entrance to a house, they can also be used in a similar way for man caves. While they are ideal for man caves that are located outside, you can still use them for man caves that are based within your house. They can provide a welcoming marker or warning for anyone attempting to enter your hallowed ground. It doesn’t matter how specific or generic your man cave theme is, as the best man cave doormats come in all styles and designs.

There are literally hundreds out there, but rather than bore you by going through all of them, we have picked out the ones we think are the coolest and most appealing.

Welcome to the Man Cave Decorative Coir Entrance Door Mat

The first of the best man cave door mats we have picked out for our guide is this simple, but smart and effective option from a company called La Finesse. Made from decorative coir and a PVC rubber backing, it features the printed message “Welcome to the Man Cave”. It’s a great way to set the mood and atmosphere for anyone who comes to visit you in your den.

Measuring 70 x 40 x 1.5cm, this is a very durable and easy to clean mat that would work well inside or out and would be best for a more generic man cave.

Artylicious Non-Slip Polyester Welcome to The Man Cave Door Mat

Next, we have another of the best man cave door mats, this time featuring a surface made from polyester and a non-slip black rubber base. Although it again serves as a welcome to your man cave, it offers the extra note that it is a “Private Entrance”. This is a great idea if you really value your privacy and want the entrance to your man cave to have a sense of exclusivity.

This is also very easy to maintain as it can be wiped clean or washing in the machine. We especially love its darker colour and more prestigious font choice.

Man Cave Rules Door Mat

If you are looking for a more humorous and laidback man cave doormat, look no further than this Man Cave Rules offering from 123t. It’s available in two different sizes and features a very soft underfoot non-woven polyester surface and a border and backing made from non-slip rubber.

As a standard design, this man cave mat features classic man cave rules like “My Cave My Rules” and “No Sitting In My Chair” and funny ones like “If It Itches, Scratch It” and “Burp and Fart At Will”.

We’re not too sure how your significant other will feel about Rule 4, but that’s entirely up to you. (It reads “Woman By Invitation Only (Bringing Food Is Strongly Suggested). The great thing is that the company will actually personalise their products, so if there is something in addition to what’s already featured on it, alongside the rules and the little caveman image, contact them to see if they can accommodate.

Natural Coir If You Bring Beer You Are Welcome Here Door Mat

Sometimes, though, a whole list of rules is unnecessary, especially if you are a man of simple pleasures, and you just need the most important made clear. That’s why we picked out this natural coconut fibre (coir) doormat, as it simply reads “If you bring beer you are welcome here!” Like the others in our guide, it is made with a non-slip PVC rubber backing and is moisture resistant and very easy to keep clean.

We’re pretty sure that if your mates or significant other tries to gain entrance without beer because they didn’t know, they will only do it once after reading the doormat.

Artylicious Funny Warning Man Cave Enter At Your Own Risk Door Matt

Often, the best man cave door mats are the ones that best match the personality of their owner. If you have a good sense of humour, you may appreciate this next one. It’s another polyester with a rubber backing doormat from Artylicious and features the rather ominous, but funny message “Warning Man Cave Enter At Your Own Risk”.

It says it all really, doesn’t it? Guests are welcome inside your hallowed man cave but have been given fair warning that you cannot be responsible for what happens to them. Even if the only thing that happens to them is that they might smell your farts or get a nice cold one directly from the fridge or your beer pump, a warning is a warning.

Star Wars Yoda Welcome You Are Door Mat

What self-respecting list of the best man cave door mats would be complete without at least a couple of Star Wars-themed options? The first is this great decorative coir doormat with an incredibly durable vinyl rubber backing.

It features the Jedi Master Yoda and his characteristic take on grammar with the message “Welcome You Are” We especially love this for the detail in Yoda’s facial features. If you have a Star Wars-themed man cave or are working on it, and Yoda is one of your favourite characters, then this is definitely a worthy investment to really complete your theme and make it clear from the moment anyone enters your cave.

ASAB Welcome to the Batcave Coir Door Mat

If we’re going to include Star Wars themed man cave door mats, it would be silly not to feature the original man cave owner (or at least the owner of the best version of a man cave), Batman, in doormat form. To keep things nice and simple and a play on the traditional doormat, this features the words “Welcome to the Batcave” and features the Batman logo.

It, like many of the others, is made from decorative coir with an underside backing of non-slip rubber. Easy to clean and long-lasting, this is a high-quality investment.

Although you may not have all the toys, gadgets and gizmos Batman does, at least you will have the doormat!

Star Wars Welcome to the Dark Side Door Mat

It’s only fair if we are going to be impartial to have options for the Sith as well as the Jedi among the best man cave door mats for Star Wars fans. Featuring Darth Vader this time, this cool entrance mat has the message “Welcome to the Dark Side”.

It can serve as a less-than-gentle reminder to anyone that is a Rebel Alliance member, Luke Skywalker, or a Jedi Knight to proceed with extreme caution if they dare to enter your domain. Likewise, even if they are part of the Empire but have failed you in some way (By not bringing any snacks or drinks), they might want to decide if it’s worth the risk entering your cave.

DC Comics Batman The Joker Welcome to Arkham Asylum Door Mat

Again, in the interest of impartiality, just as we picked outdoor mats with both Yoda and Darth Vader, in addition to the Batman doormat already listed further up this page, we felt it was necessary to highlight this one too. Also, it’s really cool and the detail in The Joker print is unbelievable.

With the message “Welcome to Arkham Asylum”, you are giving all your guests and visitors fair warning that they are entering into the domain of a mad man. On their own head be it, if they want to drink from the cup of the Clown Prince of Crime.

Best Man Cave Door Mats – Buyer’s Guide

In addition to the great products we have highlighted as the best man cave door mats, we thought it might be helpful to include a brief, but practical buyer’s guide. In it, we break down the most important features and aspects you need to consider when choosing a door mat for your man cave.


