Best Wall Mounted Bottle Openers

We’ve all been there. You get back from work, take your tie off, and you want to kick back and relax with a cold one… Except, where is the bottle opener? Well, we’ll tell you… It’s bolted to the wall. Today we will look at the best wall-mounted bottle openers. There’s one to suit all styles of man caves, so you never have to use the door frame, your belt, your keys, or your teeth ever again!

How to Open a Beer without an Opener?


There are all sorts of tricks out there. It’s all about leverage.

Want to see a cool trick that’ll impress your mates?

Check this out (not for the faint-hearted)…

Eye Socket beer bottle opening!

The Best Wall Mounted Bottle Openers | Kit Out Your Man Cave

Vintage Wooden Beer Bottle Opener

Alright, we know you’re a guy with distinguished taste (even if you are using it to open a blue WKD). For that reason, we’ve started with something that is just a little bit classy.

The beauty of wall-mounted bottle openers is that you can open a beer with one hand, leaving your other hand free to fend off the Mrs, the kids, or anyone else who has inadvertently strayed into your man cave.

The wood body of this opener is fir (a posh name for pine), which is lightweight and strong. It also has a slight patina, too, with a distressed vintage look.

The jaws of the bottle opener are made from cast iron, meaning that it is extremely hard and will let you pop that lid off, first time.

The neat thing about this (aside from looking cool) is that it has a small basket at the base, so it will catch your bottle tops. It’s also easy to wipe down and clean (because you are definitely going to do that)

We Like: The classy vintage look, simple and understated

We Don’t Like: That you’ve got to get your hand in the basket to collect the bottle caps

Best for: Most styles of man cave. It will literally go anywhere, including outdoors!

Chameleon Cast Iron Wall Mountable Beer Bottle Opener

We get it. You don’t want fancy. You want a beer. To hell with the bottle cap, any foam, or cleaning up…

If you want a super simple solution or are a little limited space, this could be the answer. This wall-mounted bottle opener is a cast-iron ‘jaw’ with two screws and not much else.

This isn’t going to win you any design awards, but if you are a practical man with simple tastes, it could be the one for you…

Now, where did we put that Bacardi Breezer?

We Like: That it’s small and simple

We Don’t Like: Picking up bottle caps

Best for: Mancaves that are outdoors or with a hardwood floor.


Beer Barrel Keg Bottle Opener 

If you were in any doubt as to what this is for, then you needn’t struggle. This wall-mounted bottle opener is shaped like a beer barrel and has a beer-related logo emblazoned across its front.

It has a bit of a rustic vibe, and thinking about it could be placed pretty much anywhere, inside or out, as a nice feature.

We like the bottle cap ‘bucket’ at the base of the opener. You do get quite a satisfying ‘clunk’ with every bottle opened (there are many clunks from our man cave).

This would be one of the best wall-mounted bottle openers… But we did struggle to get it to stay on the wall, as the fixings at the back are a little ‘lightweight’… that said, we could just have used it too much?

We Like: The themed look, if you have a man cave ‘shed style’ pub, this could be ideal

We Don’t Like: The fixings on the back, they are a bit weak

Best for: a pub themed man cave


Vintage Wall Mounted Wooden Bottle Openers with Cap Catcher

It’s no secret that some guys want a man cave as a ‘sports’ themed room. Got the framed jersey? Got a widescreen TV? Got the football-themed bottle opener?

Wait, what?

If not, here it is.

The bottle opener is shaped like a football, with a small ‘goal’ underneath, perfect for catching bottle tops when you are toasting your favourite team’s success. There’s also a small football sponge in the net, which should catch the bottle tops and stop them from slipping through… Allegedly.

Overall, this is pretty solid and would look ideal in any sports-themed area. Probably not the classiest if you are going for a more ‘gentlemanly’ room.

We Like: The football style… including a goal, a football, and a net!

We Don’t Like: That the bottle tops can fall out of the net. It kind of defeats the object

Best for: Sports-themed man caves, and nowhere else.


Bull Dog Cast Iron Wall Bottle Opener

So, this one is a little bit foreboding, but it looks like just the ticket if you want to frighten the kids away from your beer fridge.

We aren’t going to say it is elegant or pretty. We mean, it’s a bulldog, for Christ’s sake! We can foresee two types of guys having this in the man cave. You’ll either be…

Hard as nails, and people flinch when you raise your arm to scratch your face…


A purveyor of classic architecture in the gothic style and a fan of wrought ironwork in particular.

Whichever you are, this is a bit different. It is really solid, substantial, and will open just about anything. It is missing a receptacle to catch your bottle tops, but if you buy this, there’s a reasonable chance that you’re the kind of person who can make one of your mates do it for you.

We Like: Everything, honestly.

We Don’t Like: Being intimidated and threats of physical violence

Best for: The manliest of man caves


Magnetic Bottle Opener Wall Mounted Cap Catcher

Now, this is a solution right here. We really like this.

Small, understated, and completely effective. This uses a bit of science and will also save your back.


Well, this wooden bottle opener contains a magnet that will catch your bottle top. This bottle top then becomes magnified, which will catch the next one in turn…

You could play a game and see how many you can catch (our record is 12… just sayin’). Allegedly this will hold up to 40 caps, but we haven’t put it to the test… Yet.

We like this as it is mess-free. There’s no bucket or box, so it isn’t going to get full of sticky beer residue and dirty bottle tops.

It’s actually pretty classy. The wooden panel that the opener is mounted on is made of walnut (fancy) and can also be engraved and personalized, making it uniquely yours).

We Like: that it is really clever, no mess, no fuss

We Don’t Like: That we didn’t invent it

Best for: Again, a great all-rounder, it will work anywhere (not to be used near pacemakers or people with questionable piercings).


So, we know it isn’t rocket science, but it is little touches like this that make your man cave uniquely yours. There are a few options there, some clever, some classy, and some downright ugly. At the end of the day, what matters is getting your beer open. Anything else is a bonus.







Best Man Cave Poker Tables

Ok, listen, we know what you are going for and why you are here. It’s Friday night, and you’ve got the lads coming round. You aren’t all going to sit there staring at the box. This is serious. Why? Because Friday night is poker night. Sure, you can sit around a coffee table… Yeah, that’s exactly what Dan Bilzerian does. Not. If you are making a night of it and want to accessorize your space, we want to show you some of the best man cave poker tables around.

Take a watch of this…

Pour yourself a ‘vespa’…

Then take a look at these.

CSL XXL Poker Mat

And here you were thinking you were going to have to shell out fortunes on something that looks chic and classy?

You’ll often find that when accessorizing your man cave, that the simplest solutions are the best. There are loads of benefits to using a mat over a traditional poker table.

Such as?

Well, for a start, you don’t have to go mad at your mates for spilling their drinks on it. Secondly, it can act as a bit of a table protector (especially if you’ve got a nice table lurking underneath)

This mat is rubberized underneath, so no slips and no dropped chips. It’s actually really nice to pick cards up from too!

These mats are available in a range of colors, sizes, and shapes, so regardless of the size of the table underneath, you should be able to find something to suit.

