Attic Man Caves (Ideas and Tips)

So, what’s putting you off having a man cave? If the answer is that you ‘don’t have space,’ you might just be in for a treat… What if we were to tell you that there is space in your house, and you just didn’t realise? The attic might just be the perfect area to construct a man cave. Granted, it could be a bit of work. Still, we’ve assembled a few tips along with a complete catalogue of ideas to fill you with inspiration.


Attic Man Caves | How to Build Them

Alright, first things first. This isn’t going to be quick or cheap.

Still with us? Good, you’ve passed the first test.

A decent man cave will be a bit of a labour of love, and let’s face it, if it was easy, everyone would have one. So, you think we might be onto something and are considering an attic man cave?


Here’s our quick and simple guide with some considerations as to how to proceed.

Step 1) Get your head up there and have a look…

You are going to need to know what you are dealing with. If your loft is anything like ours, there’s a good chance you will find a load of dusty insulation, no ‘floor’ and probably last years Christmas decorations… We’ve got a lot of work to do.

Step 2) Think about what you want…

Once you see the size and scope of your attic, you’ll want to have a serious think about what you can achieve.

Here’s our advice.

Be realistic.

Yes, it will be your space.

No, you aren’t going to be able to fit an 800kg slate bed pool table in the middle of the room.

Two things are going to limit your ideas:

  • Space
  • Budget

Think carefully about what you can use the room for. Will it be a quiet place to work? Will it be somewhere that you can just chill with a movie? Will it have a theme?

Step 3) Start Planning

It’s now time to go out and buy a huge 65″ TV, right?


Start with the ‘bigger picture’ first. We are talking broad strokes here. Things like making sure you can stand on the attic floor without fear of crashing through the bathroom ceiling is a good start.

As we said, chances are the attic is jam-packed full of… How do we say this politely?… Crap. That stuff needs to go. Having a good old purge can be rather therapeutic. Once you’ve got rid of all that old tat, you can start to make a real plan about what is going to live there.

Step 4) Easy access?

We remember how we used to get in the loft… It involved a chair and a ‘muscle up’. We hate to tell you this, but the ideal way to start a chill session isn’t to perform an impromptu ‘CrossFit session. You’ll need to make life easy for yourself. Folding or telescopic ladders are the way forward as a bare minimum.

Step 5) Take action

If you are a DIY god, then this next step might be easy. However, for us mere mortals, more used to asking some spotty youth at B&Q when we need DIY advice, we prefer to hire professionals…

Get these things sorted before you consider spending a penny on fancy gadgets…

  • The flooring
  • The walls
  • Insulation
  • Wiring, lighting and electrics

This could take months and be disruptive to your normal home life. If you are looking for tips on how to ‘sell’ the idea of a man cave, you need to check this guide out.

Step 6) It’s time…

So, you’ve now got an empty room that’s warm, has electrical outlets, is easy to get to (and you don’t need to worry about joining your Mrs in the bath, without having to open the bathroom door)…

Now it’s time to have a look at what you can achieve….

Attic Man Cave Ideas | 12 Great Suggestions

The Attic Games Room

This one doesn’t look too hard to achieve. If anything, it is just a little too conservative. It does contain a few clever features, however.

Space has been maximised with the use of a corner sofa. These are great for creating a feeling of space as they don’t make the room long and thin (which, let’s face it, will likely be the case in most attics.

Circular elements work further to break up the straight lines of the room.

One area that is always problematic in attics is the sloping roof. This has been dealt with by mounting a TV on a flat section of the wall. The sofa is fairly low down too.

The room lacks natural light. This problem has been rectified with large round ‘globe style’ lighting with bright bulbs.

The Teen Play Room

Getting a bit of peace and quiet around the house doesn’t mean that you have to retreat to a man cave. By creating a space for the kids, you might keep the rest of the house pristine.

Granted, this is one for a bigger attic, but a similar effect can be achieved in smaller spaces. The foosball table might be a bit much, but a couch, a desk and a TV shouldn’t be too tricky.

This room is probably smaller in real life, but due to the Velux windows and white painted walls with a dark carpet, you get a real feeling of space…

Perfect for when you are doing your homework. Yes, you are doing it.

Grown-Up Gaming Room

This is more our cup of tea. And this one is easily achievable.

If you want a large widescreen TV, then there is only one place it can go… At the gable end. The room is kitted out with two large and colour coordinated speakers and a horizontal soundbar.

The sloping roof works well to ‘frame’ the TV. The room doesn’t have much in the way of natural light, but then neither does your local cinema, and that place was custom built to watch movies.