As most doorways have standard sizes, most entrance door mats also have standard sizes. However, you will find some doormats that are oversized or designed for non-standard doors that are a bit bigger than normal. Just make sure the one you buy is going to fit in the space you have reserved for it.

Non-Slip Backing

Again, this should not be something you need to worry about, especially if you choose one of the doormats highlighted above, as most are manufactured with a non-slip backing. The last thing you want is any of your guests slipping and hurting themselves (or dropping a nice 12 pack of beer or bottle of gin) on the way into your man cave because the door mat didn’t stay put.


A rather obvious point to make, but if you have a specific theme to your man cave, it would be a really nice touch if the theme was continued on your door mate too.


Likely, you didn’t think about getting a doormat for your man cave. If your man cave is just another room in your house, it makes sense that it would be the last thing you would think of. However, as you can see from our guide to the best man cave door mats, there is something for everyone and it’s a great way to set the mood of your cave or welcome/warn guests when they make their entrance.


9 Great Reasons Most Men Need a Man Cave

All houses consist of different rooms. It is the purposes and uses of those rooms that transform a house into a home. While the likes of the living room and kitchen are the central hubs to a home that are used by all and sundry for relaxing, entertaining and cooking meals, others like the bathrooms and utility or laundry have functional and practical purposes, the bedrooms are seen as sanctuaries and escapes from the world.

If you are in a couple or a family, everyone has their own bedroom, apart from the couple, obviously. Often, in many couples, though, the bedroom is designed and laid out to suit the women with their favourite colours, styles, and luxuries. We’re not suggesting that women deliberately leave men out of the picture, but it can often feel like apart from their home office (for those who work from home) and the living room (the TV and games console, though it often is designed and decorated to appeal to everyone in the house), there is nowhere a man can just be a man.

A man cave could be the answer.

As a man you may realise your need to have a man cave, but what if your wife, partner, girlfriend (or whatever you want to call her) needs a bit more convincing? That’s what we are going to look at in the following post.

Man Cave – Its Purpose and Importance

The main purpose of the man cave is to give men a place where they can just be themselves and chill out. Man caves don’t necessarily need to be particularly big, they can just be a place where men can store and display all of their prized possessions and collectables, watch TV, play games, listen to music, drink some beer or even just chill out or spend time with their buddies.

That may seem like a bit of a broad description of the purpose of a man cave, but that’s the beauty of them. They can be whatever a man wants or needs them to be. This really provides the answer to the second question of why they are important. Man caves are important because they give men a place they can call their own.

Now that we’ve established what it is and its purpose, let’s look at some of the reasons why men need man caves in a bit more detail.

Place Where They Can Enjoy Time Alone

Even the most sociable of person needs a space that they can call their own and enjoy some time alone. When you have a man cave, you can get in there (lock the door, if necessary) and just forget about your troubles for a short time.

You don’t need to worry about your profession, can enjoy your hobbies and interests, wearing what you like (and as little as you want) and don’t even have to talk to anything or do anything.

Could Strengthen Your Relationship

It may sound counterproductive, but when you have a man cave, it could actually help your relationship. Although it is important to spend quality time with your partner, it doesn’t mean you need to spend all your time together. Rather, it is crucial to spend quality time together. When you have time apart, you can remember you are an individual, relax and appreciate your partner more when you are together.

Relieves Stress

Following on nicely from the above point, a man cave can benefit the male of the species in the same way a bathroom or bedroom can a woman, in that it can help him to relax. No matter what you do for a living and the different pressures you have, you will feel stress at various points in your day to day life. It is a part of living in our modern world.

A man cave can be a great way to de-stress and work through that stress because the last thing you want to be doing is carrying a lot of stress around. Relieving stress can help to lift your mood and energy levels while reducing your irritability and anger levels. Not only that but alleviating stress has been proven to boost the immune system. So rather than just being an excuse to escape your responsibilities, it can actually improve your health.

Home Gym Area

As an extension of the above point, if you have the space for it, you could use your man cave as your workout area and home gym. This will further help you reduce your stress levels while improving your health.

Storage and Display Room for All Your Prized Possessions and Collectibles

While you may have been able to claim space in the living room and throughout the house for some choice pieces from your collection of possessions and memorabilia, you likely have more that are just sitting around gathering dust. If you have a man cave, however, you can use it to proudly store and display these items that your wife or significant other may not want you placing elsewhere because it interferes with the overall look, theme and décor of the rest of the house.

Whether it’s sports medals and trophies, signed prints of your favourite footballers (or other sporting heroes) or the films, games, music you like. Your man cave is yours to decorate with the possessions and collectable you want.

A further reason for having a place to store and display those special items is that it protects them from accident-prone and clumsy members of your family. When they have a special place that your children and (for most of the time) your significant other is not allowed without permission if anything happens to those possessions and collectables is your own fault.

Gives You Privacy And Everyone Else Privacy Too

A man cave is great for giving you some privacy, particularly if you have a small or slowly growing family. However, it also works the other way round and offers some privacy for everyone else.

If you are in the habit of having your mates over regularly to watch the footie, play games or just chill, your wife or SO might feel a little uncomfortable. Remember, she needs to wind down, as do your kids, at the end of their busy days. Having a space to call your own, helps to free up the rest of the house, meaning other members of your family can relax too.

The Place Where Men Can be Men

When you live with someone, you need to curtail certain aspects of your personality, just as they do. It’s all about compromise. However, the last thing you would want to do is be someone you are not. With a man cave, there are no judgements or offences caused, you can just be you.

Watch What You Want, Play What You Want, Listen to What You Want, Do what You Want

There is a lot of crossover in these reasons why a man needs a man cave, but that’s cool. It just helps to drive home the point. To further emphasise that a man cave can be a man’s own special place, it’s ideal when you have different tastes to the other members of your family. While it’s nice to sit and watch Tv, listen to music or even play games with your partner, you are not going to like all of the same things.