We like: The price of this poker table

We don’t like: Actually its really decent for a boys poker night

Buy it if: You don’t have much space or want to play wherever

Buyounger 8-Player Folding Poker Table

If you are creating a dedicated ‘games room’, you might want something just a little more permanent.

Alright, we’ll be honest, this isn’t going to win any awards for style, but it will get the job done.

The things we like are the fact that you can comfortably seat eight people around the table, and each person gets a comfortable padded area to place their hands while nervously shuffling their chips.

Oh, and there is a drinks holder there, perfect for your glass of scotch.

We also like that it folds away, so it isn’t dominating the room constantly.

We would love to be a fly on the wall when your mate ‘Dave’ boots one of the legs as he returns from the bathroom. “Yes, Dave, I really did have 3000 in chips piled up there.”

We like: That you don’t risk damaging your best man cave table

We don’t like: Dave knocking over the fat stack that we’ve accumulated

Buy it if: You want an excuse to ban Dave from future gatherings


vidaXL 10 Player Casino Poker Table

Now, this is a little more like it. Granted, it doesn’t fold, so once it is up, it’s staying up. Nor is it cheap… But once it’s there, you’ll be getting plenty of practice.

Who knows, get good enough, and it might just pay for itself?

The table is constructed from MDF, with a nice green baize that is friction-free for dealing cards. There’s no danger of Dave booting the table and spilling the chips and drinks either. It’s pretty solid.

As the name would suggest, you can seat 10 people around this table. It includes a dealer station with a chip tray too. The cushioned table surround is a nice touch and is also pretty substantial.

We also like the cup holders… Freel free to bollock your mates for putting drinks on the table and ruining the felt.

We like: How solid this table is.

We don’t like: That it is a permanent feature

Buy it if: You’ve got a decent-sized man cave with a games theme


vidaXL 8-Player Folding Poker Tabletop

This is from the same company who made the 10 seater table above. Still, unlike the above, it is significantly wallet-friendly. As with our first suggestion, this table ‘topper’ folds up for easy storage.

One neat feature that we really like is the drink and chips station located at each seating position. It’s just over a meter in diameter, so it is ideal for most normal-sized rooms. We also like the shape, as it’s circular you’ll be able to watch all the other players for their ‘tell’…

“Stop scratching your eye, Dave. We know you’re bluffing.”

There is something that we have a slight problem with, but it’s table-specific. You’ll need a round table for this to be effective. Put it on a rectangular or square table, and it’s just going to look weird… Not to mention that you’ll lose 50% of the playing positions.

We like: That you can see every other player, on the right table it’s nice and looks pretty smart

We don’t like: It only works with circular tables

Buy it if: you’ve got a small circular table


Festnight 8-Player Folding Poker Table

So, you might have got the impression that we had a gripe about octagonal tables?

Maybe, but here is the answer.

This has many similar features to the above, but it is shaped in a table-friendly rectangle, giving you plenty of options as to where you put it.

The felt surface feels pretty sweet, and as with any good table, there is a station for your chips and a drink. We like that this is lineated with a clearly defined playing area…

“Yes, Dave, if your cards are in the yellow circle, it means you’ve folded.”

We like: You can mount this on any normal table

We don’t like: Actually not a lot, it’s one of the best man cave poker tables for the money

Buy it if: You want flexibility in how you use your man cave. It’s great to pull out for game nights.




Ex-Pro The Man Cave Project Luxury Poker Table

Are you the real deal? Got an unlimited budget? Or are you just amazing at poker? This is a big boy’s toy that will have your buddies cooing and ahhing before getting back in the car and saving their money.

It is expensive, it is substantial, and no, it doesn’t come with a dealer included.

If you’ve got money to burn and want a professional table, this is about as professional as they get.

We like: it’s the real deal (pun intended). An actual professional poker table

We don’t like: The cost. We included this as an example of what you want to achieve

Buy it if: You are independently wealthy


The best man cave poker tables don’t have to be all that pricey. We’d recommend a table topper unless you have lots of space. That way, you can kill two birds with one stone, a gaming room with a cool table that can be used for other things. If you’ve got the room, then a permanent table can be a great feature and talking point. Whatever you decide, pick a table that fits your space and budget, then invite the guys around. Happy days.








What is the Female Equivalent to a Man Cave?

Alright, let’s get it out of the way right now. If you said ‘the kitchen,’ you are probably the reason why you need to retreat to your own room in the house on a nightly basis. When asking what the female equivalent to a man cave is, there are various factors involved. In this article, we will take a look at what equivalent exists, if there is one. And what it could be called.

Is There a Female Version of a Man Cave?

This is an interesting question. To understand the principle behind it, we should take a quick delve into why men feel the need to have a man cave and work from there?

The aim of a ‘man cave’ is that a gentleman (or caveman if you prefer) has a space in the house (or out of it) that he can retreat to. An area that is truly his own and is decorated with various things that would be considered a bit ‘blokey’ to have around the family home.

After all, a beer fridge in a man cave is pretty neat. A beer fridge next to the family sofa might be described as a little ‘trashy’?

If you go back to people’s behavior as children, you’ll invariably find it is the boys who build a ‘den’ or ‘fort’. Perhaps it is a continuation of this ingrained behavior that wants men to yearn for a ‘man cave’?… It’s basically a ‘grown-up den’.

As to the female version? There is a ‘traditional’ assumption that women’ run’ the entire home, so, therefore, they don’t ‘need’ a cave?

A bit sexist? Possibly. In fact, there is significant pushback in certain quarters against the term ‘man cave’. But a study by the New York Times found that Gender roles are still very ‘traditionally’ defined.

Is it true that women don’t need a man cave? Mmm, we are going to say yes… And no (talk about non-committal, right?)

Women do have personal spaces that they call their own. The fact that they aren’t defined by a named term such as ‘man cave’ or given a female equivalent doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

Girls have various spaces that they can call ‘their own’. We are willing to bet that in most main bathrooms, and if you measured, the ratio of counter space might skew heavily in favor of ‘girls things’… But that said, a ‘tangle-teeze’ and a set of straighteners is hardly the same as a full-sized poker table and a jukebox.

Women do tend to be in charge of home décor too. Take it as a compliment girls, we know bugger all about what works and what doesn’t. You’ll rarely find a shared home that hasn’t benefited from the feminine touch!

Lots of cushions? Yeah sure…


Can a Woman Have a Man Cave?

Listen, we aren’t complete cavemen.

Of course, women can have a man cave!

Granted, their tastes as to what makes the ideal ‘cave’ may not be aligned with what you (assuming you are a man) consider to be ‘caveworthy’.

You might find that you get far less resistance to your man cave if you invite your significant other along for the ride and seek their input.

Don’t be surprised if it isn’t known as a ‘man cave’, though…

What is a Lady Cave?

Stop smirking… you know what I’m talking about.


A “lady cave” could be any space that your female significant other decides to call her own. There are some terms and spaces that are becoming quite popular and gaining momentum. Let’s explore a few ideas?

Man Cave for Girls | What’s in a Name?

A “She-Shed”

More than likely an outdoor area. Now you can be all stereotypical and assume that this has to do with gardening and flowers…

Or you could like, open your mind, man.