The sofa might present a problem to get into your man cave… But here’s a solution. Giant beanbags are relatively cheap, easy to move and can be repositioned at will. Did we mention they are much more comfortable too?

The Home Theatre

Clean lines and the feeling of space.

There isn’t much in this room, which means the eye is drawn to the room’s standout feature…

Which is…

The dock off the TV. Again you’ll see that the gable end has been used as a ‘frame’. A low profile coffee table gives guests in the man cave somewhere to put their drinks without dominating the room.

It might seem basic, but there is a fine line in small spaces between ‘cool’ and ‘cluttered’.

Utter Luxury

Alright, now this is a man cave and a half. A room of this magnitude will take some proper planning.

And if you think you are getting that pool table up some telescopic steps, we’ve got news for you.

This one isn’t a budget room. The recessed lights, embedded TV and huge Velux windows make us think that this would be months in the making.

Natural Light

We’ve included this one as we want to show you something. It’s a before and after.

Can you spot the difference?

Remember how we talked about the line between ‘cool’ and ‘cluttered’. Here’s a working example.

Aside from an open bookshelf and a few windows (The couch is actually the same in both pictures), there isn’t that much difference in the room’s features. But which looks better?

The addition of a skylight or another light source can make all the difference. Remember in our guide we talked about getting the floor and walls sorted out? This is a great example of the difference it can make.

The Cozy Cave

This isn’t so much of a ‘lads’ gaming room. It is a little bit more refined. As such, there isn’t a focal point in the room.

But here’s what we do have.

Softly lit wooden panelled walls give the room a really cosy feel. This is supplemented by a dark rug, which actually goes some way to making the room appear smaller.

During the day, it should have plenty of natural light, too, as the workstation is set up next to a large window.

Oh, and don’t worry about the piano…

Sports ‘R Us

Now you’re talking.

Solid wood floor? Check!

Pool table? Check!

Illuminated sports jersey? Check!

You’ll notice this room has a ‘feature wall’. Blue in colour, your eye can’t help but be drawn to the TV and its surroundings. We really like the whiffle board too.

This room is pretty high, and you’ll notice many vertical elements such as high chairs, tall tables and suspended lights.

Speaking of the lights, look at how the beams are up lit. This is designed to draw the eye upwards.

The Sky at Night

Now, this is something else.

When you dig down into it, there isn’t actually all that much in this room. But due to some clever lighting and one or two other ideas, it looks really great.

The ‘stars’ in this room are likely projected. This is a cheap and easy way to add ambience. We really like the neutral colours (we aren’t normally a fan of beige).

If weight and wiring is an issue, they’ve come up with a really clever solution… It isn’t actually a TV. It is, in fact, a projector. This is often a really great way to get a widescreen picture without having to mortgage your house.

This room features something else worth considering… almost perfect symmetry—peoples eyes like regular shapes and patterns.

Writers Retreat

Noting fancy, nothing flash. So what? It looks great.

The low coffee table is unobtrusive, and the fur ‘flump’ rug makes it just a little cosier. Cast your eye to the gable end, and you’ll see that it has been made into a centrepiece, with clever use of the storage on either side.

Bookshelves are really nice as they are both a visual feature and practical at the same time. To add to the ‘learned gentleman’ effect, there is a comfy chair in one corner and a drinks table in the other.


The Book Nook

Simple and effective, there’ll be no GTA V here. Thanks very much. However, if you want to pour yourself a (large) brandy and relax, we think this is one of the best we have seen.

It’s basic, but it works. The cream leather goes exceptionally well with the rug, and the pouffe would be great to rest your feet on.

The same effect could be achieved with a bean bag if you struggle to get a chair into the attic.

The books actually make great use of a lot of dead space behind the shelf, and the corner units ensure that the room isn’t made to feel too narrow.

Night at the Movies

Here’s another for the movie lovers!

Again, we see that the gable end has been used to house a projector screen, making it the room’s focal point.

The room makes use of light creams and yellows, we suspect in real life the room is much smaller, but light colours work to make the room open out slightly.

Look closely, and you’ll notice that those aren’t Velux windows. This is interesting. They are, in fact, movie posters. Whether you want Al Pacino gazing down while you munch your popcorn is a matter of personal preference.

A projector, a couple of lazy boy chairs, and that’s pretty much it!



Hopefully, the above has given you plenty of ideas about attic man caves. First, assess how much space you have, how much you have to spend, and what you can realistically hope to achieve. Once your attic is usable, you’ll find plenty of scope and solutions, even if it’s just a bean bag instead of a sofa. What are you planning? Got pictures? Why not share in the comments, and we’ll add it to our list!

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