There will be games you like playing, the music you like or even television shows and movies you like that your partner (and children, let’s not forget them) don’t like. It may even be that you want to watch, listen to, or pay for things that are unsuitable for younger ones. A man cave allows you to spend time doing what you want, while the rest of your family do what they want.

There is no need for arguments, fights, or disputes where everyone ends up feeling rubbish. Everyone’s happy that way.

Perfect For Parties

One great reason why a man should have a man cave is that apart from the kitchen and living room, and the taste of the gentleman in question, it could be the ideal place to have a party. Particularly if you have a home theatre and surround sound setup, games consoles, a minibar and all that extra space that’s normally not available throughout the rest of the house.


It is easy to see why some wives, girlfriends and partners may see man caves as being selfish. However, contrary to causers divisions and wedges in your relationships, having a man cave where you can unwind and remember what it feels like to be you as an individual, can actually have a variety of positive effects. We have looked at several great reasons and are pretty sure there are others out there.

While we are not suggesting you start a protest if your significant other is initially against the idea of you having a space to call your own, we are suggesting that you should put the best argument for a man cave forward. Remember to tackle the subject tactfully. Relationships are all about compromises and coming to arrangements and agreements.

Liverpool FC Man Cave (Things You Need Inside yours)

It’s fair to say that it can be a roller-coaster ride supporting Liverpool FC, but for most ardent supporters of The Reds, they would rather be on the ride than not. Although Manchester United just pip them to the post in terms of the most titles and honours, Liverpool is but one away from equalising and the pole position in that particular battle has changed numerous times over the years.

If you are a Liverpool FC fan, it’s likely that even if you don’t have a fully dedicated Liverpool FC man cave, you’ll want to show your deep love for the team that’s given you the highest highs and lowest lows over the years.

To help you do that, we’ve put together this guide to the best Liverpool FC man cave accessories.

Official Liverpool FC Anfield Road L4 Metal Street Sign

Although what goes down on the pitch between 90 minutes or so is what football is all about, the home grounds of a club (especially filled with rambunctious fans) can help to make or break performances. Anfield, where Liverpool call home, has that effect. Without being picky, you only have to look at the effect it had playing there without fans during the 2020-2021 season where they were beaten six times during the Covid pandemic.

What better way can you really establish the theme of your Liverpool FC man cave or show that you’re a Reds fan through and through on the outside of your den with this official Anfield Road L4 metal street sign. Made from high-quality aluminium, it features the liver bird insignia and embossed text.

Shawprint You’ll Never Walk Alone Shabby Chic Metal Sign

It may be an old show tune written by Rogers and Hammerstein for the musical Carousel in 1945but for football fans it is synonymous with Liverpool FC. Recorded first by Gerry and the Pacemakers, a local band in 1963, it was adopted by Reds fans as the official song of the team and to this day is still played and sung along to en masse by all supporters in attendance.

Show your love for the team and this iconic song with this cool metallic wall plaque featuring the lyrics. We love the fact that it has an aged, vintage look and it is very easy to mount, thanks to the self-adhesive it is supplied with.

HWC Trading Store Steven Gerrard Signed A4 Photo Print

To really give your Liverpool FC man cave some nice finishing touches, you need other plaques and posters to decorate the walls with. Why not show your appreciation for the one and only Stevie G. Not only was Steven Gerrard a Reds fan favourite, he was also a well-liked player for the national team. While he is now enjoying a successful stint as manager of Glasgow Rangers, you can relive the glory years with this Stevie G photo print and autograph. It may not be framed but has been precision-cut and will fit easily into an A4 frame.

Great if you are collecting Reds footballer’s autographs or are a Gerrard fan in particular.

Liverpool FC Bar Pack

What man cave doesn’t have some kind of bar element to it? To help give the bar in your Liverpool FC man cave a more authentic look and feel, why not invest in this cool bar pack. It contains a pint glass with the liver bird insignia and LFC printed on it, 4 Liverpool FC red and white coasters and 1 Liverpool FC hand towel with a white liver bird insignia and LFC.

Especially when you’re watching the big matches from the comfort of your own home, either on your own or with friends. Give your team the loud and proud support they deserve and if your United or Everton pals’ teams lose, make them drink from the LFC glass!

Liverpool FC 20/21 Attacking Trio Broken Wall Sticker

Another great way to decorate one of the walls of your Liverpool FC man cave is with this broken wall sticker featuring the mighty 20/21 attacking trio of the Reds – Sadio Mane, Mohammed Salah, and Roberto Firmino. This stylish print is designed to look like your man cave wall has been smashed open and overlooks Anfield with the three strikers looking triumphant together.

This vinyl decal is easy to apply and remove and has the dual purpose of annoying any non-Reds fans who dare enter the inner sanctum of your Liverpool FC man cave while reminding you of the players that have played a huge part in improving the team’s fortune lately.

Legends Never Die Liverpool FC 2019-2020 English Premier League Champions Framed Photos

Following on nicely from the above, you could further pay tribute to the modern Reds team with this celebratory piece dedicated to Liverpool’s EPL win in the 2019-2020 season. With a smart red backing, it features the statistics that every Reds fan loves, proving Liverpool are one of the greatest teams not just in England or the United Kingdom, but Europe and the world, and stunning quality prints of the men responsible for their success.

So along with Jurgen Klopp, the manager, Mohammed Salah, Sadio Mane, Roberto Firmino, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Jordan Henderson, Georginio Wijnaldum, Trent Alexander-Arnold, Virgil van Dijk, and Andrew Robertson.

Mounted onto a black-lacquered frame, this is a smart piece of Reds history.