There are many crafts and pursuits that are traditionally considered ‘womens’ hobbies. Things like crafting, pottery, knitting, and sewing require a fair amount of space (and nearly always need expensive equipment)….

Or maybe your other half just wants to get away from ‘match of the day’ blaring away and y’know, read a book in relative peace and quiet.

A she-shed could be the ideal place where your Mrs can perform any activities without you.

Alright, we are a bit jealous

A Hen Den?

Probably a little bit offensive and slightly derogatory.

Once you get over the images of a bunch of birds clucking away, this isn’t such a bad name. This could actually be anywhere in the house.

If it’s girlified and exclusively hers, you could call it a hen den, especially if she has her mates around a fair bit.

Remember, we are talking purely about what they are called. As to what’s in them… Well, there are plenty of ideas for a woman cave.

A Lady’s Lair?

When we said ‘lair,’ did you think of a dragon?

Ha, oh man, you will be in so much trouble, don’t share that thought… ever.

As we said, there are probably several areas of the house that are more or less exclusively hers. We mean, have you ever heard of a guy having a ‘dressing room’ or ‘makeup counter’? Back in the day, women used to have a boudoir…

Nowadays, this could be any quiet space away from the hustle and bustle of the house.

Do Women Need a Cave?

The truth is that just like you, yes, they probably do in one form or another. One of the strongest arguments as to why women don’t ‘have the house as their cave’ is because they spend a lot of time actually ‘working’ within it and, you know, actually running it.

When was the last time that you chilled out in the place where you work?



Whether you agree or not, you have to wonder if there is a female equivalent to a man cave? We suppose it all boils down to why some people feel they need a mancave in the first place. We suspect most guys want one because they feel (rightly or wrongly) that there isn’t an area that is ‘theirs’. But that said, it is probably a fair assumption that your other half might feel exactly the same way?




Fallout 4 Man Cave Ideas

Alright, it’s World War III downstairs, and you’ve decided to retreat to your man cave. Pipboy at the ready? Batteries charged? Pint of ‘Nuka cola’ on standby? Ready to take shelter? All good! Here are some of our best fallout 4 man cave ideas to get your bunker battle-ready.

Fallout Chess

Alright, so while we wait 10,000 years for the earth to become slightly less radioactive, why not settle down for a nice game of chess?

This isn’t any boring old chess set. For those of you who are fans of the fallout franchise, you’ll find plenty of characters that you recognise, lovingly cast in vinyl. The distressed tin only adds to the authenticity and looks like something you’d find lying around in Diamond City Market.

You never know… In a few years, it might be a collectable?

Cable Guy – Fallout “Vault Boy 76”

Your mates won’t be in any doubt about what this room’s theme is if you’ve got one of these. This little vault boy can be used to hold a controller or mobile phone.

It also includes a micro USB charging cable and is officially licenced merchandise.

If you aren’t into fallout (why not), you’ll find similar offerings for a range of marvel superheroes and computer game characters.

Modiphius – Fallout: Wasteland Warfare: Two Player Starter Set 

Listen, this is a safe space, and we get it.

Sometimes you and your mates just want to have a beer and completely geek out. If you are forever getting told off for ‘playing on the computer’, then maybe it’s time to go back to the old school with a good old fashioned board game.

With each game lasting for anything up to 4 hours, there should be enough to keep you occupied… Now, where did we put that 12-sided dice?

Fallout 4 – Nuka Cola Tin Tote

A nice blend of vintage mixed with a touch of the future. We love the weathered look on this tin. It looks just like something you’d find in the game.

Place it on a bookshelf or use it to store odds and ends such as your cables or joypads. It even comes with a lock, so if you want to keep something secret from the Mrs, here might be the place to keep it…

JUST FUNKY Fall-CC-7284-Jfc Fallout Black Vault-Tec Logo Carnival Cup

Nothing too fancy here, but if you’ve bought a load of ‘Nuka Cola’, then you are going to need to drink it. This carnival cup might be considered a little tacky, but hey, do you know what? It’s your man cave, and you can have whatever you like in there.



Giving your man cave the right vibe is actually all about the little things. Attention to detail is important. Our list of fallout 4 man cave ideas should give you a good starting point. A board game here, a poster or tin there, and your man cave will be looking sweet.








Attic Man Caves (Ideas and Tips)

So, what’s putting you off having a man cave? If the answer is that you ‘don’t have space,’ you might just be in for a treat… What if we were to tell you that there is space in your house, and you just didn’t realise? The attic might just be the perfect area to construct a man cave. Granted, it could be a bit of work. Still, we’ve assembled a few tips along with a complete catalogue of ideas to fill you with inspiration.


Attic Man Caves | How to Build Them

Alright, first things first. This isn’t going to be quick or cheap.

Still with us? Good, you’ve passed the first test.

A decent man cave will be a bit of a labour of love, and let’s face it, if it was easy, everyone would have one. So, you think we might be onto something and are considering an attic man cave?


Here’s our quick and simple guide with some considerations as to how to proceed.

Step 1) Get your head up there and have a look…

You are going to need to know what you are dealing with. If your loft is anything like ours, there’s a good chance you will find a load of dusty insulation, no ‘floor’ and probably last years Christmas decorations… We’ve got a lot of work to do.

Step 2) Think about what you want…

Once you see the size and scope of your attic, you’ll want to have a serious think about what you can achieve.

Here’s our advice.

Be realistic.

Yes, it will be your space.

No, you aren’t going to be able to fit an 800kg slate bed pool table in the middle of the room.

Two things are going to limit your ideas:

  • Space
  • Budget

Think carefully about what you can use the room for. Will it be a quiet place to work? Will it be somewhere that you can just chill with a movie? Will it have a theme?

Step 3) Start Planning

It’s now time to go out and buy a huge 65″ TV, right?


Start with the ‘bigger picture’ first. We are talking broad strokes here. Things like making sure you can stand on the attic floor without fear of crashing through the bathroom ceiling is a good start.

As we said, chances are the attic is jam-packed full of… How do we say this politely?… Crap. That stuff needs to go. Having a good old purge can be rather therapeutic. Once you’ve got rid of all that old tat, you can start to make a real plan about what is going to live there.

Step 4) Easy access?

We remember how we used to get in the loft… It involved a chair and a ‘muscle up’. We hate to tell you this, but the ideal way to start a chill session isn’t to perform an impromptu ‘CrossFit session. You’ll need to make life easy for yourself. Folding or telescopic ladders are the way forward as a bare minimum.

Step 5) Take action

If you are a DIY god, then this next step might be easy. However, for us mere mortals, more used to asking some spotty youth at B&Q when we need DIY advice, we prefer to hire professionals…

Get these things sorted before you consider spending a penny on fancy gadgets…

  • The flooring
  • The walls
  • Insulation
  • Wiring, lighting and electrics

This could take months and be disruptive to your normal home life. If you are looking for tips on how to ‘sell’ the idea of a man cave, you need to check this guide out.

Step 6) It’s time…

So, you’ve now got an empty room that’s warm, has electrical outlets, is easy to get to (and you don’t need to worry about joining your Mrs in the bath, without having to open the bathroom door)…

Now it’s time to have a look at what you can achieve….

