9 Great Reasons Most Men Need a Man Cave

All houses consist of different rooms. It is the purposes and uses of those rooms that transform a house into a home. While the likes of the living room and kitchen are the central hubs to a home that are used by all and sundry for relaxing, entertaining and cooking meals, others like the bathrooms and utility or laundry have functional and practical purposes, the bedrooms are seen as sanctuaries and escapes from the world.

If you are in a couple or a family, everyone has their own bedroom, apart from the couple, obviously. Often, in many couples, though, the bedroom is designed and laid out to suit the women with their favourite colours, styles, and luxuries. We’re not suggesting that women deliberately leave men out of the picture, but it can often feel like apart from their home office (for those who work from home) and the living room (the TV and games console, though it often is designed and decorated to appeal to everyone in the house), there is nowhere a man can just be a man.

A man cave could be the answer.

As a man you may realise your need to have a man cave, but what if your wife, partner, girlfriend (or whatever you want to call her) needs a bit more convincing? That’s what we are going to look at in the following post.

Man Cave – Its Purpose and Importance

The main purpose of the man cave is to give men a place where they can just be themselves and chill out. Man caves don’t necessarily need to be particularly big, they can just be a place where men can store and display all of their prized possessions and collectables, watch TV, play games, listen to music, drink some beer or even just chill out or spend time with their buddies.

That may seem like a bit of a broad description of the purpose of a man cave, but that’s the beauty of them. They can be whatever a man wants or needs them to be. This really provides the answer to the second question of why they are important. Man caves are important because they give men a place they can call their own.

Now that we’ve established what it is and its purpose, let’s look at some of the reasons why men need man caves in a bit more detail.

Place Where They Can Enjoy Time Alone

Even the most sociable of person needs a space that they can call their own and enjoy some time alone. When you have a man cave, you can get in there (lock the door, if necessary) and just forget about your troubles for a short time.

You don’t need to worry about your profession, can enjoy your hobbies and interests, wearing what you like (and as little as you want) and don’t even have to talk to anything or do anything.

Could Strengthen Your Relationship

It may sound counterproductive, but when you have a man cave, it could actually help your relationship. Although it is important to spend quality time with your partner, it doesn’t mean you need to spend all your time together. Rather, it is crucial to spend quality time together. When you have time apart, you can remember you are an individual, relax and appreciate your partner more when you are together.

Relieves Stress

Following on nicely from the above point, a man cave can benefit the male of the species in the same way a bathroom or bedroom can a woman, in that it can help him to relax. No matter what you do for a living and the different pressures you have, you will feel stress at various points in your day to day life. It is a part of living in our modern world.

A man cave can be a great way to de-stress and work through that stress because the last thing you want to be doing is carrying a lot of stress around. Relieving stress can help to lift your mood and energy levels while reducing your irritability and anger levels. Not only that but alleviating stress has been proven to boost the immune system. So rather than just being an excuse to escape your responsibilities, it can actually improve your health.

Home Gym Area

As an extension of the above point, if you have the space for it, you could use your man cave as your workout area and home gym. This will further help you reduce your stress levels while improving your health.

Storage and Display Room for All Your Prized Possessions and Collectibles

While you may have been able to claim space in the living room and throughout the house for some choice pieces from your collection of possessions and memorabilia, you likely have more that are just sitting around gathering dust. If you have a man cave, however, you can use it to proudly store and display these items that your wife or significant other may not want you placing elsewhere because it interferes with the overall look, theme and décor of the rest of the house.

Whether it’s sports medals and trophies, signed prints of your favourite footballers (or other sporting heroes) or the films, games, music you like. Your man cave is yours to decorate with the possessions and collectable you want.

A further reason for having a place to store and display those special items is that it protects them from accident-prone and clumsy members of your family. When they have a special place that your children and (for most of the time) your significant other is not allowed without permission if anything happens to those possessions and collectables is your own fault.

Gives You Privacy And Everyone Else Privacy Too

A man cave is great for giving you some privacy, particularly if you have a small or slowly growing family. However, it also works the other way round and offers some privacy for everyone else.

If you are in the habit of having your mates over regularly to watch the footie, play games or just chill, your wife or SO might feel a little uncomfortable. Remember, she needs to wind down, as do your kids, at the end of their busy days. Having a space to call your own, helps to free up the rest of the house, meaning other members of your family can relax too.

The Place Where Men Can be Men

When you live with someone, you need to curtail certain aspects of your personality, just as they do. It’s all about compromise. However, the last thing you would want to do is be someone you are not. With a man cave, there are no judgements or offences caused, you can just be you.

Watch What You Want, Play What You Want, Listen to What You Want, Do what You Want

There is a lot of crossover in these reasons why a man needs a man cave, but that’s cool. It just helps to drive home the point. To further emphasise that a man cave can be a man’s own special place, it’s ideal when you have different tastes to the other members of your family. While it’s nice to sit and watch Tv, listen to music or even play games with your partner, you are not going to like all of the same things.

There will be games you like playing, the music you like or even television shows and movies you like that your partner (and children, let’s not forget them) don’t like. It may even be that you want to watch, listen to, or pay for things that are unsuitable for younger ones. A man cave allows you to spend time doing what you want, while the rest of your family do what they want.

There is no need for arguments, fights, or disputes where everyone ends up feeling rubbish. Everyone’s happy that way.

Perfect For Parties

One great reason why a man should have a man cave is that apart from the kitchen and living room, and the taste of the gentleman in question, it could be the ideal place to have a party. Particularly if you have a home theatre and surround sound setup, games consoles, a minibar and all that extra space that’s normally not available throughout the rest of the house.


It is easy to see why some wives, girlfriends and partners may see man caves as being selfish. However, contrary to causers divisions and wedges in your relationships, having a man cave where you can unwind and remember what it feels like to be you as an individual, can actually have a variety of positive effects. We have looked at several great reasons and are pretty sure there are others out there.

While we are not suggesting you start a protest if your significant other is initially against the idea of you having a space to call your own, we are suggesting that you should put the best argument for a man cave forward. Remember to tackle the subject tactfully. Relationships are all about compromises and coming to arrangements and agreements.

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