Official Liverpool FC Sign

To round off our guide, we’ve picked out something nice and simple in the form of this metal sign featuring the Liverpool Football Club badge and the immortal words “This is Anfield” Would work well as a sign leading to your Liverpool FC man cave or even on the door, as a replica to the sign that the legend Bill Shankly in the old tunnel leading to the pitch. It was designed to instil fear into their opposition.

Whether you really want to instil fear into your friends and guests or not, it’s a nice way to remind them that they are entering a Reds zone.


So Reds fans, now you have all the elements for the Liverpool FC man cave that the team deserve. Whether you intend to play some FIFA, Football Manager or watch the pros do what they do best, you can show your appreciation properly!


What is the Best Way to Convince Your Significant Other to Let you Have a Man Cave?


So, you’ve decided you want a man cave? Great, but there’s a small problem… Is it going to go down well at home? If you have to convince someone, then you are expecting resistance. Today we will look at what is the best way to convince your significant other to let you have a man cave.

First Things First…

If you are here, then you might be expecting to encounter some opposition. We aren’t experts in cohabiting… But let us offer you some advice.

The old mantra of ‘its better to seek forgiveness than get permission’ isn’t going to work here… Sure, you might have your man cave, and you’d better enjoy it… As you’ll be spending a lot of time there, to avoid the atmosphere.

If you want a man cave, that’s great, but get your partner on board with the idea so that you can enjoy it guilt-free… Here’s how.

What is the Point of a Man Cave?

This is undoubtedly the first question that you are going to get asked…

As the saying goes…

“Forewarned is forearmed.”

Here’s the point of a man cave. It is a small section of personal space that you can retreat to when you need a little ‘alone time’. It’s that simple. While spending time apart might not be welcome, or you have your own ‘area’ of the house, there are actually numerous benefits for you and for your partner.

Realising (and promoting) these benefits for you both is the key to making a man cave a viable option. Here are some key selling points that you might want to get across early on…

What is the Best Way to Convince Your Significant Other to Let you Have a Man Cave | 8 Top Tips


A Man Cave Adds Value!

Imagine you’re a couple looking around a new home… Yep, there’s the bathroom, the living room, the kitchen… Oh, and what’s this?

I’ll tell you what it is…

A sweet man cave.

Aside from the obvious ‘hook’, that is the ‘wow’ factor. There’s a good chance that you have invested quite a lot of time and money in making a room look nice. That’s one less room to decorate for new buyers! And it shows that your house has space to spare!

A man cave will add value to your house. More money equals more options when you are upgrading.


You can Spend More Time Together!

What, how?

Let me explain.

A man cave isn’t always about pool tables and minibars. If you work from home often, having a ‘quiet’ space means you’ll be more productive.

If you get work done quicker, that means you’ve got more time to spend with your partner. Hard to argue with that.

They Can Use It Too!

Ok, so we know it’s a ‘man’ cave… But let us promise you one thing. If you start being all selfish about it and acting like an actual caveman… you aren’t going to have one.

The solution is compromise. If you are going for an entertainment-room style man cave, make it clear that if they want friends over for a night of prosecco and a ‘sex in the city’ (Jesus), then they’ll be more than welcome to use it.

Date Night

Now, this depends on how you’ve got your cave set up… But regardless of if you’ve made it akin to a movie theatre, or a bit of a bar, there’s the scope for you to both enjoy it together. Paint the picture that you can go on a ‘date night’ without having to leave your home! Amazing, right? Right!?!

A Man Cave Keeps the House Pristine

Ever been given a telling off for inadvertently ‘making a mess’?

We feel you and share your pain.

What if that ‘mess’ was kept isolated to one room of the house? And you’d be responsible for cleaning it… Leaving the rest of the house spotless. That sounds like a pretty fair deal to us. You can kick back and relax without worrying about leaving cup marks on the table…

A Free TV…

So you want to watch the match, and they want to watch… Whatever it is that they watch… That’s going to put you at loggerheads.

A man cave is an ideal solution. You can slip away for a couple of hours while they get to watch “Britains got the talent of a celebrity X-factor love island featuring Ant or Dec”… free from your tuts, hisses and bored look that generally ‘ruins the programme for them..’

Man Caves are Great for Parties!

See! We told you that the beer pump would be a great idea! Shift the focus from standing round in the kitchen (boring) to a room with a bit more atmosphere… Stick some decent music on in a room with some cool lighting, and you’ve got a party.

Improve the Space

Ok, you can’t just designate an area of the house and say it’s a man cave… This isn’t how it works and isn’t going to go down well.

Perhaps the best way to promote a man cave to your other half is to actually improve an existing space… Yes, it used to be ‘an office’ complete with never used exercise bike with shirts hanging off it… Oh, and everything else that didn’t fit in another room.

Well, guess what… If you have a man cave, you’ll have a great opportunity to throw out the junk, find a home for all the bits and make it into a valuable and useful space. Here’s a few examples to get your creative juices (and sales pitch) flowing.


You don’t want to be ‘fighting a war’ over a man cave. In this instance, no one is a winner. The path of least resistance is often the best. Knowing what is the best way to convince your significant other to let you have a man cave and getting them on board with it is half the battle won… The only thing you’ll need to think about now is how you are going to make it shine!

Best Man Cave Posters | 9 Coolest Designs for Your Room

So, you’ve got your man cave all setup… But something is missing. Looking for a little ambience? Want to show off your classy side? Keen to display how tasteful you are? Or are you looking for a massive great video game poster next to a picture of Han Solo and Chewbacca… This is a man cave, not an art gallery. To create the right vibe, you will want to adorn your walls with the best man cave posters, and we’ve got some great suggestions. If you are looking for a plaque, we’ve got a dedicated page right here {link TBC}

What Makes a Good Man Cave?