Attic Man Cave Ideas | 12 Great Suggestions

The Attic Games Room

This one doesn’t look too hard to achieve. If anything, it is just a little too conservative. It does contain a few clever features, however.

Space has been maximised with the use of a corner sofa. These are great for creating a feeling of space as they don’t make the room long and thin (which, let’s face it, will likely be the case in most attics.

Circular elements work further to break up the straight lines of the room.

One area that is always problematic in attics is the sloping roof. This has been dealt with by mounting a TV on a flat section of the wall. The sofa is fairly low down too.

The room lacks natural light. This problem has been rectified with large round ‘globe style’ lighting with bright bulbs.

The Teen Play Room

Getting a bit of peace and quiet around the house doesn’t mean that you have to retreat to a man cave. By creating a space for the kids, you might keep the rest of the house pristine.

Granted, this is one for a bigger attic, but a similar effect can be achieved in smaller spaces. The foosball table might be a bit much, but a couch, a desk and a TV shouldn’t be too tricky.

This room is probably smaller in real life, but due to the Velux windows and white painted walls with a dark carpet, you get a real feeling of space…

Perfect for when you are doing your homework. Yes, you are doing it.

Grown-Up Gaming Room

This is more our cup of tea. And this one is easily achievable.

If you want a large widescreen TV, then there is only one place it can go… At the gable end. The room is kitted out with two large and colour coordinated speakers and a horizontal soundbar.

The sloping roof works well to ‘frame’ the TV. The room doesn’t have much in the way of natural light, but then neither does your local cinema, and that place was custom built to watch movies.

The sofa might present a problem to get into your man cave… But here’s a solution. Giant beanbags are relatively cheap, easy to move and can be repositioned at will. Did we mention they are much more comfortable too?

The Home Theatre

Clean lines and the feeling of space.

There isn’t much in this room, which means the eye is drawn to the room’s standout feature…

Which is…

The dock off the TV. Again you’ll see that the gable end has been used as a ‘frame’. A low profile coffee table gives guests in the man cave somewhere to put their drinks without dominating the room.

It might seem basic, but there is a fine line in small spaces between ‘cool’ and ‘cluttered’.

Utter Luxury

Alright, now this is a man cave and a half. A room of this magnitude will take some proper planning.

And if you think you are getting that pool table up some telescopic steps, we’ve got news for you.

This one isn’t a budget room. The recessed lights, embedded TV and huge Velux windows make us think that this would be months in the making.

Natural Light

We’ve included this one as we want to show you something. It’s a before and after.

Can you spot the difference?

Remember how we talked about the line between ‘cool’ and ‘cluttered’. Here’s a working example.

Aside from an open bookshelf and a few windows (The couch is actually the same in both pictures), there isn’t that much difference in the room’s features. But which looks better?

The addition of a skylight or another light source can make all the difference. Remember in our guide we talked about getting the floor and walls sorted out? This is a great example of the difference it can make.

The Cozy Cave

This isn’t so much of a ‘lads’ gaming room. It is a little bit more refined. As such, there isn’t a focal point in the room.

But here’s what we do have.

Softly lit wooden panelled walls give the room a really cosy feel. This is supplemented by a dark rug, which actually goes some way to making the room appear smaller.

During the day, it should have plenty of natural light, too, as the workstation is set up next to a large window.

Oh, and don’t worry about the piano…

Sports ‘R Us

Now you’re talking.

Solid wood floor? Check!

Pool table? Check!

Illuminated sports jersey? Check!

You’ll notice this room has a ‘feature wall’. Blue in colour, your eye can’t help but be drawn to the TV and its surroundings. We really like the whiffle board too.

This room is pretty high, and you’ll notice many vertical elements such as high chairs, tall tables and suspended lights.

Speaking of the lights, look at how the beams are up lit. This is designed to draw the eye upwards.

The Sky at Night

Now, this is something else.

When you dig down into it, there isn’t actually all that much in this room. But due to some clever lighting and one or two other ideas, it looks really great.

The ‘stars’ in this room are likely projected. This is a cheap and easy way to add ambience. We really like the neutral colours (we aren’t normally a fan of beige).

If weight and wiring is an issue, they’ve come up with a really clever solution… It isn’t actually a TV. It is, in fact, a projector. This is often a really great way to get a widescreen picture without having to mortgage your house.

This room features something else worth considering… almost perfect symmetry—peoples eyes like regular shapes and patterns.

Writers Retreat

Noting fancy, nothing flash. So what? It looks great.

The low coffee table is unobtrusive, and the fur ‘flump’ rug makes it just a little cosier. Cast your eye to the gable end, and you’ll see that it has been made into a centrepiece, with clever use of the storage on either side.

Bookshelves are really nice as they are both a visual feature and practical at the same time. To add to the ‘learned gentleman’ effect, there is a comfy chair in one corner and a drinks table in the other.


The Book Nook

Simple and effective, there’ll be no GTA V here. Thanks very much. However, if you want to pour yourself a (large) brandy and relax, we think this is one of the best we have seen.

It’s basic, but it works. The cream leather goes exceptionally well with the rug, and the pouffe would be great to rest your feet on.

The same effect could be achieved with a bean bag if you struggle to get a chair into the attic.

The books actually make great use of a lot of dead space behind the shelf, and the corner units ensure that the room isn’t made to feel too narrow.

Night at the Movies

Here’s another for the movie lovers!

Again, we see that the gable end has been used to house a projector screen, making it the room’s focal point.

The room makes use of light creams and yellows, we suspect in real life the room is much smaller, but light colours work to make the room open out slightly.

Look closely, and you’ll notice that those aren’t Velux windows. This is interesting. They are, in fact, movie posters. Whether you want Al Pacino gazing down while you munch your popcorn is a matter of personal preference.

A projector, a couple of lazy boy chairs, and that’s pretty much it!



Hopefully, the above has given you plenty of ideas about attic man caves. First, assess how much space you have, how much you have to spend, and what you can realistically hope to achieve. Once your attic is usable, you’ll find plenty of scope and solutions, even if it’s just a bean bag instead of a sofa. What are you planning? Got pictures? Why not share in the comments, and we’ll add it to our list!

How Much to Build a Man Cave | UK Guide

Thinking about building your own mancave, but wondering how much it will cost? Well, you are in the right place. This article will give you the answers to how much it costs to build a basic man cave. We’ve looked at three different kinds of mancave, thought about what you’d want to put in each and will give you an estimate of the cost. Which are you going to go for?

Adapting an Existing Room to a Gaming Room

Samsung 65″ TU7100 HDR Smart 4K TV : £700

Lounge Pug® £360

Loxley Bonded Leather Recliner £280

Total cost: £1340

Alright, look, we aren’t going to tell you what to put in your man cave. After all, it is your man cave, and you’ll have your own ideas… Accessorizing is part of the fun

But here is the bare minimum to get started. Gone are the days of you being banished to the spare room like a naughty boy to squint at a tiny monitor with a joypad in hand… You’ll be able to say to the Mrs “Send me to the cave, I enjoy it!”… and you’ll mean it too.