Listen, we aren’t going to tell you what to do, that’s the thing about a man cave… It’s yours. To make it uniquely yours, you will need personal touches that reflect things that make you happy.

Ok, a personalized pool table might be a bit much, but cool posters for a man cave allow you to quickly (and cheaply) decorate your room.

Choosing Posters for a Man Cave

So, there’s plenty of choices out there. But you don’t go to the shops and pick up any old wallpaper when decorating your living room, why should it be any different for your man cave?

When choosing a theme, your posters will take up a fair portion of a wall and dictate how your room feels. Suppose you want to create a chilled feeling. In that case, it probably isn’t going to work if you have it adorned with cannabis leaf posters surrounded by psychedelic fractal images.

Here are some ideas for cool man cave posters themes: –

  • Sports
  • Video Games
  • Movies
  • Legends (think James Dean, Marlon Brando, Sinatra)
  • Music
  • Retro and vintage
  • Locations
  • Posters with Quotes

And here are some that definitely not the best man cave posters: –

Get your posters wrong, and you aren’t going to make a man cave look cool. You are going to make it look trashy. Avoid the following…

  • Nudes
  • Overtly sexual posters
  • Excessive Profanity
  • Anything from Ikea
  • Overused or cliched images (1920’s guys sat on a skyscraper beam in New York?… Please.)
  • Anything that remotely resembles a ‘chick flick’… No Hugh Grant or Patrick Swayze.


How Can I Make a Poster Look Good in My Room?

Ok, this isn’t university… Your man cave and the posters should look at least a little classy. And you aren’t going to achieve that with bits of blu tac or gold drawing pins (shudder). Here are some top tips to keep your cool man cave posters looking cool and not cringe: –

Consider a frame

Frames don’t have to be expensive. A simple piece of Perspex can elevate your posters and make them look much neater. If you have gone for a colour scheme, try and find a frame that either matches or contrasts with your existing theme.

No frame? Try a poster Rail!

Poster rails are easy to hang and position, and the best bit? They are self-aligning, meaning that you won’t spend all afternoon sorting them out when they are skew-whiff.

Less is More

Minimalist could be the way forward. If your man cave is all about clean lines and a basic look, you don’t want it to appear cluttered with too many posters. Pick one that is of a single colour that is contrasting to the main colour theme of the room

Use Bulldog Clips

Bulldog clips offer all the same benefits as poster rails, at a fraction of the price. They are easy to mount and won’t damage your posters like pins or blu tac.

Poster Grouping

Ever seen Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Diptych? It works because of contrast and grouping. While you aren’t going to achieve the same level of fame, you can apply the same principle and group posters to be highly contrasting or complimentary.

Colour Coordinate

Good with colours? Ok, it might sound a little effeminate, but this is a top tip for choosing the best man cave posters.

You are looking for one of two things… Your posters should either contrast or compliment. Be advised that they can’t do both…

Ever heard of a colour wheel?

Here’s how it works…

Choosing Complimentary Posters for a Man Cave

Have a look at a colour wheel

  1. Find the colour most dominant in your man cave and find it on the colour wheel.
  2. Look at the segments on either side of this colour
  3. Choose man cave posters whose general colour is similar to those segments

Picking Contrasting Posters for a Man Cave

  1. Again look at the colour wheel
  2. Find the colour most dominant in your man cave and find it on the colour wheel
  3. Look at the segment directly opposite on the colour wheel
  4. Choose posters whose general colour theme is similar to that segment.


A good way to see if you’ve got good contrast is to take a quick snap of your room in black and white. If the posters really stand out, then you’ve got great contrast!


What Every Man Cave Should Have | Posters

Ok, we promised you suggestions. Regardless of the theme you’ve gone down, there are some great ideas below…

The Joker A3 movie poster

A tormented soul who doesn’t care what the world thinks? A bit of ‘Batman’?… And a great movie! If movie themes are your thing, you might want to go for something with a bit of meaning and back story. (No, Dirty Dancing isn’t the best choice.)

Aside from being an iconic Hollywood blockbuster, the colours in the image will work well with lighter rooms if you look for some contrast. Mount it in a clear frame for the ultimate presentation.

Trainspotting Quotes

Alright, we aren’t getting any younger.

Wanna feel old?

This film is 25 years old! Did you ‘choose life’?

Show your age and your movie knowledge by choosing a poster of one of the most iconic films of the nineties… See if you can requote the entire thing off the top of your head.

The beauty of this poster is its simplicity. You’ve got geometric shapes and bright colours, perfect if your man cave is looking a bit dark. Hard oranges are perfect for both contrast or to complement the existing colours of your room.

Jaws 1975 Vintage

Let’s face it, vintage and retro are super cool in posters. For man cave ideas based around movies, you want classics. And they don’t get much more classic than Jaws. Aside from being an absolute smash, it features a fair bit of blokey bravery.

Sharks? Check! Boats? Check! Blowing a shark to smithereens? Big Check!

We really like the black border. It would work perfectly in a lighter coloured room to break up an open wall.

Vintage Aliens 1986 Wall Art

Alien or Aliens? Mixing an amazing movie with a touch of 80’s nostalgia, Aliens features an unlikely hero. All that aside, it’s full of quotes, guns and monsters… It’s not for girls.

This poster has a fairly uniform background, ideal for pairing with other darker posters on a light wall or creating a bit of contrast with some lighter man cave posters.


If you are going down the sporty road, then you might want to consider this. This is more of a wall sticker than a poster (mind your paintwork). This is an interesting design as it certainly isn’t square. It can actually create the impression of a bit more space.

We also like that it is a bit generic and isn’t particular to a team. You can make the implication by hanging a few framed football shirts or other club memorabilia on either side.

Little Robin Designs Eat Sleep Football Repeat

Into your footie? Going for a sporting theme?

This is simple and cool. If you are going for clean lines and a minimalist look, as we suggested above, then a poster like this would be ideal. It would work well for both light and dark rooms.

Pick a contrasting frame with clean lines for a great presentation.

Erik – Star Wars Poster

A bit young to remember the original Star Wars franchise? Perhaps something more up to date? Or are you making your man cave into something sci-fi based and futuristic? If so, check these out—five different man cave posters, perfect for creating a theme or a collage.

They aren’t uniform in colour, so it would be ideal for generating interest, especially in a room that needs a little brightness.


Grand Theft Auto V Poster

What could be better than getting the boys round for a night of gaming? If you are making your mancave a mecca for unwinding with a joypad, then adding a nod in the form of a poster seems a good course of action.

This poster isn’t one particular colour and is pretty vibrant, making it a great choice if your man cave requires a bit of interest or perking up a little.

Star Wars Revenge of the Jedi Vintage A3 movie poster

Movie buff? Notice anything?

“Revenge of the Jedi” was what the film would be called until George Lucas had a change of heart. That’s a bit of history in a poster right there.

What we really love about this poster is the almost two-tone design. Strong blacks, strong reds. As a result, it will work perfectly in either a dark or lighter room.


Our overriding advice when choosing the best man cave posters is to pick something that you like. After all, with any luck, you are going to be looking at it a lot. Follow our tips for presentation, stay consistent with your theme, and won’t go far wrong.








Beer Pump for Man Cave

There’s nothing quite like enjoying a pint of your favourite beer, lager, cider or bitter at your local. Well, how about sipping on your chosen tipple from the comfort of your man cave? If you have a pub setup in your man cave, you’re halfway there. While it’s true you could just get some bottles and cans in, it’s not quite the same, is it? That’s why you need a beer pump for man cave use.

As having pub setups at home in man caves and other parts of the house are becoming an increasingly common feature these days, there is a wide variety of different beer pumps available out there. Some are very simplistic, while others are more complex in their features and designs.

To help you pick out the type of beer pump for man cave use you should invest in, we have put together a list of some of the best options available and included a buying guide looking at important things to factor into your choice.

Camden Crafts Full Size Handle Wooden Replica Beer Pump

As a bit of fun and decoration, we thought we would single out this replica beer pump. Please note it’s a replica and not real. A lot of effort has been put into this hand-turned and hand-polished full-size wooden bear pump handle constructed from high-quality dark oak wax.

It looks just like an old English local pub and is an ideal decoration for any man cave, even if it has no practical use. Although the image on the listing features the pump clip that reads “Finders Keepers Columbus Hyde’s The Manchester Brewer”, the Cider/real ale pump clip designs are picked out randomly depending on what the team at Camden Crafts have available when an order is placed.

It’s very easy to screw on top of any counter or surface and just gives that realistic pub feel. You may also find it fun seeing which of your mates and visitors tries to use it to pull a pint!

Richard Bergendi Black Edition Beer Tap

The first proper beer pump for man cave use we want to discuss is the cool Black Edition Beer Tap by Richard Bergendi. Rather than being a beer dispenser that can be hooked up to a keg, the big selling point of this great accessory is all you need is cans of your favourite beer you want to transform into delicious draught-style beer.

It can accommodate either 500ml, 440ml and 330ml cans. Once you have made sure it’s hooked up to a power source or has the appropriate batteries in place, you can simply pull the lever and the Beer Tap will do the rest. There are actually two settings on the lever, one to just pour the delicious liquid into a glass and one to aerate (add the froth).

For your kids and any teetotal mates, you can even use cans of their favourite soft drinks in the beer tap.

Gadgy Beer Dispenser with Cooler

If we had to pick out one problem we had with the above beer pump for a man cave, it was the lack of a cooling feature. With this slightly cheaper option from Gadgy, you do. In fact, it offers a total of 3.6-litres capacity divided between 2.5-litres for the drink and the other 1.1-litre for the ice.

The setup for this model is slightly different, as rather than inserting your cans into it, you simply fill up the drinks compartment by pouring it to the top. Although it doesn’t look like much, it’s worth noting 2.5-litres is 4 pints, so plenty to get things going, whether you’re entertaining or enjoying some beers or lagers on your own.

To utilise the cooling functionality, you just need to fill the core with 1.1-litre of ice to keep beer cool for a long time. To pour out the tipple of your choice, you just pull on the tap handle and act like a pro bartender. As it stands at 53cm, it’s not really small and will prove to be a nice eye-catcher for your man cave.

Krups The Sub Heineken Draught Beer Set, Compact Edition

Up until now, we’ve not looked at any beer pump for a man cave that can be used with actual kegs of beer. That’s where this version of the Krups The Sub comes in. It’s a nice compact edition that looks like a modern pump you’d find at a bar or contemporary pub and comes with 4 x Heineken Torp 2-litre barrels.

You may be wondering what a torp is – it’s basically a small barrel of beer designed exclusively for Krups The Sub. These torps are great because they can keep the beer under pressure, so it stays fresh as well as cold for up to 2 weeks.

Although this comes with Heineken, if you’re not a fan of the golden yellow pilsner-style beer, you can always swap it out for something else. We really like this because it gives you a nice realistic pub experience for serving up drinks in your man cave.

Klarstein Skal Beer Tap Dispenser

From the reputable brand Klarstein, we have another beer pump for man cave use compatible with 5-litre beer kegs/barrels. This utilises the co2 pressurised cartridge system to keep the beer on tap, fresh and delicious. It also comes with a beer cooler that’s integrated thermoelectric to keep the beer down between 2 to 12-degrees Celsius.

It’s easy to use, thanks to the simple on and off switch to the right side of the dispenser and looks great thanks to the traditional pump tap handle and a polished stainless steel finish.

It comes with the adaptor needed to use with Heineken taps and also includes 3 co2 cartridges, so you have enough to keep you going before you need to invest in more refills.