Oh, just because there’ll be a massive 65″ TV mounted on the wall, a big old beanbag to lounge on, or if you want to be all sophisticated, a reclining leather chair, complete with a footrest and super-wide and comfy arms…

The big TV will be the centrepiece, but let’s face it, you don’t always want to be in there on your own. If you are inviting a mate around, you’ve got to have some flexible means to sit down… Beanbags are the obvious choice.

A gaming room where you can relax in utter comfort for less than 1500 quid? That sounds pretty ideal. If you are struggling to sell the idea to the other half, then the second beanbag might be enough to seal the deal…

The occasional movie night, tucked up on a giant beanbag? Sounds pretty sweet, right? As long as you get to choose the movie…

“So what will it be, darling? ‘Predator’ or ‘300′?


The Outdoor Shed ‘Pub’

Total Sheds 10ft (3m) x 8ft (2.4m) Summer House Cabin £1500

Heineken Draught Beer Set £300

Hooseng Bar Table Set with 2 Bar Stools £99

COSTWAY Wall Mounted Infrared Patio Heater £160

Total cost: £2059

It isn’t cheap, but that said, it is nowhere near as expensive as we thought it would be. But bear in mind this is for the minimum setup, and you will want to add your own personal touches, which will add to the cost.

First, you will need a shed to form the main structure of your ‘pub’. From there, you are going to acquire two vital things as a bare minimum…

First off, beer. Lots of beer. There are cheaper systems out there for sure, but you’ll find that creating a network of beer pumps and keeping them maintained is harder than it looks. That’s why we’ve gone for an easy ‘plug and play’ keg solution. Optics are also an option too and are an easy way to accessorize a back wall.

Second, you will need a bar. You can go all fancy and get something hand-carved, but at the end of the day, once you are about 3 pints in… Who’s going to care?

The best option is something that you can easily clean, aren’t too worried about damaging, and easily installed. We’ve gone for a setup that includes a couple of bar stools into the bargain too!

Oh, and one more thing… You can’t rely on the great British weather… If it is colder than a polar bears toenails, no one will be paying a visit to the ‘man cave arms’ unless it’s warm and comfortable.

Infrared lights are a great option for heating outdoor spaces. They work using radiation, not convection, meaning come wind, rain or shine. You and your mates will be snug as a bug in a rug…


The Sports Themed Room

Sharp 4T-C65BL3KF2AB 65 Inch 4K UHD HDR Android Smart TV £680

HOMCOM Modern Sofa Manual Reclining Home Theater £500


Subcold Super65 LED – Table-Top Fridge £200

Selection of Sports Décor £50

Total cost: £1430

Surprisingly, not as cheap as we thought it would be.

Not into gaming? Just want a place where you can kick back, relax and watch the match? Well, for that, you are going to need a few elements.

First off. A completely kick-ass TV. With plenty of connectivity and excellent picture quality. The ability to record and rewind is a big plus. That way, when your mates swear blind that it wasn’t a penalty, you can show them the error of their ways…

Speaking of your mates. Who wants to sit on their own when the game is on? We were going to opt for a few chairs… But that’s going to be expensive. Instead, a nice reclining sofa should fit the bill quite nicely. Just make sure you ‘bagsey’ the seat with a footrest.

As a final cheery on the top, you don’t want to be missing the action by having to go down to the kitchen to grab a quick beer. For that reason, we think it’s probably prudent if you include a beer fridge. The tabletop versions are low profile, LED-backlit and actually look pretty cool (pun intended) when placed in a corner.



The surprising thing when considering how much it costs to build a man cave is that a decent sports room costs nearly as much as it would to establish a pub at the bottom of your garden! Obviously, it pays to shop around, but hopefully, our article has given you a great idea of the general costs involved. The beauty of a man cave is that it is a blank canvas that you can accessorize as you see fit. As the saying goes, “you can’t put a price on happiness”… Except you can, and for us, it is somewhere in the region of £2000. What do you want to see in your man cave? Let us know in the comments.


Best Man Cave Tables

Best Man Cave Tables

What do you normally look for when choosing a table? Room for a printer? Something that will fit a tablecloth? One that is easy to clean (shudder). Don’t worry, you can forget all of that! Today, we are looking at the best man cave table ideas. They can form the centrepiece of a room or add to the overall ambience. Want to see what we mean? Read on!

Man Cave Table Ideas

Alright, before we get cracking, let’s explain. The best man cave tables aren’t a one size fits all solution. If you are going for a refined look to your man cave, a flashing Pacman table (although completely cool) might not be quite in keeping with your vibe.

I’m going to show you a few really great ideas and talk through what style of man cave they could ideally suit. Here’s my list: –

Man Cave Games Table

1. Bigzzia Multi Game Table

So you are going for a proper lads play space?

Ask most people what they would get in their man cave on an unlimited budget, and you’d expect most to say ‘a pool table’ without batting an eyelid…

Well, how’s this for a slice of fried gold. This table features 12 games in one, including pool, air hockey, backgammon… Even basketball! Not bad for the money.

Alright, so it isn’t the classiest of tables. Still, considering the price, it would be great to add a little fun, and maybe a healthy element of competition… Especially if there is a bar in your man cave too…

Who it’s for: Essentially big kids. If you are used to your Mrs calling you things like ‘man-child’, it might be an option. After all, if that’s your new name around the house, you might as well own it.

Would go well in: A man cave that doesn’t need to be too serious. If you are used to having a gang of mates around or having the attention span of a wasp, it might just be ideal.

Here’s what’s good: Bearing in mind the cost, you are getting quite a lot of value for money. If you have children, then it could also be ideal. If your wife doesn’t agree with it, you could always challenge her to a game of pool to decide whether it stays (hint: it will be staying)

Don’t get this if: you are trying to sell the idea of a man cave to your wife.


2. vidaXL 10 Player Casino Poker Table

Looking for something entertaining, but just a little more ‘grown up’?

A casino-style table works really well with lots of different rooms. You could go for old school with lots of oak and leather around… alternatively, you might want to consider going down the ultra-modern route with clean lines and backlit pictures…

And let’s face it, learn how to play poker and find a few ‘mates’ to fleece and your man cave poker table will pay for itself!

A man cave provides the ideal venue for a boys poker evening, and this table can seat up to 10. With a green felt top and a rack for holding chips, you can get the evening off to an authentic start…

For an added ‘realistic’ feel, you can sternly demand that your friends cannot place drinks on the table, perhaps get your Mrs to deal while you stand behind in a dark suit looking menacing.

Who it’s for: The more discerning gentleman who wants entertainment without looking trashy. (Or people who can’t play pool)

Would go well in: This table would suit a variety of room setups, from tucked in the corner in a bar-style man cave to a clean-lined minimalistic setup, and pretty much everything in between.

Here’s what’s good: It really looks the part! The padded felt surface is really nice to deal onto, and pick up cards from, too.

Don’t get this if: You have friends of questionable moral value… Or break limbs when someone owes them money.


3. Mydealsaver Solid Teak Root Wood Coffee Table

Let’s get classy.

This man cave coffee table looks great and slightly unusual, so if you want to stand above the crowd, this could be ideal.