Krups VB700E00 BeerTender Loft Edition

Admittedly there is quite a price jump for the second-to-last beer pump for man cave in our guide. Another option from Krups, this BeerTender machine is an awesome piece of kit. For up to 30 days, any keg you attach to it’ll stay fresh. We particularly love the fact it keeps the golden amber stuff cool to 4-degrees, the perfect temperature for a nice cold one and can even tilt your glass with this tap to 45-degrees for the kind of pour your local pub’s bartender would be proud of.

As far as variety, this dispenser offers compatibility with drums for top beers like Edelweiss, Desperados, Pelforth Affigem and Heineken kegs.

InnovaGoods Ball Refrigerant Beer Dispenser

Last but not least, if you’re not looking for a traditional look beer pump and really want to make an impression, we have the InnovaGoods Ball Refrigerant Beer Dispenser. This is not only practical for cooling and serving your favourite beer, it’s shaped like a big ball and has a real aesthetic appeal.

Sure, it doesn’t look like the type you might find in the Lamb and Lettuce (or whatever your local is called) but it does the job it’s designed to, with style.

With a 3.5-litre capacity, it’s more than enough for the average man cave. As well as beer, like the others on our list, you can use it with soft drinks too.

Beer Pump for Man Cave – Buying Guide

In addition to the list of great beer pumps for your man cave we’ve highlighted above, we felt it would be a good idea to provide you with a buying guide too. This will help you understand the features you should look out for in man cave beer pumps and important factors to consider.

Do All Beer Pumps and Beer Dispensers Work With All Brands?

This question relates to the beer dispensers that work with actual kegs and barrels. You may wonder if all the beer dispensers work with all the branded kegs out there. This is not the case with them all. You need to, therefore, look for the beer pumps that will work with the beers and lagers you prefer.

How Noisy Are Beer Pumps?

Obviously, the ambience and atmosphere of your man cave are very important. If you have loud music playing or are watching a movie or playing a game, the noise from a beer pump might not be a big issue. However, it’s worth noting some models are noisier to use than others. Keep that in mind and choose the one that’s best for the things you intend to do in your man cave.

As well as the above, there is something you need to look for when choosing a beer pump for man cave use, including:

The Quality

Ultimately the quality of a beer pump is directly related to its durability. If you pick a cheaper product to save a bit of money, you may end up with a low-quality pump that doesn’t last long.

The Size

Before you even look at a beer pump, you should consider where you’re going to place it, so that you know the space you have available. The last thing you want is to fall in love with a pump, only to find it won’t fit.


If you dream of having a nice cold beer with your pals in your man cave, you’ll be able to make that dream a reality with the beer pumps for man caves we’ve highlighted above. There’s plenty of variety to choose from, to help you find the best fit for your cave.


Man Cave Gadgets

Whether or not you are really aiming for a Batman/Bruce Wayne’s bat cave-style with the design and décor of your man cave, there is one thing you can never have too many of and that’s man cave gadgets. When we were researching this guide, we realised there was quite a variety to choose from when it came to gadgets for a man cave. Some work better for themed man caves and lots that are great as gifts for man caves.

Rather than getting bogged down in all the fine details, however, for this initial post we wanted to cover the cool man cave gadgets that would work well in just about any man cave, regardless of the theme and décor of the room or personality of the owner.

So, if you are just looking for some extra cool things that not only have real practical value but look great too, check out the highlighted products below.

Marvel The Avengers 4: Infinity War/Endgame Thanos Infinity Gauntlet Bottle Opener

Who doesn’t love superheroes, and specifically Marvel and the MCU films? Well, compared to twenty or thirty years ago, the answer would have been, not many. Not at least in the mainstream.

In the past comic books and superheroes may well have been a niche reserved for geeks. Things have slowly changed over the years, with Batman and Spiderman in the 90s. However, everything got massive when Iron Man first donned his suit, as people of all ages have been enthralled by the exploits of The Avengers and their various enemies, including Thanos the Titan and the owner of this infamous glove called the Infinity Gauntlet that is represented in bottle opener form.

What better gadget could a superhero and Marvel fan want for their man cave than an Infinity Gauntlet bottle opener? Okay, with it you won’t be able to snap half the population of the universe out of existence. However, you will be able to use it to open those bottles of fresh, crisp beers.

We are impressed by the amount of detail that has gone into the recreation of the Gauntlet and the six stones. Made from environmentally friendly and durable iron, this small but mighty is a fun talking piece as well as a practical tool for your den. Who will be the worthiest to wield the bottle-opening gauntlet?

IKICH Countertop Ice Maker Machine

Whether you are entertaining guests, spending some quality time with your kids, or having a romantic evening with your significant other in your man cave, there is no shortage of instances where ice doesn’t make things better.

Perhaps you only have space for a small fridge in your man cave and don’t have space for a matching freezer. What are the alternatives? Walk your house to the kitchen to get some ice cubes? Nah, having a man cave is all about enjoying your own space where you can hide away from the world.

That is why the next of the cool man cave gadgets we have picked out that would suit any setting or theme is this countertop ice maker from a company called IKICH. With a 2-litre capacity, this ice machine works very quickly. If, for instance, you simply want 9 chunks of refreshing ice, for a couple of drinks, it takes an impressive 6 minutes. This means it can make as much as 12kg of ice in 24-hours.

It is easy to use, does not make a lot of mess, noise or take up much space and even offers you the choice between 2 different sizes of ice.

Hongrel Multitool Pen

It could be argued that the crème de la crème of all cool man cave gadgets is something along the lines of this multitool pen from hongrel. Man, since the dawn of time, has had a deep desire for fixing things, taking things apart and generally tinkering.

This multitool is a bit of a throwback to that kind of man, with a nice modern twist. It does look slick and cool, but we know you’re all basically waiting for us to list the tools included. Here goes…

  • 1 x Black ballpoint pen (With 4 refills)
  • 1 x Touchscreen stylus (The modern twist, for use with smartphones, tablets, computers, and other devices)
  • 1 x Cross/slot head screwdriver (Never be caught out with no screwdriver handy again)
  • 1 x Spirit level (We all need balance in our lives)
  • 1 x Pocket clip (To trend set, obviously)
  • 5 x Rulers (10cm, 4-inches, 1/100m ratio, 1/200m ratio, 1/300m ratio) (Because whoever said there was such a thing as too many rulers?)

If you imagine the mythical kind of gadgetry that Q designs and constructs for Bond, then you’re halfway there. Halfway because there are no lasers, poison darts or any kind of weapon at all.

But, for tinkering, this is amazing!


Okay, so sticking with the high-tech gadgetry of Q, the next item in our gadgets for a man cave could be something used by either Bond or Ethan Hunt (from Mission Impossible). There’s no other better way to explain these than to let the pictures do the talking and mention that they are LED gloves. Yes, that’s right, you read it correctly – gloves with little LED lights on the index finger and thumb.

Why you might ask? Why would anyone need any specific reason to have LED lights in their gloves? Well, several excellent uses go beyond making up your own little light show in the dark. You can use them outside of your man cave for walking the dog, working on electrics and DIY or on your car and fishing in the dark or poorly lit conditions.

Within your man cave, you can use them for getting drinks, snacks and generally finding your way around if all the lights are out for gaming or movie watching. They are very lightweight but durable and are made from a breathable material that means your hands won’t get too clammy or uncomfortable if you have to wear them for extended periods.

Simply put, a great little item that you didn’t even know you needed.

Gadgy Beer Dispenser With Cooler

Now we’re talking! Even if you’re a teetotaller or never have been interested in alcoholic beverages, if you had to choose just one out of all the man cave gadgets we’ve listed in this guide, we’d guarantee that many of you would go for this Gadgy Beer Dispenser with Cooler.

It has a total capacity of 3.6-litres, which is divided into 2.5-litres for the drink of your choice and 1.1-litres for the ice. With a very compact and lightweight tabletop design it stands at just 53cm and you can fill it with just about any drink from fresh fruit juice to carbonated drinks, cold coffee for iced coffee drinks and of course, beers, ciders, and lagers.

When you or anyone else wants a drink, you simply pull the lever and out it pours from the spout, similarly to a normal pub pump. Okay, it may not have the aged look or faint smell of musty old beer, bitter and cider, but in terms of ice breaker and conversation piece, this is a fun way to serve drinks. Even if you are enjoying some time on your own in your man cave, there are no reasons not to make use of this cool tool!

Banydoll Star Night Light Projector

Last, but not least, we have one of those cool man cave gadgets that is a bit far out there. By far our we mean both literally far out there as it can transform any room or surface into a universe of stars and colours, and because it is a bit of a quirky, outside of the box kind of gadget.

Regardless of whether you have a stars and planets or night sky theme for your man cave or a more generic den, this could be a great addition in just about any setting. It’s perfect for anyone who loves all things outer space.

With this star night light projector, you get the option of 7 different colours and 15 different lighting mode and the option of just stars, stars, and nebulas or just nebulas. As it is ultra-quiet, it won’t disturb you if you and your guests are conversing, playing games, or watching a movie.

To make it even more fun and easy to use, it comes with a handy remote control. Give your man cave a real out of this world feel with this projector. Even if you just et it out and use it on those rare occasions you let your kids or friend’s kids in your man cave along with the adults, it’s well worth the affordable price.

Man Cave Gadgets – Buyer’s Guide

Although there is not much to say and it’s hard to suggest an extensive list of considerations for an almost limitless in a variety range of products, we still thought you’d appreciate a buyer’s guide. In it, we just look at some of the factors and features you may want to think about when choosing top man cave gadgets.


Size is always something you will want to consider when choosing cool man cave gadgets. Just as you are not going to want to buy anything too big, you won’t want to buy anything too small, unless the size is appropriate for the gadget.

Think about the available space in your man cave. If there is a lot of available space, then size and dimensions are less of a problem. Most of the generic list of gadgets for a man cave about were chosen because they’d be ideal for any size of space. The ice maker and the beer dispenser, for instance, can sit comfortably on any surface and not take up too much space, while items like the gloves and mini toolkit pen take up a negligible amount of space.

Style and Theme

Although we have tried to cover a more broad spectrum of gizmos and gadgets for man cave use, if you have something a little more specific than a generic and very neutral themed den, you will want to carefully select gadgets based on the style, theme and even colour scheme. It’s indeed your own space and no one really gets to say what goes and what doesn’t go, but if you are looking to achieve a strong look for space, choosing items that don’t look out of place and stick to the chosen theme is a must.

Practical Value

If you are very particular about your hideaway from the world, you will want to make sure everything has a place, and everything is in its place and fulfils a role or practical function. Of course, not all cool man cave gadgets have vital or ridiculously important functions in other parts of your house, but if they make you happy and you can do something cool to get the most out of your space with them, then they deserve a place.

For instance, the beer dispenser, bottle opener and ice maker would be ideal if you have a bar area or intend on serving a lot of drinks within your man cave.


There is not a lot else we can say. What is cool and what is not cool, is surely up for debate. What we have tried to do with our guide, though, is provide you with a great selection of cool man cave gadgets. Gadgets for a man cave that does not have a specific theme or purpose, will make them ultimately better spaces.

A beer dispenser, ice maker machine and bottle opener, are at least useful for the bar area.

Do you really need a star night light projector for your man cave, though? Maybe not, but remember it’s your man cave, your rules and if you want one you should get one. You don’t need to explain yourself to anyone.