Alright, it might look like something that Gandalf might sit and smoke some pipeweed on, but that adds to the charm. It is manufactured from teak, a hardwood, well known to be sturdy and durable… That’s better than the MDF from Ikea.

You’ve got options with where you put this. It’ll even go outside.

Who it’s for: Classy folk who want even their man cave coffee table to be a talking point.

Would go well in: A rustic style room, that said, it might just be the ideal counterpoint to break up the room and make it slightly more homely.

Here’s what’s good: Each table is grown from a real piece of teak, so no two are the same. Copy that, Stephen!

Don’t get this if: It isn’t in keeping with the rest of your man cave. This is a classy table for classy folk.


4. Pure Wooden Unique Coffee Table

On first seeing this beauty, my first thought was that it would work really well with an L shaped seating area.

One, because it’s really low down.

Two, because you can put your feet on it… And it’s your man cave, so that’s allowed.

Feel free to litter the top with a host of magazines showing how well-read you are. Because that’s the kind of person who has this man cave coffee table, scholars and gentlemen.

The timber top has natural shades and a natural patina, so it should be pretty unique too!

Who it’s for: This is a classy table that would work well in most man caves. It’s a pretty decent all-rounder

Would go well in: Rustic? Modern? Bar themed? They all work well with this table!

Here’s what’s good: It’s solid and pretty bulletproof. If you want to put a hot drink down on a table without being given the round of the houses, it’s worth a look.

Don’t get this if: You don’t like stubbing your toes.


5. VASAGLE Floor Standing Cabinet

This man cave side table looks great and offers a decent amount of storage options.

Want somewhere to put a stereo and speakers? Or perhaps somewhere to assemble a fine array of drinks and snacks (along with glasses underneath).

It’s pretty classy, easy to assemble and will go along a wall easily. If you like to crack the console out occasionally, it would be a great place to store it without looking like you are having a gaming session.

Who it’s for: This floor cabinet can be used for all sorts of rooms. It shines for a mini bar area, as there is room for glasses while keeping the ‘good stuff’ out of sight.

Would go well in: A man cave where you want a bar, without it being too obvious. Alternatively, set it up as a media station with your console, players, and sound system.

Here’s what’s good: It is understated and pretty neat looking. The doors prevent your man cave from looking messy. As a man cave side table, the options are endless.

Don’t get this if: You want your Mrs to be jealous of your exquisite taste in furniture.


6. Breakfast Table Counter with Bar Stools

Breakfast? Yeah right.

Let me make a suggestion. You want to create a bar-style man cave but aren’t a joiner… Here’s your answer. It’s affordable, comes with two bar stools and is long enough to comfortable seat three on each side.

Oh, and it has a hardwood top, useful if there are spillages.

Get a couple, end to end, with a row of optics behind, and you are well on your way to making a pub in your own house!

Who it’s for: Guys who like to sit in a line, like at the pub.

Would go well in: I’ll be honest, the seats aren’t super comfortable. And you aren’t going to be using this as a breakfast bar. It would work well in any kind of setup where there is a social activity.

Here’s what’s good: It’s a really solid set and is pretty great value. The wood effect on the hardboard makes it look quite classy too.

Don’t get this if: You are looking for something comfortable.


7. VASAGLE Bar Table

This is similar to the above suggestion, minus the stools.

Remember how I was moaning about it being uncomfortable? Well, choose this instead and then take the money you save to buy some super cool and ergonomic bar stools that go with your theme.

There’s even a bar to rest your feet on while you shoot the breeze.

Who it’s for: People who want a bar-style table but want to choose their own seats

Here’s what’s good: It offers similar qualities to the bar table and stool set but is much cheaper.

Don’t get this if: You are looking for an all-in-one set including stools.


8. IBUYKE Side Table

Listen, you’ve spent all this time making your man cave shine. The last thing you want to do is ruin it with a crummy ‘nest of tables’ from Argos.

Think bigger, think more classy like this.

This table has a rigid iron frame topped with a vintage topped veneer. Whether you want to top it with a nice lamp or just have a neat set of coasters and a couple of crystal whisky glasses, it will be a charming addition.

At 50cm high, it is just right to be within arm’s reach, perfect as a man cave side table

Who it’s for: I’m envisaging sitting on a comfortable sofa, a glass of something strong in one hand, remote in the other while you browse the sports channels.

Here’s what’s good: It’s a pretty solid design, and being round will work well to break up a room full of harsh lines. It’s also really easy to assemble.

Don’t get this if: you don’t like good looking man cave side tables.


9. Cheeky Chicks Recycled Solid Oak Whisky Barrel 

Now, this is a little different. If a real traditional feel is what you are looking for, then this is about authentic as it gets.

A former whisky barrel, converted to a standing table? Sounds sweet to me. It can be used both indoors and outdoors too!

This is handmade and completely original, with no two barrels exactly the same.

It’s 88cm high, which is pretty much standing room only, you could sit on it with a barstool too, but you are a bit limited on knee space.

Who it’s for: If you want a little bit of a bar setup and want something to make it much more authentic, this is the table for you. It won’t work in every style of man cave, but for those whose main theme revolves around good times and drinking, it would be ideal.

Here’s what’s good: Ok, so it’s not an antique, but it is a genuine whisky barrel. 100% guaranteed your friends will want to know where you got it. Feel free to invent a story about stealing it from the docks while smuggling.

Don’t get this if: You don’t like Guinness or want somewhere to put your knees when sitting.



Choosing the best man cave tables revolves solely around the ‘feel’ of the room you are trying to create. A poker table is great… But has no place in a ‘movie’ room. Likewise, a large whisky barrel isn’t the best choice if you are going for a cool and clean look.

Consider the practicalities too! Bar stools and tables for man caves are great when sat having a laugh with friends… Not so much so when you are settling down to a 9-hour Godfather trilogy epic!

Whatever you choose, I hope you enjoy it!

Best Man Cave Jukebox

Best Man Cave Jukebox

Listen. No, I mean it literally. Because you are about to hear (and see) the coolest thing ever when it comes to man caves. I’m talking about jukeboxes. Retro, cool and far better than some tinny Bluetooth speaker, these are a visual and audio feature that will make your man cave sing! I’m going to look at a few options that are well worth checking out.

1. iTek Floorstanding Multi-Functional Bluetooth Jukebox

Look, No one is asking you to put a pound in for three songs… Or let your mates choose them.

This Bluetooth jukebox is great. It gives a subtle nod to the old yet is packed with enough technology to get your groove on.

Like what?

Well, you name it. Want the match on in the background? It’s got an FM radio. Have an old CD of your favourite tunes from ‘back in the day’? It’s got a CD player. Spent hours creating a perfect playlist on Spotify? Wireless Bluetooth connectivity is there at your fingertips.

What more could you want?

Visually it is pretty cool too. It isn’t quite as big as the real thing, but at 82cm high is big enough to look authentic without being too in the way. Some might consider the changeable LED lights as overkill… Some people are boring.

Two 10 watt speakers should give pretty decent sound quality, and if you just can’t be bothered to prise yourself from your man cave chair, then it comes with a remote too!

  • It looks really cool
  • This man cave jukebox is pretty sizeable
  • Multimedia connectivity
  • It’s got a remote
  • It isn’t full size
  • The CD player could be surplus to requirements (CD’s are the new vinyl, don’t you know?)


2. iTek Table Top Jukebox

If you liked all of the above features but are limited in space, you will need to approach things differently.

How’s this for size.

This little jukebox by Itek has many of the same features as the floor standing jukebox. Still, it is much smaller in size, so much so that it will go nicely on a desk or man cave side table {LINK}.

It won’t be quite as loud, as it features a single 12w speaker, but that’s still more than enough to crank out the tunes.

As with my first suggestion, it also features an FM radio, a CD player and Bluetooth connectivity. And it’s got the lights too. Funky or what?

  • All of the great features of the floor standing jukebox
  • Compact size
  • Goes anywhere
  • You aren’t going to get massive bass
  • Again the CD player isn’t really necessary


3. Victrola Nostalgic Wood Countertop Jukebox

Maybe having a desktop full of flashing LED’s isn’t quite your bag? If you want a touch of nostalgia, then this countertop jukebox looks pretty vintage.

With a dark wood finish, chrome speaker grills and neon tubes, you’ll be bopping away and dad dancing in no time.

One feature I really like about this jukebox is the range for the Bluetooth receiver. It will still work from 33ft away, ideal if you want to stop your mates from hijacking your system and sticking on some garbage pop music…

You could always charge them 50p for three tunes and then unplug it to ‘reset’ the jukebox.

  • At 15″, it is pretty substantial for a tabletop in your mancave
  • Not quite as ‘loud’ as the Itek models in terms of lighting and colour
  • Features FM radio
  • The size is nice… But for some, it could be a little too large to fit on the available counter space


4. MonsterShop Retro Floor Standing Jukebox

Look, I know what you are here for…

You want the real deal, right?

Enough messing about with talk of ‘tabletop’ jukeboxes. It’s your man cave, and you will have a full-sized jukebox.

Allow me to help… Check out this utter bad boy.

This is full size and packed with features. A wooden cabinet houses a substantial speaker, complete with nice looking chrome trim and LED tubes.

Pick your device and then play it. It’s got connectivity all over the place. AM/FM radio? Tune me in! It even has a memory card slot, along with USB ports and Bluetooth!

Some ‘modern day’ jukeboxes can look a little ’empty’ inside. One cool feature of this jukebox is that it looks exactly like the real thing (no spinning discs, though, I’m afraid).

If you’ve got a decent-sized man cave, or even if you haven’t, this will be a real standout feature that will add a real air of retro authenticity to any room!

  • I love that this is full size. It really looks the part.
  • All the connectivity you could need for pretty much any device.
  • Sturdy and well made
  • The speakers are OK, but they aren’t great. It might be worth supplementing them with a few extras.


5. Rock-Ola Full-Size Authentic Bubbler 45 RPM Vinyl Jukebox

What would you buy for your man cave if you had an unlimited budget?

How’s about the bona fide, real deal, state of the art, genuine article. This is a serious bit of kit.

What do I mean?

It’s made in the US and plays vinyl… REAL vinyl! You’ll be able to load it with your favourite records. Not copies. Not digitally remastered. REAL Scratchy and crackly vinyl.

Suppose you do buy it, and discover first hand why MP3’s became the dominant technology over records. In that case, you can always switch back to Bluetooth, as it has connectivity.

I seriously can’t say how much I love this… You’ll spend a day organising the flippable and fully working song cards. Punch in your numbers, and watch the internal workings flip your disc and start playing!

I’d describe what it looks like, but you already know… I’m just going to leave this right here…

  • It’s literally the original jukebox.
  • Additional connectivity, while not original, it is a nice modern touch
  • It’s big, heavy and it plays vinyl
  • It’s big, heavy and it plays vinyl
  • It isn’t the cheapest out there…
  • It isn’t portable
  • If vinyl isn’t your thing, you might just have the world’s most expensive Bluetooth speaker.



Full size, miniature or even tabletop. I’ve covered just about every option for the best man cave jukeboxes we could find. Some are cheap, some offer great value for the money, and some are eye wateringly expensive! What to go for? Well,  that depends on your budget and what you want to achieve. Connectivity (even with vintage jukeboxes) isn’t an issue, so the choice is well and truly yours!

Best Man Cave Heaters

Best Man Cave Heaters

Picture a real ‘cave’ in your head… Is there a fire in the middle? I bet there is! Like a real cave, keeping your man cave warm is part of the deal, and to do that, you will need the best man cave heater! I’m going to run through a few great (and affordable) options and show you some of the standout features of each.

What Every Man Cave Should Have? A Heater!

1. Princess Glass Smart Panel Heater

Listen, we’ve all been there…

“Why’s it so cold? Can you turn the heating up?”… yelled at least three times…

Here’s the answer, simply say…

“Alexa, increase the temperature!”… job done.

Really? Yes indeed! This clever heater connects to both google assistant and Alexa. If you don’t fancy talking to a machine, you can also just use a handy app downloaded straight to your phone.

This heater is great for several reasons. You can leave it free-standing or even wall mounted. It’s relatively lightweight and slim, giving you plenty of options when it comes to finding it a home.

You’ll be able to get the room up to 35°C and can even set it to come on at a certain time on a particular day… Like when the match is on. It also has an independent internal thermostat, independent from the rest of the house.

  • Efficiency Score: 4/5
  • Size: 4/5
  • Safety Features: 5/5
  • Best heater for: Man cave convenience
  • What I loved: The ease of use. Really intuitive and simple, even voice-controlled!
  • What I didn’t love: The price


2. Pro Breeze® 2000W Ceramic Tower Fan Heater

Fan heaters are pretty neat.

Here’s why.

They get any room up to temperature in no time.

This one oscillates, ideal for avoiding hot spots or only localized areas of heat. I mean, you want to sit in the chair without moving, but that’s your choice, not because it’s cold elsewhere.

I really like that this heater is portable too. Weighing in at just 2.5KGs, you can carry and position it anywhere. As it is a vertical heater, it won’t take up too much space either, leaving plenty of room for other things.

  • Efficiency Score: 3/5
  • Size: 4/5
  • Safety Features:
  • Best Heater for: Portability
  • What I loved: It’s super light and takes up next to no space. Use anywhere
  • What I didn’t love: It’s more direct heat, the room heats up quick, but it can get a little too hot.


3. Amazon Basics Slim Portable Oscillating 2-Speed Fan Heater

Keeping warm doesn’t have to be expensive. (let’s face it, the energy companies seem to manage that with little effort).

For the money, this is one of the best heaters for your mancave. Its low price is a great starting point. It’s also available in a range of sizes!

You might be thinking it looks a little simple? That’s a good thing. It’s easy to use and pretty compact. I really liked the additional safety features, such as tip-over protection, that will stop you from burning a hole in your man cave rug.

At 1.3 metres, the cable might be a little short, limiting you in where you can put it, but overall, if you are using it in a small space, it will do the job more than adequately.

  • Efficiency Score:3/5
  • Size: 3/5
  • Best heater for: small man caves (man caves that are small, not caves for small men)
  • Safety Features: 4/5
  • What I loved: The compact size, and I really liked the minimalist look
  • What I didn’t love: The small cable was a bit short. Extension leads might ruin your aesthetic.


4. ANSIO Heater Ceramic 2000W Mini Electric PTC Fan Heater

If you live somewhere that isn’t too cold or are looking for a quick and easy solution to add a blast of heat now and again, then check this out.

This convection heater has a PTC heating element, which heats up and distributes warmth faster. It’s a pretty simple solution. There are no moving vanes or oscillation. Just point and go.

It also has variable power, so you can tweak the heat to your liking.

It has some safety features. If you tip it, then it automatically switches off. It doesn’t feature a child lock, however so use with caution if you have little mates paying a visit to dad’s man cave,

  • Efficiency Score: 3/5
  • Size: 3/5
  • Safety features: 3/5
  • Best heater for: smaller rooms and infrequent use
  • What I loved: It is really affordable and pretty much ready to go straight out of the box
  • What I didn’t love: I wish it had a child lock on it. It is just the right height for little hands to reach.


5. Amazon Basics Portable 360° Surround Fan Heater

All-round warmth, go on then!

This little unit is one of the lightest on my list. It is super portable. I’m not sure how much of a ‘permanent’ fixture it would be. But for the money, it offers great value.

Just pop it down where you need it. Simple.

I like the rotary knob, allowing you to select varying output levels.

If you’re a Doctor Who fan, then the Dalek shape might fit rather nicely in your man cave. And if not, it still looks pretty futuristic.

  • Efficiency Score: 4/5
  • Size: 4/5
  • Best heater for: heating an entire man cave cheaply.
  • Safety Features: 4/5
  • What I loved: I like the overheat safety features and the fact that it blows hot air at 360°. It needs to go in the centre of a room, though.
  • What I didn’t love: Because it heats through 360°, it isn’t ideal in corners.



Man cave heaters don’t need to be fancy. It’s how warm they keep you that’s important. Throw into this a mix of good looks and safety features, and you’ve got some pretty good deals. The standout choice for me was the Princess Glass smart panel heater. I just love the convenience and ease of use. However, it isn’t the most portable and is a bit pricey. For budget options, there’s plenty to choose from too!

Best Man Cave Bins

Best Man Cave Bins

Finding a bin for your man cave is probably low on the list of priorities. Not because you’re messy and lazy, but because it’s just not that interesting, is it?

However, as interesting as it isn’t, picking out the right product from the best man cave bins, is still an important task.

To make things easy for you, we’ve done all the hard work.

1. Weird or Wonderful Vintage Castrol Oil Metal Storage Bin, 32cm

The first of the best man cave bins in our guide we want to discuss is this 32cm high Castrol Oil metal bin. Made from a recycled and upcycled metal storage container, it has been wrapped in robust vinyl and the interior has been fully lined to make it easy to keep clean.

This would be a great option for a car-themed man cave or just a petrolhead in general. We especially like the fact the bin can double as a stool, thanks to the lid having some comfortable padding. With its retro Castrol Oil of Wakefield design, it just screams manly stuff.

2. JVL Union Jack Waste Paper Bin

Next up we have what we think is probably one of the best man cave bins for the patriotic blokes out there. Made from high-quality plastic, this JVL waste paper bin features a gloriously bright and bold Union Jack design.

It’s enough to bring a little tear to your eye, as you gaze upon its majesty and consider all that flag and those colours represent. As it does not have a lid, though, we wouldn’t recommend using it for any food or smelly items, but it does make for a great target for chucking scrunched up balls of paper.

3. Belle Vous Wall Mounted Bottle Opener With Cap Catcher Bin


When is a bin more than just a bin? When it’s a Belle Vous wall mounted bottle opener with cap catcher bin, that’s when. Made from stainless steel, this bottle opener is very stylish and sophisticated with ultra-cool black colouring.

It’s not just its looks that we’re seduced by though, it’s that up-market swanky bar-feel that it gives off. Whether you have a pub-themed man cave or just have a bar section, this will make you feel like a real bartender. With the stainless steel screws and wall plugs necessary to mount it on a wall, this is very easy to set up and start using from the moment you get it.

4. FutureShapers Bookcase Waste Paper Bin with Lid

Another plastic novelty bin with an interesting design is what we have next in the form of this bookcase paper waste bin. Made from good quality ABS plastic, it features an attractive bookcase design with silver metallic trim around the top.

Are you something of a bookworm and very well read? Does your man cave have its own bookcase? Perhaps you want to make a joke about how little reading you do? either way, this is a cool man cave bin for the highbrow men out there (even if they’re only highbrow in their head and still burp, fart and talk too much about football, movies, drinking and women).

5. Gakin Large Capacity Retro Style Route 66 Waste Paper Bin

There are several eye-catching waste paper bins among the best man cave bins available. This, from Gakin, is no exception. It has a moderately large capacity and is stylised with a retro design featuring the words Route 66 in their traditional form on the side.

This is another man cave bin that would suit the man with a love for cars and heading out on the motorway for long drives to who knows…anywhere? Needless to say, if you find the Union Jack waste paper bin a bit twee and the library one too unrealistic, this is a great alternative.

6. JVL Keep Calm and Bin It Black Waste Paper Bin

Another waste paper bin, this time again from JVL, this particular product features the class crown and Keep Calm and… caption, albeit with the very ending to the phrase of “Bin It” This would be a great bin option for either a man cave with a very generic theme or one owned by a man with a laidback attitude to life.

Is that you?

Then this bine is probably going to suit you if you match that description or the person you’re buying one for does.

Made from plastic, this smart bin is made from durable plastic and will stand the test of time.

7. Balvi Plastic Basket-Design Waste Paper Basket Bin

If you’re something of a fan of basketball or just want to add a touch more excitement to your day, like when you’re throwing away scrunched up paper balls into the bin – this might be right for you. From Balvi, rather than being a solid design, this waster paper basket is actually shaped and features a netting that resembles a basketball net.

Get this and just wait for all those impromptu waste paper basketball games. We may be overreaching it a little, but come on, it’s just a white plastic bin, what else can be said about a white plastic bin?

8. YoL Toxic Waste Zombie Design Waste Paper Bin – Set of 2

Like the one above and the others in this guide to the best man cave bins, the last product we have to discuss is again, just a bin, but it has a great design. It features the words Toxic Waste and features a cartoonish picture of a green zombie. We’re not sure how the zombie got that way, what went wrong in his life or if he was born that way, but we don’t want him near us.

The poor fellow would be one of the first things to put in one of these shiny new plastic bins. That’s right, you get two bins for the price of one. Although they’re very small, we think they’re very practical. Plus, in terms of waste paper basketball, it means you can raise the stakes by having one set to a more difficult distance. We’re overthinking again, maybe, but, these are definitely possibilities


Although there’s not a lot that really needs to be said when you’re looking at the best man cave bins, we hope we’ve provided you with some inspiration about what you could buy. We really tried to provide some interesting man cave trash can ideas. Even if the cool man cave trash can you need is not in this guide, it will hopefully be a good starting point.